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Shopping Express Boxing Day Sale Sneak Peak: HP MicroServer N54L $199, 8GB MicroSD $3


Thought id give you guys a heads up to organise your boxing day time to grab some bargains from Shopping Express

  • Popular HP MicroServer N54L $199
  • HP Envy TouchSmart 15 Full HD Touch Haswell i7 Gaming Laptop $999
  • Samsung 8GB MicroSD Card for Smartphone or Tablets $2.95 FREE Shipping
  • Toshiba Satellite L50 Haswell i7 15.6" Professional Laptop $6??
  • Gigabyte GTX770 OC 2GB Graphics Card with Free 3 Games* $359

Sale starts Boxing day 26/12 , i think Midday

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2013

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Shopping Express

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  • How much is shipping usually for N54L?

    I'm thinking of getting a 2nd microserver.

    • Between $11.45 and $13.45 depending on your state

      Already a saving of $60 from current price !!

  • +4

    Very limited time, very limited stock, deals? Shopping Express has been bought out by COTD?

    • It's 20 units each?

    • -1

      Every 3 hours, 3 deals will be available for purchase - this is to split up the traffic for the whole day and prevent our site from crashing if we start all the deal at 1 single time.

      As mentioned, we do not want a server crash and we want to SELL.

      The start time and price will also be revealed gradually, so everyone can decide on which product is their item of choice and only reserve that time slot for the sale. ( we improvise this from last year's boxing day sale event).

      Hopefully this year's boxing day sale will be even more enjoyable :)


      • +1

        Just make sure you update the deal and reveal the time schedule. I was able to buy all of the stuff i wanted in your last year boxing day sale. But you guy did a hit and run. It was kinda annoying when you have to check back every hour to see if the product you wanted is on sale.

        • +2

          ill update the OP as soon as more details are revealed.

          @ SE Rep, if i forget, please pm me and ill update when more info is available.

        • What false promise you gave.

  • +2

    32/64gb microSD sale?

    • +3

      Lol I was just about to ask that jva!

      • +2


        P.s I gave you a +vote, but other 2 blokes -votes, cannot help.

        3 now

        some folks here really enjoy down voting people's ordinary comments (like kicking some innocent people's asses down the street, during night, and run away…in a flash)

        • +5

          People down voted him because he negged the deal

          Edit: his neg was revoked

        • Lol coz haters gonna hate! That's all good jva!

        • gave a +vote to NeoWilson ;)

  • +3

    Hi OP,

    Thanks for sharing this to everyone so they can plan what to do on boxing day.

    To clear some people's doubts:

    This will be one of our biggest sale and we aim to make a record breaking revenue on this day - so stock qty will need to be reasonably sufficient and we are not aiming for any server crash (our server has not crash due to big event so far).

    As for our boxing day sale - Prices & products will be announced before the actual date, with more details to come on our newsletter/promo page.

    Enjoy everyone.

    Best Regards

    • +1

      I'd like to know how you manage to generate "record breaking revenue" with item quantities mostly between 10 to 20. I'd always thought you generated revenue by selling more rather than less?
      When you post on the 20th and then don't deliver on your own words

      stock qty will need to be reasonably sufficient

      you end up alienating a lot of potential customers.
      * For the record I was interested in the video card but wont bother wasting my time. It'll be fun and games in the line at the good old local MSY for me :-)

      • yep certainly wouldn't call selling out in 2-3 minutes sufficient… think there will be a fair bit of anger towards this given you've given the impression that there will be sufficient stock for all… 50 micoservers in total isn't a bad number (including the ones from later in the day) however, if you would have said we'll something more along the lines as we'll get as many as we can and given an indication of numbers before the day, much of the negativity could have been avoided.
        such a shame after just wining this years vendor award and working so well with the community…

  • Feels like a bit d…. mwave style…

    • hmm? can you explain?

      • Mwave used to promote ridiculous low priced 1hour deal with very limited stock and their server crash a minute before deal start…

        • -1

          Hi hotwinter,

          I see. We want to SELL during boxing day and are taking measures to ensure traffic is split into different time slots.

          We've seen records of receiving 50 orders per minute and server didn't crash. We've also been holding a weekly 1 hour flash sale which have yet to crash from traffic so far.

          So hopefully everything goes smooth for boxing day too.


        • +1

          you'll get VERY BAD reputation if someone here saw your advertisement & on the boxing day sale the web site just crash with traffic…..

  • +1

    Only just purchased the N54L for $228 the other week :(

  • Any hints as to whether or not some ultrabooks will feature?

    • +2

      Yes ultrabook will appear. there are 30 more products coming out :).

      • Fantastic. Looks like christmas is going to come on boxing day for me!

  • +1

    Gigabyte GTX770 OC 2GB Graphics Card with Free 3 Games* $359

    I had a look at the range of games available and they seem to be part of the AMD never settle bundle, i am curious at how you can provide an AMD never settle code to a nVidia GTX buyer. If that is the case i am sure AMD can take class action lawsuit.

    • +1


  • Hopefully we will see a $300 Gen 8 microserver as well!

    • I really hope not!… #Looking at the on the floor purchased at the last sale!

      • so you hope for no sale for people who hasn't bought a Gen8 yet? :-P

        • I just hope I bought it at the lowest price possible!

        • By blessing all others to pay at higher prices?

  • Hi Rep

    Can you do a deal on the Samsung External Blu-ray writer with free shipping?

  • Edited, for boxing day.

  • Got some good deals here.

  • I missed the microservers last time.

  • Please do a deal on Sandisk or Samsung 64GB MicroSD cards and also the 11" version of the Vaio Pro Ultrabook

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/128061#comment-1763841
    $549 for the Z1 rep. will your price be better?
    Will the Z1 be aussie stock as well?

    • -1

      Yes, all our stock will be Aussie stock - smartphones, tablets, laptops etc etc, basically everything.
      Our price will definitely be better :).


  • Filling in billing address doesn't work on Chrome or Firefox. After inputting post code, suburb selector stuck on "Loading…".

    • Ordered a "Gigabyte GTX 770 OC EDITION Graphics Video Card PCI-E 3.0 2GB GV-N770OC-2GD" at between 7:00 and 7:01 which is the beginning of the discount period. Listed as 10 in stock. Paid in full with PayPal.

      Now awaiting the GPU. I wonder if they'll somehow pull a out of stock card, =D

      Wish me luck!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Merry Christmas 2013 and good luck on our boxing day sale :)


  • Hi Rep,
    PCCG has KVR1333D3N9/8G 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 (Non-ECC) for $95 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&c...

    Could you beat this price and bundle with the N54L?


  • Hi rep, could you offer any sales on some WD RED drives to go with our microservers please :)

  • +5

    So the HP 54NL sold out within 3 minutes, got a out of stock error as I confirmed the order. Disappointing.

    • +3

      Agree wtf is this crap.
      was sitting there with everything I wanted in cart.
      Hit 3. Went to checkout. filled out details.
      all sold out.

    • There was only 20 units of stock though for that sale. Luckily I got in and brought mine in time

    • +3

      Same here, only I placed an order at 3:02 and was already told they were out of stock after logging in to Paypal.

      I'm not convinced they sold 20 in 1 minute.

      • +5

        What worries me is that it's 3AM,
        50 units at 9PM a more reasonable time doesn't seem all that promising.

        In the end the issue is teh fact that i'm sure they knew the item would be popular and they even said they wanted to have sufficient stock.

        Clearly 20 was sufficient…

        • +4

          I agree, I stayed up specifically for this deal that they advertised several days ago and added the microserver at 3AM on the dot and it was sold out in 2 mins before I could even finish going thru PayPal.

          Ridiculous. It's not funny playing games with customers like this. If you're going to run a sale at a time like this, at least reward those who've bothered to buy into it.

          Suffice to say I won't be buying anything from Shopping Express in a hurry or recommending it to anyone.

        • +5

          Yes extremely disappointing,

          I will not buy anything from Shopping Express after this whole experience, offering customers a sale at ridiculous times and not detailing stock level until close to sale time.

          Ultimately you could simply describe me as a sore loser in this experience, but they should understand why customers would be extremely upset when stock is available for less than a few minutes and many stayed up waiting for it.

        • +2

          Yes Shopping Express, thank you for an unforgettable experience.
          If you do really have 20 units to sell at 3.00am, then 50 units at 9.00pm, just put the 70 units up at 3.00am or 9.00pm.

          Way to go!
          Thank you so, so, much for the life lesson.

        • +4

          Yeh, agree with you guys, and it fails after you've already got it in the cart and are just paying for it!. Hate people who allow this on the site, once its in the cart it should not fail on payment. I don't believe they had 20 units either, and notice how the reps all went to sleep before a major sale.. isn't that great particularly during the Christmas season to do such a thing. Extremely disappointed in Shopping Express.

  • no stock on the microserver?

  • +5

    It's called baiting, lure customers in with an amazingly low price with minimal/ no stock at that price before it returns to higher price. Illegal technically in Australia as per ACCC, but they can claim low supply, difficult to prove its deliberate. As it's ozbargain, better option is just to neg them.

    • +1

      I have negged them and also posted in the 2013 awards thread suggesting that their award be stripped due to this sort of poor conduct and ill treatment of customers.
      I would urge others who also stayed up late last night for nothing to do the same and speak up against this merchant.

    • +1

      Extremely difficult to prove under consumer law although you're right, it's categorized under bait advertising.

      There's a case that's almost identical to this between a consumer and a supermarket (I think it was Safeway), but in that specific case the consumer was able to prove the supermarket should have expected larger numbers because of the medium it was advertised on (newspaper). It's difficult to prove SE should've expected larger numbers if they only advertised on ozbargain.com.au.

  • +1

    Hi… my first time with this online store. Tried to buy a couple of micro sd cards..out of stock just after the sale started.

    same situation with a ssd drive :(

    so then I tried to grab a micro server…same thing.

    WASTE OF MY @#&@#*& TIME !!

    Lesson learned….

    good luck everyone lol


  • +2

    ditto, same as previous people, tried at 3am, gone within minutes, disappointing.

  • I was in at 3am, the order was confirmed and payment went though. It says order status picking on their site.

    Unless they are going to cancel my order, they must have had stock at some stage

  • +3

    I'm going to neg this just because of the rubbish stock quantities.. I was interested in a n54l but seriously..

  • +1

    Added to the cart at 12 on the dot, flew through the payment section….. out of stock.


  • -1

    I forgot all about this, lucky me.

    • I remember this, but I felt asleep… :-P

  • +1

    Rubbish stock. Ordered an evo and got out of stock after filling in everything.

  • +1

    Got the 128 GB SSD for $85 delivered.
    Sony Xperia Z is a very good value for $395.

  • Can anyone please help? My suburb selector is stuck on "Loading". Tried on Mac and PC with IE 10, Chrome and Firefox. Waited for about 45 mins still loading..

    • The script that returns the suburb based on the postcode is failing because the script and the host page are on different domains. This is built in protection against cross site scripting attacks. You can disable it if you want by starting chrome or Firefox with a special switch. Google "chrome disable single origin policy".

      • It works! Thanks.

  • +4

    I can see that 18 out of the 36 items we've offered so far, the 2 that seem to fall short of expectations are (N54l & Samsung 840 256GB SSD).

    As we simply don't have much Samsung 840 Evo 256GB SSD for offer, we are adding 50 more of the Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB SSD at $159 to the existing stock.

    At the same time, 50 more units will be available for N54l during the 9pm AEDT time slot. It should still sold out pretty fast base on earlier results but good luck for those that trying.

    I have also added 4 special deals for ozbargain below, with prices starting now & till stock runs out:

    Good luck all

    Best Wishes

    • Thanks for trying. Have an upvote.

    • -1

      hmmm sounds like us ozbargain users over exaggerating as per usual! I gotta admit I jumped on the band wagon having been burned before by COTD type sales where the promises are huge but they fail to deliver… but thanks for putting that extra effort in…

    • I bought the Sony Vaio at 7pm no problem. Add to cart pay with paypal within few minute

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the effort. I have removed my neg.


    • Well seems like SE did much better at the 9pm sale, the HP 54NL lasted for at least 7 minutes, so anyone who tried at 9pm would've had a good chance of snatching one, as I did.

      Big thumbs up for trying to remedy the situation, although I may be biased!

    • In response to the reps answers and offer on the AC66U router.
      I returned my ASUS AC66U recently due to stability and reliability issues and also found it had massive interference issues with other equipment.
      I also discovered that Asus are being sued for breaching FCC and the devices operate beyond legal levels of interference.
      Read below, lots of other articles around too… Would advise the rep to please be transparent to customers on the problems with these routers to avoid problems or at least know about the concerns to make an informed decision.


  • I brought something and save $$$

  • I am assuming the Toshiba Satellite L50 for $699 in the 6pm-9pm window is not Touchscreen? Stupid Toshiba advert embedded gives the impression it is but it isn't listed in the specs. I am guessing the one on the site for $849 (http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/toshiba-satellite-l50t...) is the closest equivalent (with the same advert).

  • +1

    ok I take back my previous comment, got a N54L just then and thanks rep for responding to the criticisms.

  • Scored a microserver. Thanks guys!

  • +1

    Sold out again, missed out…Can't believe so many people want it.

    Placed almost $700 stuff in cart, when trying to check out, it said no stock.

    • Yep.. those sorts of deals you have to be extremely quick to get them.. stock is allocated when you confirm payment, not when you put it in your cart..

      I wanted something else as well, but for the sake of $10 delivery, i'll just make a separate order.

      • Smart choice!

  • +3

    Missed out on Microserver at 3:06am got through to Paypal website and then nothing happen and got your silly shoppingexpress account registration email that I will not be needing, also missed the one tonight, ah well hate these low stock sales just a marketing ploy to get you to sign up and get the newsletters, would rather pay an extra 30 bucks elsewhere and not go through the BS.

  • +1

    Wanted to get the GTX 770 OC, placed my order at 7:02pm (sale started at 7:00pm), out of stock :(

    I'm a sad gamer.

  • +3

    wanted a Microserver :-(

  • Wish they would actually ship my order… Or reply to my emails..

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