This was posted 6 years 1 month 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kobo eBooks - 90% off Coupon - Multi-Use


Here's a multi-use code giving you 90% off eBooks. Great for those who have recently picked up a new Kobo eReader, although you can also read them on iPad, Android, PC etc. Usually codes are around 50-75% and I've never seen anything more than a 90%, so this is definitely a good deal!

As always there are some books which don't work, but many do. You can also use the filters to only show books which accept a promo code.

Not sure how long this will last so best to get your purchases in while you can. Enjoy!

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  • +1 vote

    Picked up 10 books, then got accidentally owned by quick buy… doh!


      heh, same here but it was a Neil Gaiman book so I didn't feel that bad :P and after I had changed country paying via CC (instead of paypal) - it saved the cc info from the previous transaction so went straight through - too many wash, rinse, repeat cycles :P

      Got a years worth of books so many thanks to the OP :)


    Awesome find!

    Thanks to the OP- just an amazing find- really…

    I've purchased a ton, in all areas.

    Ta- so much!


  • +2 votes

    I bought 56 books, that's it, I'm done. Otherwise I'll be here forever. Now to read… lulz!

  • +4 votes

    It's like those free Kindle books I keep collecting and never reading. Except I'm paying for them.

  • +2 votes

    Looked at my transactions after my spending spree.

    spent $150, should mean I got over $1500 worth of books.

    "and the real question is this:



  • +1 vote

    Woke up and thought about giving it another go, but was greeted with a "cannot apply coupon" error. mixture of sadness and relief really.

    now, on to the 105 books that i'll never read but will download anyway.

    also, just got a flooded inbox of 105 kobo receipts. it has been a productive weekend.

    p.s. just a criticism of kobo, but the curation of content leaves a lot to be desired. i find myself sifting through identical amazon book reviews just to see if the book i want is really the book i want and not a cheap self-published knock-off. sigh. bought one or two bloody <POPULAR CULTURE TERM> & PHILOSOPHY books just because the cover looks legitimate.


    Purchased 41 new reads- but now won't accept the code at checkout: 'unable to apply promo code'…anyone else experiencing difficulties?

  • +2 votes

    I nearly bought the entire collection of Alistair MacLean late last night on Kobo India when my bank blocked my credit card for suspected fraud.


    This sucks. I only just found this post and now the coupon doesn't work. I can't even get one book with it…

  • +5 votes

    Glad its over. Probably 90% of my ebooks are now Kobo, so they now have me as a customer and I'll likely go back when I want a new book… about 2026.

    • +3 votes

      This is actually a really good point.

      Imagine if they spent a million bucks on advertising trying to get people to switch fromAmazon. Most people would probably stick with Amazon no mtter how slick the TV or online ads were.

      Now imagine they spnd a million bucks selling books for 90% off. People load up, read and read and voila… now we're Kobo customers. We might be stocked up on reading but in a few months or a year or so a new book will come out and we'll pay full price because all our collections are Kobo and it's just more covenient to stick with that.

      All you ebooks are belong to us! LOL

  • +1 vote

    yep, looks to be expired. Glad everyone was able to get some good books!

  • +8 votes

    Many thanks OP but I suspect this is the first time I'm glad a deal has expired - I was 'saving' too much money… ;-)

  • +1 vote

    Wanted to load up the design library at work
    Here are a list of books I purchased only to find out that they don't exist on the server.

    Brand Bible By Millman, Debbie
    Managing the Design Process-Implementing Design ByStone, Terry Lee
    Best Practices for Graphic Designers, Grids and Page Layouts: An Essential Guide for… By Graver, Amy
    Visual Language for Designers ByMalamed, Connie
    Idea-ology By Hainsworth, Stanley
    The Language of Graphic Design By Poulin, Richard
    100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers By Berger, Josh
    Layout Essentials ByTondreau, Beth
    Design Elements, Form & Space By Puhalla, Dennis
    Typography Essentials By Saltz, Ina
    Writing and Research for Graphic Designers: A Designer's Manual to Strategic… By Heller, Steven
    Type Form & Function By Tselentis, Jason
    Information Design Workbook By Baer, Kim
    Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop By Samara, Timothy

    Kobo will refund into store credit which is infinitely less useful now the deal is done .

    Aside from that, got plenty of great deals so still ahead!

    cracks knuckles and prepares to DeDRM

    • +2 votes

      If you really want to play around with it you will probably find that they are all Kepup's

      I think that alf's tools will work on these however finding the file on your pc to run through calibre is a different matter. I think the following will work but I have not yet tried it myself
      Create a new library in calibre make sure you have tools installed. Download the kobo app and sync to your account do this so that it downloads all your books this should bring in all the ones you've listed above.

      Go to Users/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub on your PC this is where the kobo app keeps the kepup books unfortunately it doesn't identify the books by title
      Add all those files into your newly created calibre libray and hopefully Alfs tools will go to work onto them

      • +2 votes

        Books are here on windows - %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub\

  • +2 votes

    I think I went a bit overboard with these ebooks… not looking forward to the credit card bill…

    Does anyone by chance know of any good CC offers with a good balance transfer option? :P

  • +1 vote

    just wondering anyone has luck with reading adobe DRM pdf on their tablet? apparently kobo doesn't support these format and I can't deDRM them through Calibre with plugin installed…


    For the ones that can only be sync'd with the Kobo Desktop application, I used this one posted on pastebin to remove the drm, after some tweaking for Win8 (putting the app exe's in PATH so the vars only show name.exe). Worked fine, imported them to Calibre and now reading them on my Kindle.


    there is still 30% and 50% off coupons, FBR50 according to facebook

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