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Melb to Adl, Hobart, Sydney $30 and More @ Tigerair


Pretty good deal ! As for the airline we all have our own opinions or experience. I have flown with them 4 times, no problems so far.

Here some of the deals
departing from Melbourne to price (includes tax) travel period

Adelaide from $30.00 29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14
Hobart from $30.00 06 May 14 - 26 Jun 14
Sydney from $30.00 29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14
Brisbane from $60.00 29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14

departing from Adelaide to price (includes tax) travel period
Melbourne from $30.00 29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14

Sydney from $30.00 11 Mar 14 - 10 Apr 14
29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14 (only 200 seats)

Brisbane from $60.00 11 Mar 14 - 10 Apr 14
29 Apr 14 - 26 Jun 14

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    yeah and mine is crap!

    I paid for a flight from Sydney to Melbourne to return home at 10PM at night on a Sunday, as I was only up for a weekend…
    they moved it on me without proper notification to 3PM, needless to say I missed the flight and ended up catching a 250 dollar Virgin flight… yeah, price match fodder for Jetstar and that's all they will ever be again!

    • Agreed, always better to price match via Jetstar I reckon, even though I've never really had a bad experience with Tiger. I just hate their shed terminal :).

    • +2

      I would recommend having basic travel insurance to cover things like this as it can happen with any airline (has to me from a number of them).

      Check out 1cover or TravelInsuranceDirect. I got an annual cover for unlimited flights in Aus and I will never fly without it given how much it can cost to have a delay or missed flight that wasn't your fault (but falls outside the definition of the airlines doing anything about it).

      Between being covered for flights and no rental car insurance excess reduction fees the insurance more than pays for itself very quickly.

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    Booked 3 flights with Tiger and missed 3 due to them cancelling or moving them around….never again.

    • +1

      Doesn't prevent you from using them for Jetstar price match though?

    • +2

      Fair enough. But I do think this is a good price. What's the neg for?

  • +5

    Just call up Jetstar and they'll give you another 10% off.
    03 9645 5999.

    • +1

      Make sure you find a Jetstar flight on the same route within the hour of the Tiger flight - this is needed for price matching domestic flights.

      • +1

        Yeah, stupid me only realised this was possible after seeing this thread, I had no idea (duh!).

        Just managed to price match three flights from MEL to BNE with Jetstar and saved enough to make one of those flights FREE compared to their original price. Very awesome.

        Thanks for posting these extra details guys, appreciated!

      • FYI, Jetstar will pricebeat tiger or any other airlines on international destination offering lower price by 10% as long as the flight is on the same day.

        • I think it was different for intra-asia last I tried.

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