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Sennheiser HD 438 Big Bass Headphones $37.99 Plus $9 Shipping (RRP $149)


Sennheiser HD 438 Big Bass headphones RRP $149
$37.99 with coupon code

It's a factory scoop at JBHIFI for $69 plus postage ($74)

They say:
Powerful neodymium magnets for an enhanced bass experience
Closed circumaural design blocks outside noise for pure audio enjoyment
Ergonomic design provides for a superior comfort fit and a superb all-round listening experience
Choice of two single-sided cables for flexible length and convenience
Optimised for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
2-year warranty

I Say:
Spewing I paid $110 14 months ago, back then it was an ok price for good headphones. Now its a great price for these headphones.

If you compare shipping prices with some other online stores like Pc case gear, shipping is $13-$15, so $9 is not too bad for express shipping.

Used the code yesterday, got the headphones today.
link below

Coupon code: HWACRFTSAC

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  • ANy local pick up at MLN Allowed using the coupon ?
    MLN is just 10 min walk from my place.

  • Another unimpressive headphone from Sennheiser, but the price would make be call it a good deal at least.

    • Its not a natural sounding headphones but very comfortable and fun sounding. Mainly recommended for rock , at 50$ or below its a steal I guess.

      • You're not making these headphones sound any better, you're just making rock music sound worse.

        These are just another set of below-average sounding headphones. I would neg the deal if that was a valid reason but there are so many better options for less than $30.

        • Dont know anything about headphones. Can you make some suggestions as to a few alternatives that are less than $30?

  • ordered one for my dad! :) Thanks

    • +2 votes

      Hope your dad is not an ozbargainer.

      • Hahah, my father is not familiar with technology! he is always busy with business! :)) He really like movie and music so it is good enough for enjoy movie and music with high quality sound! :)

  • I don't think you can beat these at that price point.
    They may look a little silly but they are comfortable and sound good.

    • I have these and paid nearly 3 times the price, they are really good headphones, especially for the price.
      Ordered another pair,
      MLN do not charge for paypal which is also good.

      • compared to what?
        I sold a set of headphones I thought were junk, the guy raved about them.

        HD25's get a good rap for a budget set of cans.



  • Yeah as always; whenever you see the words "Bass" and "Sennheiser" in the same sentence, it's akin to seeing "STD free" and "$5 dollar hooker" together. It's just not true.

    For this price-point they aren't a total rip-off (I paid $69 for these 3 months ago: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/113990), and they do feature a rather eye-catching design that may or may not appeal to you depending on your age and musical preference, as well a completely detachable cable and two interchangeable cables of different lengths (1.4m and 3m).

    However they are completely unremarkable both in sound quality and build quality; a flat, minimalist sound stage, treble-heavy, with slightly below average passive isolation. The padding feels incredibly cheap but because it's not plush/fake leather it doesn't get greasy/oily/flaky after extended use.

    • Looks like you are a Bass/Beats Audio Head :), nothing wrong in that. Every one has a different set of ears and listening/hearing taste

      • It's well known what Amar89 said is true.

        They lack in all areas, particularly bass and one doesn't have to be a "Bass/Beats Audio Head" to notice this, you just need to have a pair of functioning ears and other headphones to compare them to.


  • Anyone know if you can get more than one? These will be a great Xmas present for family. I like these headphones the sound is high quality. Big bass in beats headphones don't mean quality sound.

  • Just checked. I ordered three, so yes you can, postage is half the price for each additional headphone. Plus no PayPal fees.

  • Got mine just now.

  • got mine too! haha

    • I think these headphones sound really good. I think I'll buy them as Xmas gifts for mote people, as long as they don't know eachother or of eachother,
      Any other sennheiser options?

    • I think these headphones sound really good. I think I'll buy them as Xmas gifts for mote people, as long as they don't know eachother or of eachother,
      Any other sennheiser options?