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Return Flights to Europe from GBP 550 / EUR 680 / AU $1000 with Etihad + Scoot


You know the deal from here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/97476

I constantly had a look at the flights. Whilst the prices constantly change, the offer itself is still available and I just booked flights to Germany ( SYD - SIN ( with Scoot ) - FRA and back DUS - SYD ) for 650€ with the Etihad flights costing 510€ and Scoot to Singapore for $159 + luggage in May/June - can't complain.
The link for the offer is the flight I booked. If you play a little with dates and destinations you might get it cheaper. For example I first tried to and out of Frankfurt, but leaving from DUS was a bit cheaper. German airports were the cheapest I found, but again, try your luck.

So far I had only great experiences with Etihad, nothing to complain about.
I was lucky enough to have some savings in € as the AU$ is unfortunately going downhill atm.

Update: Please note that the prices mentioned in my deal are not available through the link anymore at the moment. However, if you keep looking you will hopefully find a good deal with different days / airports or a few days from now. Basically this is just here to give you an idea of how these cheap prices work. I've been following the previous deal and flights for about a year now and they constantly went up and down.

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    It's a very nice price. I am always scared of using two airlines on such a long flight (when one is delayed you miss the other flight and can't get any replacement flight … you need to pay again). A stopover helps to reduce the risk.

    • Is that what travel insurance is for?

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        I'm pretty certain most insurers don't cover non-connecting flights.
        Best just to have a 1 or 2 night stop over and enjoy Singapore.

        • The airline covers it if it is a connecting flight. All the travel insurance I have had covers it, if you left a reasonable time between flights and get a letter from the airline saying it was delayed

    • I am flying to Singapore one day before I depart for Europe. Stay over in a hostel which also gives me a nice break for the long flight. I am ok with it for the cheaper price. :)

  • I did this last year. was even cheaper at 350 euro. fly to London and depart from paris. I've already booked all the cheap asia flights for this year. maybe next year.

  • scoot $159 - is this only one way or return?

    • That was one way. However, the promo for $159 from Sydney ended. You only need to get to Singapore as you fly back with Etihad from your destination to Sydney all the way through.

  • One way, you don't need a return with this deal.
    OP, looks like the prices have gone up in the past hour or so, it's around $1,000 now for the Etihad legs alone.

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    Make sure you have exceptional travel insurance. I booked similar flights to you. Thought I was fine. But it all fell apart when my flight from oz was cancelled so missed connection. Could have got a last minute seat on another plane but that was very expensive. Travel insurance never covered any of it. In my case, it was a nightmare scenario. I wasn't able to cancel my long haul with Etihad and no insurance. Luckily, I only lost the cost of my flights. Lesson learned - never again.

    • On what basis the insurance rejected it?

      • They wouldn't cover an airline cancelling or rescheduling. I'd recommend researching the insurance before you buy the ticket and then double check again.

        • I'd add: buy travel insurance as soon as you buy your tickets, even if it's a year in advance. I got caught out when an airline went belly-up and it was only because I'd paid on Visa card that I got my money back, and even then it was a chore. I hadn't bought travel insurance because the flight was still 6 months away.

        • +1

          Ansett still owes me a return ticket from Japan.

    • Really bad luck and expensive. I would only ever do this with a few days stop over … so you can sort out another flight in the worst case.

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        Sorting out another flight during school holiday peak can be tricky and expensive.

    • Nowhere near as bad but I bought flight insurance and had a flight bumped to the next day leaving us stuck overnight, the airline put us in a hotel room but later when I tried to claim the additional cab fares and small associated costs (~$100) from the insurance they just said no we don't cover that. So what the hell is it for? Total rip off.

    • Paid by Citibank Signature would cover travel insurance, wwouldnt it? Especially for such incidents like these?

  • Trying to find cheap flights from Adelaide to London (depart: late May, return: August) with no luck.

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    I made an account just to post this: do not fly with scoot, especially on a connecting flight. They WILL lose your checked-in baggage. I PAID EXTRA for an early check in from Singapore to Gold Coast a week ago and they lost my luggage and it wasn't even a connecting flight. I then did some reading on forums etc. and found out that they apparently have done this more than a couple of times. I talked to their baggage service and they kept asking me if my flight was a connecting flight, hence I assume this must have happened quite a few times before. Besides, their customer service is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. I called them and ask about their lost baggage policy and they said they don't know anything and that they can't help me at all <- what they actually said on the phone before telling me to send an email to another third party, ridiculous, I know. Also check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flyscoot?fref=ts&filter=2 they don't seem to be short of angry customers.

    • +1

      we forgot a mobile phone on a SIN-SYD scoot flight. Oh whatta dilemma. They have no established systems/ procedures for lost and found. They have no offices in the airports or somewhere else in Australia to contact for these type of problems. You can only talk to scoot staff at the check-in gates 2 hours before daily scoot flights. there is no phone number to talk to them, you have to go to the airport and ask them if there is a phone found!!!

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    Great deal..

    If anyone is worried about delays then just stay a night or 2 in singers.

    • that's exactly what we did. except there were no delays. scoot was brilliant.

      bris - singapore (2nights) - lon via abu dhabi - make own way - paris - abu dhabi (1 night) - brisbane via singapore.

      the only thing is that there are a lot of stopovers. but it was great for us as we were travelling with young kids.. got to run around a little at the airports.

  • I don't quite understand how you did this? Is the $1000 in the title inclusive of the Scoot flights? Because Kayak is quoting me 645 EUR which is just under $1k AUD, not inclusive on the first leg.

    EDIT: Ok, so that price includes all of it, but the link OP has provided is 1k AUD, are those your dates OP?

    • Prices have changed since OP posted this. I was able to see it at around $800 first (his Etihad legs), then it went up to > $1,000 an hour later. Same thing happened for many other dates in May and June and several other European destinations. Just keep looking over the next few days, prices might drop again.

    • I just clicked on the dates/destinations the OP selected and I'm getting 535 pounds. Also the same to get to Brissie instead of Syd on the return leg.

      • 535 GBP = $995 AUD

        • Yep sorry I was agreeing with you. I think OP's title must've been excluding the Scoot trip

        • Actually it was including the scoot flight. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
          When I wrote "I just booked flights to Germany ( SYD - SIN ( with Scoot ) - FRA and back DUS - SYD ) for 650€ with the Etihad flights costing 510€ and Scoot to Singapore for $159 + luggage in May/June" I meant that the Etihad flights from my link were 510€. They went up now ( I guess some people booked flights ), but have a look over a few days or play a little with days / destinations and you will hopefully be able to grab a similar bargain! Good luck!

  • If anyone can find anything from Perth I will be happy

    • +1

      I just booked tickets to paris in april ex perth.
      trick is to fly to KL with air asia, then a normal airline such as emirates (that's who I booked with) to europe - Paris was the cheapest city to fly to that I could find. Also have to return via KL
      all up was about 1250 return and I didn't get the super cheap deals that air asia are offering and booked with food and 30kg baggage there and lounge access and 40kg baggage on the way back (mrs wants to buy lots of wine in France - just need to figure out duty in Malaysia…)

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    For anyone not too bothered on where in Europe you'd wish to go, i'd make ISTANBUL the starting point.

    Much cheaper flights available from KUALA LUMPUR airport too, Fly with Oman Air return KUL - IST for £390/$716 around the same dates.

    Then add your Scoot/Air Asia for around the $1000 mark inclusive.

    Cheapest from Perth is around $232 to Singapore, then you could see a bit of Malaysia by catching the coach from SIN - KUL for around $30ish.


    • Thanks for that.. is there a setting on kayak where you can search for cheapest price for a given time period?

      • As in not specific dates

      • No worries, on Kayak, it only gives the option to choose + or - 3 days on each of your legs. Just press the 'more search options' button.

        For a wider search, you can try skyscanner.net but it's not quite as comprehensive or accurate, but will help to give you an idea of the cheapest times in the month/year.

    • Hi Gooddealmate. I think you mean Qatar not Oman Air?

      • Yes, Qatar. My apologies, there was a slightly cheaper flight with Oman Air but that disappeared whilst checking other options.

  • The deal is good but can cost more than few hundreds to complete. Ethiad and Saudi airlines not uncommon to change the details of the flights. You must give enough time to be able to complete second leg with Scoot. I had to stop over in Singapore to secure my trip cost me hundreds more 2x hotel cost plus 2xtaxi, food etc. Asn you know trip cost is not airfare….

    • I don't understand what you are saying here? Is it that Etihad is unreliable? If so, then that statement is completely without reason, they are not "known" for changing "datails". Also, when you say "details", what exactly do you mean? The dates? The times? The aircraft?

      Please be more specific.

  • I bought Ethiad Brisbane to Istanbul in November 2013. They have changed the departure already 4 times since.

    • Departure date? Time? City?

    • Last year they made minor changes on my flights, but nothing to worry about. I think if they change the actual date of the flight or the flights by more than 24 hours that you should have the right to cancel or reschedule for free, as the flight is not similar enough to the one originally booked.

    • Qantas/emirates had same number of changes. Only minor. Few minutes each time. Pretty standard that

  • My trip with Etihad was also changed multiple times by the airline, including rerouting via another city (adding an extra stopover) and time changes. Boarding extremely chaotic as well. Once in the air they're a good airline though and the extra luggage allowance is a plus.

    • Etihad is worlds leading airline. 5 years in a row. Don't hesitate to fly with them.

      • Flown with Etihad. The plane itself is not bad but Abu Dhabi airport is rubbish. Would try Emirates next time I guess.

  • Thanks for this post. I am actually looking for tickets to Europe but I have a problem. I need to purchase a return ticket to Australia that is more than one year from now (This is part of the requirement to get my working holiday visa)! It seems like every online site won't let me search for tickets this far in advance. Any help?

    • Schedules are typically only 330 days in advance, and in some cases 360.

      • Do online sites offer flexible airfares (option to change dates?)

        • Pretty much every sale fare has massive restrictions, many airlines make it cheaper to just not show up since they charge you a cancellation fee.

  • Thanks for posting this Hansi!

    Prices went back down for some dates in May. I just booked Singapore - Frankfurt - Munich - Melbourne for EUR 504.00 plus Airasia flight to KL for AUD 219.00.

    • which date?! I want to get a ticket so badly!

      • I booked 20/05 SIN to FRA
        Return: 14/06 MUC to MEL

        Return was possible for several other dates with the same price…

        • How much was the ticket from SIN to FRA? And what airline? I'm trying to get a ticket early May…the best I can find is $560 with Air India

        • I paid in Euro. I went exactly as per description above. Kayak, then enter your details for Multi-Destinations.

          The total leg SIN - FRA - MUC - MEL cost EUR 504.00 and the one way Airasia flight from MEL to KUL AUD 219.00. I remember the bus from KL to Singapore is about 10$?

          It's with Etihad airline

        • Oh god, don't bother with the bus between those two, just get a flight. The drivers are unfriendly and drive excessively fast. The buses are also not in the best shape. A good bus will probably cost the same as a flight, maybe a little bit less.

          flights for the route usually hover around $30 anyways.

        • Checked flight prices for my dates and it was actually only $14 + credit card fees…

          Flight booked

        • Good choice, just be sure you know which terminal you need to get to, if your flight is with AirAsia or Tiger Air you will fly out of the Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier terminal. While Jetstar flies out of KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International), a transfer between the two is cheap, but it's another hour you need to account for.

        • By that stage, AirAsia should be out of LCCT and into the KLIA, no?

        • Currently they think April. but KLIA2 has taken nearly 2 years of delays, a few being very recently, so i wouldn't hold your breath if I were you.

  • I just found SIN - DUB - BNE for 476 pounds ($880) for three weeks in November. Nice.

    What are the Etihad flights like on that leg? There's a horror layover in AUH for 9 hours, what's the airport like, anything compared to Changi?

  • Or SIN - LON - MUC - MEL for GBP 408.00

    Layover only 2.5 hrs…

  • Found this SIN -LHR, DUB - PER £331 Approx $618. Strange route back tho, via phuket with etihad, air berlin and virgin. Same dates as op

    • I found the route you were talking about and have 2 things to note, first of all that Air Berlin domestically is a Low Cost Carrier, meaning you are charged for baggage, food, etc. While this is not the same as the international hand of it, the overall cheapness carries over somewhat, just look at their economy cabin. It is no where near the likes of Etihad.

      Also, the third leg is on a Virgin Australia 737-800, the same plane that flies from Brisbane to Sydney, and is fit for 1-2 hour hops. You have to spend 6.5 hours in this, which may look nice at first, remember that there are to tvs, thinner seats (domestic plane - only 17"), and less pitch (30" - because you rarely notice that on a one hour hop).

      • +1

        Air Berlin is not a real Low Cost Carrier. You get food (for short distance flights snacks, long distance proper food).
        No chareg for luggage etc.
        Air Berlin is a Code Share partner of Etihad…

        I have been on a Virgin 737-800 flight from Bali to Sydney and it was actually very comfortable. I'd rather save $300+ than having a more comfortable 6.5 hours.

  • Finnair is coming up cheap in July. SIN - LHR and CDG - SIN (via HEL) for $1300. Anyone had any experience with them? Seems like a good deal given it's peak period.

  • +1

    Finn air are very good.

  • I don't like the logic 'oh just stay a night or two in singapore' .. uhh, if you weren't planning on going there, staying 2 nights all adds to the cost of the trip. So what were cheap tickets become not so cheap. Especially you if are used to staying in decent accommodation - for backpackers perhaps not as much ;)

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