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MEElectronics MEE What "Stocking Stuffers" Promotion - 2-Pack of Earphones US $11 + $6 Postage


Dear OzBargainers,

Just wanted to share our latest Holiday promotion. Probably not in time for Christmas when you factor in shipping to Australia, but we think it's a great deal nonetheless.

It is our first ever Stocking Stuffer "MEE What" 2-Pack deal. For this promotion we are almost giving away some of our entry-level earphones in a way that's a little more fun and interesting.

Here's how it works-

For the price of $11 USD (use coupon code STOCKINGSTUFFERS) you will receive TWO of the following earphones, selected at random, in accordance with the following odds:

Coupon code is "STOCKINGSTUFFERS". There is a limit of 2 "units" (i.e. 4 headphones) per order and the coupon will expire this coming Thursday, December 12th, at midnight PST.

The same coupon code also gives an additional $2.95 credit towards shipping. For those who use US forwarding services, this will give free postage to any US address. For everyone else it will just discount the total by an additional $2.95. Standard 1st class postage to Australia will be $6 after the $2.95 discount and does not change whether you buy one MEE What 2-Pack or two.

Delivery times vary but are typically between 10 and 20 business days for the cheapest shipping method. FedEx shipping is also available at an additional cost and typically delivers in just a few days. If you need to hit a specific delivery date, we recommend using FedEx.

As many of you guys already know, we try to deliver the very best value for your money when it comes to headphones and earphones. Our entry-level models may not have all of the bells and whistles of the ones included in our Black Friday deal, but we think they still deliver excellent value for money. Plus, 1% of orders will receive the M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver earphones. O

All earphones feature in-line mic and remote for headset functionality with Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and other devices. Generally, our headsets work out of the box with devices from Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, and Motorola, as well as newer Samsung and Nokia devices. If you're not sure if your phone will work, check out our Microphone/remote info page or just ask me.

As before, I will gladly answer any questions as best I can. I can also be contacted by email at customerservice(at)meelec.com or directly at mike(at)s2einc.com .

As always, thank you all for your feedback and support. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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  • Thanks Mike…I will be placing and order….certainly a fan of your product!

  • +4

    I was hoping the m6 would be part of the bundle. ):

    sigh…guess my first entry into meelectronics will have to wait.

  • just what I needed, more headphones…

    Bought 2 bundles, hope to get all 4!

  • Awesome I wear down headphones a lot so perfec timing

  • +2

    Damn hope that 1% chance is me :O

  • Do the microphones work with android phones? specifically the galaxy s3?

  • Rep, I know this is off topic.. Any deals on AF62? I missed out last time..

    • Sorry, ever since the last deal we've been low on stock, and sometimes completely out. We won't get another large batch until next year.

  • +1

    lets see how many people forget to use the code and get charged $180 lol

    • +4

      It happens at least once with every promo. We refund those when we catch them.

  • Perfect. Mum wants a pair of earphones.

  • Ordered 2. Thanks… Great as a gift when required

  • Ordered a pair..
    Didnt jump on the Black Friday deal so this will have to do ;)

    OP - With receiving 2 pairs, for a single order will you get the same two headphones or are there chances that each pair in a single order will be different?

    • +3

      Independent odds for each of two sets - it's much too boring if we don't mix and match.

      Chance of getting two M-Duos would be quite small, if you're wondering.

      • +3

        Chance of getting two M-Duos would be quite small, if you're wondering.

        so you're telling me there's a chance ;)

  • cool, done. Thanks!

  • 1% is ME! I wish…

  • I have placed an order for one, but was just wondering why there was no option for PayPal payment although the footer on your page shows you accept Paypal?


    • +2

      I paid with PayPal, you have to click "Checkout with PayPal" in your cart, before proceeding to checkout.

  • I'm in, with fingers crossed for the M-Duo

  • Bluetooth earphones (sports version) deal coming Mike?!?!

    • +1

      All of our old Bluetooth earphones have been discontinued because we're releasing a new Bluetooth Sports model next year, hopefully no later than February. There will be a preorder discount period shortly before it's released.

  • how do i add this to the basket? the coupon code area wont show up unless i put something in it, but when it has something in it, it says the code is invalid.

  • thanks, love those "lucky dip" promotions :)

  • Too good to refuse!

    Just bought a couple sets even though I also bought a couple of the A161P's on the other special offer the other day!

    Is there an MEE IA(In-Ear (Headphone) Anonymous) group I can join?

    New Mantra!

    Must stop buying In-Ear Headphone's……Must stop buying In-Ear Headphone's……Must stop buying In-Ear Headphone's……!

    • Not sure why but I ordered two packs when I already ordered two from the last sale. OzBargain effect :/

    • +1

      MEEAholics Anonymous. We meet every Thursday in the MEE warehouse. Must have at least 5 sets of earphones to participate. Coffee and donuts are provided at no charge.

  • I lost my M-Duos bought from a previous post :( Here's hoping that I'm the 1%!

  • Bought 2 packs :D.

    The M2P does have issues with iPhones though, as when you press the handset button it activates siri rather than change the tracks.

    • Siri is activated by holding the button down for 1/2 second or more. Tapping the button twice goes to the next track. Tapping it 3 times goes to the previous track.

  • Hi rep
    Which ones work for Sony mt11i neo v?
    I have a set of m9s which doesn't work with my phone..

    • +1

      M9 or M9P? The M9 is just a stereo earphone and should work with any phone or other device with 3.5mm jack.

      If it's the M9P then that makes sense. Our headphones follow the CTIA headset standard which is used by Apple, HTC, LG, and others. The Neo V seems to follow the OMTP standard, which has the mic & ground leads switched. We used to have an adapter that switched between the two but unfortunately ran out of stock: http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronic_TRRS_Adapter_for_P_Versio... . I'm sure it's available elsewhere, though.

      P.S. you can test this really easily - on your M9P the sound should be very bad when using your phone (or any other OMTP device) unless you hold down the button on the remote.

      • Ahh Thanks for the explanation rep!

        I think i have the m9p (the one with microphones).
        Thanks for the easy test.

  • Why do I feel the compulsion to buy more & more earphones? Thanks for the deal Mike. Merry Christmas from a happy customer.

    • Thanks, and happy holidays!

  • I ordered 2 x black friday promo and tracking record says it's rejected by custom in CANADA and now to be returned to the sender???!
    I was like 'what the……'
    Can you advise me what's gonna happen to my order?

    • +1

      That's just great, especially if the address label said "Australia".

      Can you email or PM me your order number so I can take a look at the order and get it reshipped?

  • Couldn't resist. Still haven't received the ones from Black Friday deal.
    I like the mystery part!

  • I have too many pairs of headphones/earphones to go for the Black Friday deal. Op, any chance of doing the same Black Friday deal for Christmas here? I will go for it this time.

    • +1

      Sorry, the Black Friday deal took most of our inventory across several models so it'll be a while before we can offer it again. We usually do it twice a year - once on Black Friday and once on Independence Day (4th of July).

  • What am i doing wrong? i added two earphones and used to code and it comes up as invalid coupon… tried with all four earphones and it still comes up as invalid coupon???

    • +1

      use the link provided, then the coupon
      you dont add the earphones, they are randomly selected

      • thank you

  • Anyone's account and order just disappear from the website? I have the receipt email, but cant access the order through the website anymore?

    • Did you by any chance complete checkout as a guest? If you did, we have to reset your account back to a regular one before you can log in. Please send me your order number either via email or PM and we'll take care of it.

      • Hi Mike,

        I checked out using paypal, and it asked me to enter a password before the final check out page which created the account for me and I could see my order for a few hours until which it disappeared from your system.

        I sent an email to the [email protected] address including my order number


        • Thanks, we'll get it fixed for you today.

  • Just tried to order but it won't let me, I got the "sorry, out of stock" message

    • Sorry, it appears we ran out last night :(

  • Got a shipping notification already for my order

    • I got m2p n m16p
      Any lucky m-duo receivers yet?

      Also any one got red flat one in Sydney? I'd be interested in trading one of mine.

      • +1

        Got my order today… M-Duo's and M2P's… happy with that! Thanks REP!!

    • +1

      Me too. Just received exactly the same order fulfillment!

      Guess they did say M-Duo Earphones were only 1% chance. :(

      At last count now have more than 13 sets of earphones! :o

      Gotta try and get to Mikes EA (Earphones Anonymous) meetings on Thursdays at the MEE warehouse! ;)

  • How do we track our orders? I did a checkout without making an account and now when I click the link from the 'shipping' email even after making an account it shows no orders.

    • If you checked out as a guest, simply send me an email or private message with your order number and I can enable your account.

  • Got mine today, 2xM2P M16P RX12P, but still waiting to receive the Black Friday order…..

  • Either people are not reporting in or we have been very lucky in getting our orders well before Christmas….. Thanks Mike. Can't wait to try out the M-Duo's

    • or only those who got the Duo's are bothering to report ;)

      I got a set of M2 and RX12's so nothing to exciting ;)

      • There have been a few others..mostly people reporting that they didnt get any M-Duo's I am interested to see what sort of breakdown we receive collectively. So far it seems like the advertised breakdown….fingers crossed others get lucky.

  • Got mine today:
    1x M2P
    1x M16P (Unfortunately the Chrome ones) Anyone wants to swap with the Metallic? Mine are still unopened.

  • Not making the lucky 1% few but did get:
    2 x M2P
    1 x M16P metalic
    1 x RX12P blue

    • exactly the same here

  • Mine arrived in Australia on Sunday but has been stuck there since? Anyone else the same?

    December 15, 2013 , 3:27 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility

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