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Spend $20 at Scoopon until Dec 19, Receive $20 Voucher off Purchase in Jan 2014


*Valid for customers who spend $20 or more from 9.30am (AEDT) 18th December
until 12pm (AEDT) Thursday 19th December 2013. Only one credit valid per person
and per account. Credit is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash. Your $20
credit will be automatically applied to your next purchase on the site from
January 1st to 31st January 2014. Valid for purchases on Scoopon
Local or Travel. Not Valid on Scoopon Shopping.

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    Please add 'when you spend $20 or more' in the title.

  • I tried a $29 deal, can't see the discount before checkout… does it mean the total cost has to be over $40 ?

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      "Your $20
      credit will be automatically applied to your next purchase on the site from
      January 1st to 31st January 2014."

      I must be clairvoyant, I knew this would be posted here. :)

  • I think you have to spend $20 between the specified times and then your next purchase afte 1st jan will have the $20 gift applied.

  • Sweet!

  • +2

    Could combine well with the upcoming MyFun deal. Although the website is confused as to whether it starts at midday or 7pm.

    • What is the upcoming myfun deal?

      • Cheap fun parks tickets i think eg dreamworld etc

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    Scoopon were fined $1 million for misleading consumers and businesses.

    businesses were given the impression that 30 per cent of vouchers that would be sold would not be redeemed, when there was no reasonable basis for such a representation

    The good(?) news is that

    ACCC chairman Rod Sims says Scoopon has cooperated to resolve the matter.
    "The ACCC understands that Scoopon has worked to improve its systems and processes which gave rise to this conduct to meet its obligations under the ACL," he said.

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    Do I understand it correctly ….
    To get the $20 credit, you have to

    1) Spend atleast $20 between 18 and 19 Dec mid day

    To redeem the credit, buy anything in Jan from approved categories…no min spend

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    I wonder if it's valid for combining multiple purchases. eg: a $5 deal + a $15 deal (not from the same business).

    — Edit:—
    Going to answer my own question. It looks like you can have multiple items in your "Cart". I never noticed this before since I only ever buy one item at a time.

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      i contacted them about this and they said it can be bought in different orders as long as the total is >$20 within the time period

  • +3

    dammit just spent $55 on a scoopon last night :(

  • +4

    The $50 Good Food card for $35 seems like a good bet.

  • +2

    $15 eatnow voucher for $5 sounds like an ok deal if anyone is thinking of using it before 7th January 2014. https://www.scoopon.com.au/deals/51929/-15-credit-towards-yo...

    • but it won't go far toward spending $20…

      • nope, but its good if you need something small to get you over the line. The other voucher i got was 19$ so this was perfect for me

  • Not valid for "Scoopon Shopping"?

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      but u can still use for local deals and travel.

  • Fun park = 1c Veme Wet n Wild sydney.

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    Yo dawg, I heard you like Scoopons, so we'll give you a Scoopon when you Scoopon, so you can Scoopon the next Scoopon!

  • Purchased something, need to add a reminder to purchase something again in Jan :)

  • It is my understanding that when they say: "Your $20 credit will be automatically applied to your next purchase on the site from January 1st to 31st January 2014", it means that if you buy something for $5, you will only get $5 credit. So to get the full $20 credit in January, you'd have to purchase at least $20 from Scoopon.
    Does that sound right?

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      No, it's $20 or nothing.

      • Buy $20 now, get $20 in January
      • Buy $30 now, get $20 in January
      • Buy $15 now, get nothing in January
      • Buy $5 now, get nothing in January
      • Well explained Neil!!!

    • +1

      Yeah pinkporridge, I read it that way too.
      It seems you will have to make a purchase of $20 or more in January to make use of the deal - ie you can't split the credit…
      It doesn't really make it clear if multiple items, or multiples of one cheaper item, can be used to redeem the $20 credit either…

      Hopefully they will have some deals that are around the $20 mark in January, but I guess they could be tricky and only put deals for say $50 or more in January so you have to pay something ;-)

      I guess you should really only buy now if you can find something you actually want, and then treat the future $20 credit as a potential bonus :-)

  • I just bought two tickets to Adventure world for $78. Will buy another 2 in January for $58 making it $34/ticket…not too bad.

  • I guess you will see a lot of $19 deals in Jan 2014

  • +2

    I just donated to this
    a win-win situation :)

    • Good call, done the same

  • Any good buy?

  • anyone can explain what does 12pm mean?Passed or not?Lunch time or midnight today?

    • WTF….

  • gone with the wind, 12pm mid-day

  • +1

    its back on again - between 26th and 28th Dec .. although the site is having problems

  • 1st Jan is here (Happy New Year !!) and no credit ! Fail

    • yeah, where do we check if we've been given the credit?

      • Log in to Scoopon - My Account - My Wallet, the $20 store credit is showing there for me.

        • +1

          Not there in mine… :-\

        • they added it to my account only after i emailed them asking about it

  • So sucks! I tried to get the $20 credit, but because I purchased a deal a few minutes later than 12pm midday on 19th December. So I don't get the voucher.
    I think they could do better. I'm now wanting to buy another deal and have to buy full price.

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