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30% off ASOS Storewide, 24 Hours Only + FREE Shipping (Extended)

  • As per title, 30% off everything, only 20% for beauty products.

  • Ends 8am AEDT 20/11.

  • Extended for 24hrs till 8am AEDT 21/11.

  • FREE standard shipping.

  • No code stacking.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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      Can I use this code with Asos UK site?

      • I think it's only for Australia.

  • red vans if you are a au 10 or 12. down to ~$40


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      I honestly don't get this crazy influx of vans in the last five years or so… $80 RRP for canvas and rubber. At that price you can get much classier and better quality leather shoes.

      • i don't buy it either. seems 'cheap' for people who wear them as of the high rrp and that ridiculous vans post recently last week.

        • They're so mainstream now it's not even funny. There are more teens wearing unsupportive vans than all other shoes combined. Just my rant of the day.

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          Some people prefer a minimalist/understated look. You'll be hard pressed to find a similar silhouette from a leather sneaker without paying a premium. Though it still stands that only idiots pay full Australian retail price for any of the brand name canvas shoes.

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    also another comment. been looking at some items few days before. many of the discounted items are back to full price so once you put the code it is ~same reduced price as before.

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    I really liked this dress marked down from $250 to $70, didn't really have an occasion for it so I refused to buy it without a further % code. Now it's down to $54. yey

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    Two Oxford purchased :)

    • me too, love oxford shirts from Asos

  • This is pretty amazing. Even on sale items!

  • awesome deal folks

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    Just a heads up. I came across this problem where I checked out with the promo code and it launched the Paypal payment page. I changed my mind in the last second because I wanted to add more items to the trolley so I closed the Paypal page. When I try to add the code again, it was invalid because it claimed that I already used the promo code. Hence, my guess is that when it opened up the Paypal page, the code was already registered into the system even though I haven't paid for my items.

    I sent them a email addressing this issue and hopefully they can reply me before some of the items that I wish to purchase sell out.

    • If you buy the items at full price and mention the problem you had, they'll refund you the 30%.

    • Yep i got the same problem. System crashed as i was checking out and now cant apply the code anymore

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        Same here. But created a new account and it worked.

    • Also ran into the same problem.

      "The following errors have occurred:
      the discount code "FRENZY" has already been used and is no longer valid"

      I'm just going to make a new account and make the same purchase.

  • Hows ASOS' returns policy? Anyone had any trouble exchanging items that don't look as good as they do on the models :p?

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    Has anyone found some good items? Im either really picky and or have little fashion sense or these clothes are just not that great.. ( i could be just looking in the wrong places).

    • Have you used Asos before?
      When I started using it I thought it was cheap junk but once I made my first order I accustomed to it.
      There is certainly lots of cheap crap but there are great things too - designer and basic.
      ALWAYS check the fabric composition and really inspect the pictures so you won't be surprised.
      Good luck.

  • Make sure you process all your items in one order. I think the frenzy promotion only applies once. Didn't work the second time i tried to apply it.

    • I made this mistake :(

    • It also doesn't work again if you cancel your original order and start over. Made this mistake, my discount is now applied to a cancelled order and I can't reorder.

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    So if I have a birthday discount code, I can't use that on top of this one?

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      No code stacking. :/

  • Thanks OP!!! Just bought 3 dresses for 70 bux.

  • Why I can't use it?
    the discount code "FRENZY" has already been used and is no longer valid

    • You can only use it on one order.

      • my first order attempt failed, it says, paypal is not available now,
        then I can't use the code any more.

        this is stupid

        • Yep, I'm in the same boat. Their site may be copping a hammering at the moment. Might be worth trying again later.

  • Plastic is melting, I saw something else I wanted after placing an order, so created a new account and reused the code. Good times!

  • Anyone else getting Paypal error when trying to checkout?

    "PayPal is currently unavailable, please select an alternative payment method."

    • I tried again , paypal can still work, but your chance to use the promotion code is wasted by this error.

      • Did you get the promo code to work? Using a new account?

        • good idea, I have not done that yet.

        • Never mind, got it to work. Signed up with a new account (just added a '.' to my gmail address) and it went through first time. Finally. :-)

        • I created another account and it failed again with paypal… and waste my code

          forgot to bring credit card with me. Have to wait till I get home.

        • HOW ANNOYING!

          When do you get home?

  • Bought something at full price this afternoon. I now see that it's discounted and out of stock.

    I can't tell whether to be happy I got in before it sold out. Or annoyed I missed out on MOAR discount.

  • Where do you enter the coupon?? Can not find… feeling blind…

    Do I have to go through the 'pay securely now' part first?

    • Yes

    • Yes, it's before you confirm the payment though (on the Confirm & Pay page). There's a Promo Code or Student Code link to click on and it drops down to reveal a text box. Enter promo code, click "Update", all done.

      • Ta, got it :)

        • glad it worked for you :D

  • ended up buying $150 worth of stuff i never planned on :p thanks OP

  • It said paypal was down,so I had to make a new account and pay with card but thanks OP :D

    • It said paypal was down for me too. Now the code doesn't work

  • For some reason, it never worked for me…

  • I grabbed some jeans and used paypal yesterday night……

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