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Citizen Mens Eco-Drive BM8475-26E. RRP $250. Star Jewels $109. Free Shipping


New Release BM8475-26E mens Eco-Drive watch with a leather strap and orange markers and numbers. We have received the smallest quantity in this. Apologies to everyone who might think we only sell the BM8475 series but this is for specific OzBargain requests.

Please allow upto 7 working days for this watch to be shipped. All parcels are shipped with Australia Post eParcel.

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    Rep, Is that possible to search in your site by Watch Case Diameter (eg. 36mm/37mm) and case thickness (eg.5mm/8mm).

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      Unfortunately not. Will pass on to the techies to see if they can help with this. Thanks

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    Rep - when was the last time you sold this item for $250, if ever?

    Googles cache indicates that your "regular price" may in fact be $156, well below the $250 you claim.

    If you've never actually sold this for $250, then you might find this link interesting reading.

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      RRP and the usual selling price are not the same thing, as the ACCC you included states. The OP isn't claiming they sold it for $250, and $109 is a pretty good price.

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        Their site clearly states "Regular Price: $250.00" which I can only take to mean that their regular price is … $250.

        This deal says RRP but the site doesn't.

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          As we sell jewellery as well as watches (jewellery does not have RRP), we use Regular rather than RRP. Thanks

        • Apologies, I thought you were commenting on the post. Agree, the site is misleading if they don't regularly sell it for $250.

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          As we sell jewellery as well as watches we are not subject to the law of the land. Thanks, sorted.

        • I thought the RRP was for recommended retail price by the manufacturer as an indicator but does not mean the retailers are not allowed to sell below RRP?

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          Hi guys. Its not our intention to misinform or not follow the law in any way. We had 4 stores and with the cost of running those stores in Westfields, realised that it was impossible to compete with the likes of Amazon and other online stores. It is our holy grail to be cheaper than Amazon and offer lower prices in Australia with full warranties and quick delivery. Sometimes when we have requests or offers from Citizen we have to have faith that we will be able to sell a certain amount of product at certain prices and we then move quickly. Online selling, for us atleast,has the advantage of getting the word out quickly so we can sell the specials. Hope that clears up some of your queries.

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      Thanks. The prices change on a regular basis depending on when it is offered by Citizen or when we squeeze them enough. What we are mentioning there is the RRP and are reducing that to $109. The $156 was done for a special offer for a customer from OzBargain when we had 1 left in stock. The price of $250 has been constant since its release in September 2013. Hope that helps. Thanks

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      I think 99% Ozbargainers know not to look at the RRP. So whoever is making an issue out of the RRP, please sit down and relax, a bargain is a bargain regardless of the RRP. RRPs are dictated by over zealous distributors anyway. I think this is a great bargain regardless of the RRP. Great price and great service.

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    Thanks rep. I requested this one in a previous post and you have delivered it!

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      Thank you.

  • Can you do the Citizen Mens Eco-Drive BM8475-34E for $109 again please? I missed out on the last offer :(

    • Unfortunately not. All sold out I'm afraid!

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      We might have 1 after all. Please watch this space.

  • hmmm

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    Rep, I placed an order on a BM8475-34E last Friday. I prefer leather band. They are of the same price. Could I swap it for this one BM8475-26E?

    • Yes please, I like to have what his having :)

      • What is your order number? If it has not been shipped (63 have been sent this morning), we might be able to swap for you. Please let me know and I will follow this up for you. Thanks

        • Ord: 100006352


        • Order #100006239

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          Thanks guys. Leave this with me for about 30 mins or so and I will ask the warehouse to have a look. I will e mail you at the relevant e mail address to confirm. Thanks

        • Cheers. Hope its a good news :)

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        • Rep, I've got a shipping confirmation on BM8475-34E. I guess the swapping didn't happen :(

        • please change mine as well, order number is 100006392

    • What is your order number? If it has not been shipped (63 have been sent this morning), we might be able to swap for you. Please let me know and I will follow this up for you. Thanks

      • Hi rep, I would like to swap as well please if it is possible. My order is 100006309, thanks a bunch

        • Thanks. Could you possibly e mail us at [email protected] ?? Its easier keeping track there.

        • Done. thanks for your help and sorry about the trouble

    • Hi Joe888, R u in Sydney? I missed out the last deal and I want a BM8475-34E. Just wondering if I can buy it off from you and you can order this one with leather band?

      • Hi, Aaroninau, thanks for asking. I am asking for the Rep to swap for the leather band one. I may miss the leather band one if I proceed with the BM8475-34E order.

  • Hiya Rep, Wonder what this blue picture that is part of the pictures attached to this item


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      The dial glows blue in the dark, even though they are orange in daylight.

    • hehe… it shows the glow at night time :)

  • Thanks OP, bought one!

    • Thank you.

  • Hello. Thats the image of the full luminescent charge. Thanks

  • Hi Rep,

    Does the strap come in any different colours? Looking for standard black strap.


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      Just the one pictured I'm afraid. Thanks

  • nice watch, I love watches with leather bands too will keep an eye out for more deals

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    Looks to be a great deal. Any chance you've got any BM8475-00F on the back of the shelf?

  • Unfortunately not! Sorry.

  • Thanks Rep, ordered one.
    Also, when you say "Please allow upto 7 working days for this watch to be shipped", does it mean the package will be shipped after 7 days? :-O

    • We are shipping on a daily basis and will aim to have all the parcels shipped out at the latest in 7 working days if not sooner.

      • Do you allow pick-ups? thanks

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          We sure do with atleast a days notice. Thanks

        • I rather pick up then :-)
          I am on Elizabeth st, let me know when I can come.
          Order # 100006482

        • Thanks. Please call us on Wednesday and we will confirm.1800 201 141

        • Sweet!

        • Picked it up and it makes me look sexy!

        • @addepp Did you wear it properly and on the right part of your body?

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    I am travelling to Europe this Saturday. Is it possible to receive it in this week? Thanks!

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      The honest answer is, I don't know. The stock arrives in our warehouse tomorrow and by the time its marked and entered in the system, it will be wednesday. To be on the very safe side, I would say no..unless you are in Sydney and able to pick up from our office in the city. Thanks

  • I already have 3 watches. Do I really need another? OzB says yes… aaggh

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      Haha!! A gentleman can never too many watches and this is not speaking as a seller :)

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    Ordered as promised since I requested this deal! Thanks Rep!

    • Thank you :)

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    Good deal, and local too, if you compare it to ebay:

  • Will we recieive a notification email with tracking number once it shipped rep?

    • You certainly will. Thanks

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    Great watch, worn mine almost every day since I got it back in jan. I have whacked it into doors, scraped it on walls, and there is not a scratch on it! Wish my other watches were as durable.

    Good price too, nice to see I can buy locally in the future!

  • Out of stock :(

  • Any Chance of more?

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      Sorry guys but we begged, screamed and promised presents for Christmas to get these from Citizen. ALL sold out now! Thank you.

  • Hi Rep, can you do any deal on the BM8475-34E again, particularly with those who may have wanted to swap to this leather band model? Thanks.

    • Hello. We have a lot of stock going out today so just waiting for the warehouse guys to confirm re the swap. It may take us overnight to get back to everyone and then see if we have any stock left over. Please e mail us on [email protected] and we will be able to better attend to you. Thanks

  • hey rep, are you able to do anything for this? http://www.starjewels.com.au/citizen-mens-dress-watch-bm8475...

    • Hello. Nothing less than $129 at the moment. We had got this one down to $99 but all of those sold out. Thanks

  • Thanks rep!, your a legend!

    • +1

      2 left in stock. $199 if you are interested. Please let me know and I will change the price for you.

      • yes please!
        Sent you a pm.

  • Just missed out :/

    If you get any more of this watch at this price then I'll be interested.

  • drats missed out too. If any more come in or other colours for same/similar price, i'll take one

  • Very disappointed. Been waiting for this watch to be discounted and I missed out =(
    Skipped the other deals so I could get this one instead!

  • Yep. We were all too slow.

    I already had a nice orange NATO strap picked out.

  • I do really like this watch, reminds me of the much more expensive TW Steel watches. the orange really makes it look great, regret not buying now :(

  • Ahh, I'm too slow again. Make sure you let me know if this watch is on sale again.


  • Oh no! We asked for this deal and then I missed it - I'm gutted. That was a great price. Will definitely buy if you get more stock. Can I get on a waiting list or something?

  • Why did I had to work so hard at work and not surf Ozbargain….. Please bring in more stock, thanks!

  • -3

    free delivery on ebay $125

    • +1

      Please leave this with me for a while and I will get back to you later on. Just in the middle of sorting out the Click Frenzy sale!! Thanks

      • Thankyou

  • Also want the BM8475-34E please !

  • Rep, when will the BM8475-26E be back in stock and how much will it be?

    • Same I'm afraid. We bought the entire stock from Citizen and they are not expecting any new stock till mid December - mid January. We will do our level best to get a quantity in for $109 for OzBargain only but cannot guarantee anything till we have the stock and pricing in hand. Please have a look at our Click Frenzy page. We are only giving advance notice to OzBargainers as the sale does not start till 7pm tonight. http://www.starjewels.com.au/specials-1/click-frenzy-2014.ht...


  • When are they shipping?

    • Picking and Packing at the moment. We will have all of the BM8475-26E shipped on Monday. Thanks