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Kobo eBooks - 90% off Coupon - Multi-Use


Here's a multi-use code giving you 90% off eBooks. Great for those who have recently picked up a new Kobo eReader, although you can also read them on iPad, Android, PC etc. Usually codes are around 50-75% and I've never seen anything more than a 90%, so this is definitely a good deal!

As always there are some books which don't work, but many do. You can also use the filters to only show books which accept a promo code.

Not sure how long this will last so best to get your purchases in while you can. Enjoy!

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  • +3

    Thank you, cleaned up all my coupon eligible wish list

    • +1

      excellent! glad it was useful :)

  • Excellent find. Thanks Op.

  • Awesome find TheAviator1992, grabbed a bunch of books. Thanks for the post.

    • no worries Cheap Skate :)

  • +2

    Going bezerk with this code right now. Code's working on most of my wanted list - only been knocked back a few times so far.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I'm new to Kobo. I placed a bunch of ebooks in my cart (after selecting 'Items eligible for coupons') and entered the code but the discount only applied to a single book. Any reasons why this could have happened ? :)

    EDIT - Looks like I have to do a book at a time !

    • The books are not eligible for coupon codes. There is an option to refine the results to books that are. :)

    • +2

      yep, they don't have a 'cart' like other stores. Just get one book at a time :)

      • +1

        This is TOO good to be true !!! Books for only 10%, I'm going bezerk ! I'm a tad bit naive, but they can't 'take' the books away from my account can they ?

  • Thanks heaps

  • what did everyone get?

    • Loads of photography books, Atlas Shrugged and some Zen books :) You ?!

  • What are some good books to get, and where do you put the code in?

    • Refer to comment below.

    • You can get "Twelve Years a Slave" for about 10 cents. Might be good if you've seen or want to see the movie :)

    • Not sure what type of books you are into but Siddhartha by Herman Hesse is a great read. And 'The Brain That Changes Itself' is widely acclaimed.

  • The Buy Now directly goes to payment page. Where do you put the code in OR how do you search for books that work with promo codes? Thanks

    • You click the arrow to add it to your cart then you proceed with your details and at the very end when you're about to pay there is an option to put in the code. :P

  • Hey all - i was struggling to find where to put the coupon code (new user) using a web browser..

    -Go to the settings of your account and turn off quickbuy. This is default for new sign up.
    -Dunno if just me, but this still didn't show the option for coupon in my browser
    -but once i downloaded the desktop kobo app i could scroll down to use a coupon on the ebooks (select a book one at a time that i saw in the browser for eligble for coupons)

    after all that though it says 'sorry this promotion code is already redeemed'

    sigh tried a few, but all come up as that for me. Anyone else having a similar problem?

    • What browser do you use? It sounds like you're still on the old checkout - http://i.imgur.com/wttlC0B.jpg

      It's not really a multi-use code and only works on the new checkout due to a glitch - http://i.imgur.com/xM4L3QR.jpg

      • +1

        I'm also getting this problem on both IE and Chrome, and I'm certain both browsers are up-to-date in terms of patches from the vendor.

        Clicking on the link on Kobo's homepage to upgrade the browser gives me a "Sorry the page is not available in your region"

        Any advice on how to get around this issue?

        UPDATE: Figured out why - its because I'm accessing the website outside of Australia. Changing my location (via a geolocation service) to Australia seems to fix the issue in my instance

    • +1

      On the checkout page you either choose paypal or enter your payment details, then click next. Then a new box opens where you put in the promo code, before proceeding to make payment. Just make sure quick checkout is turned off in settings.

      • Awesome! thanks!

      • Yeah, that didn't work for me, Followed the steps and no promo box opened up, instead it charged me full price :(

        Sigh. Oh well, still wanted the book anyway, cheaper than the store!

  • Code still works but doesn't work on some books. I don't think it works on the ones published by Penguin.

    • +1

      You can filter for books that will accept promo codes.

      Also, typically books that end in .99 aren't included, or only include one price. (ie those that have a "List Price" struck out and a different sale price)

      • How do you filter?

        • If you search with particular words, there is a button on the left on the result page "Items eligible for Promo code".

    • Nope, still working.

    • +4

      If you're comfortable with changing your billing country in your account and paying in different currency, New Zealand is less restricted, uses the new checkout while still offering Paypal.

      If you don't need Paypal, India and possibly South Africa use the new checkout and don't seem to have publisher restrictions.

      • +2

        Thanks, managed to get a Penguin title discounted using a New Zealand address. Paid through paypal and got charged in HKD which I found strange, but can't complain with a $1.23 book!

      • Thanks for the tip!

  • Thanks so much OP!

    Buying all the James Bond novels as we speak lol

  • Thank you OP!

  • +2

    The excruciating process of purchasing every book in both the Horrible Histories and Alice Miranda series has not only saved me a fortune but also left me with the satisfaction of having earned it. Most coupon deals seem a bit cheap, but this one left me feeling like a true bargain hunter, albeit one with eye-bleeding and a headache.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks heaps OP, just picked up my Kobo Aura and timing of this code couldn't be any better.

  • +4

    Get almost the entire set of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (1-40, minus 9 and 27) for $41.64.

    Book 9 (Eric) only has the illustrated edition available on the store, and that's not eligible for this discount.
    I can't find book 27 (The Last Hero) in the Kobo store.

    • Great idea, thanks!

    • +4

      Did the exact same thing. This has been the only time I've ever consided removing my PayPal security key. :(

      I also picked up the Science of Discworld(1 through to 4) also. :D

  • This sounds so good to be true guys, I hope they (Kobo) don't refund and wipe all our library out!

  • Now getting 'Oops! Something went wrong. Please review your payment information and try again.' after 40 purchases. Problem seems to be on Kobo's end, as I just got off the phone with my bank and they haven't put a restriction on my card (which wouldn't have surprised me, after 40 little $1-$2 authorisations).

    • I got that message making a purchase some weeks ago. Just try it again after a few minutes and it seems to go through.

      • Tried repeatedly on different books, and after logging in and out a couple of times - same message :-/

        • Had the same happen to me - I switched the payment method to Paypal and they started going through again. Dunno if that's of any use to you.

  • +5

    Examples of business/non-fiction bestsellers to buy:

    The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg $1.20
    Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman $1.15
    To Sell is Human - Daniel Pink $2.45
    Drive - Daniel Pink $1.03
    David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants - Malcolm Gladwell $2.08
    Outliers: The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell $1.23
    Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking - Malcolm Gladwell $1.23
    Business Secrets of Steve Jobs: Presentation Secrets and Innovation secrets all in one book! (EBOOK BUNDLE) - Carmine Gallo $2.95
    HBR Guides / Must Reads are bargains too:

  • Thanks heaps OP! In the process of buying heaps!

  • Awesome Thanks!!! Just picked up Chuck Palanuick's newest book Doomed for $1.19 :)

  • Thanks OP.

  • Can anyone recommend any solid Cover letter / Resume books (even if they're on the Amazon kindle store instead)?

  • Question:
    Are prices quoted in USD or AUD?
    Will changing user's country have any impact on selling price (like Amazon books) ?

  • Amazing deal! Bought so much Stephen King, it should make those lonely night train rides that much better!

    Speaking of lonely night train rides, anyone have any erotica recommendations!?

    • +2

      I'm sure you'll enjoy Riding The Bullet.

  • OK, tested changing billing country and though US was the cheapest, the promo code did not work. So I used Australia.
    The promo code did not apply to all books in my cart, only the first one. So I have been purchasing each individual book to get the discount. This has worked all the ones I've tried (including those ending in .99)

  • Take care when buying multiple books, when I was checking out I could see the total figure and buy now button at the top but didn't see the promo field (because it was invisible at the bottom of the page and required scrolling down). I pressed the top Buy Now button hoping to see a final confirmation screen with promo field but didn't get one, instead got the message that my credit card was charged, have sent them the email and hopefully the will reverse the transaction.

    • +1

      Make sure your 'quick settings' is turned off to prevent that happening again.

    • +1

      According to their Terms of Sales: "Except for magazine subscriptions (detailed below) all sales are final. The Kobo Service commences immediately when you begin to download content from the Kobo Service and you will not have a right to cancel your contract once the service commences."

      Let us know how you go with reversing / refunding that transaction, though!

      • This is what I have got from them, replying them with the list of the books I bought 'by accident'

        " promo codes are like coupons. They're good for a limited time, and some give you a discount on a selection of books, while others give you discounts on specific books. You can use one promo code per purchase, and most promo codes can only be used once.

        Note: Some publishers don't let us to use promo codes on their books, in which case you will see the message "Due to publisher restrictions promo codes are not allowed for this product." eBooks that can have a promo code applied will have two prices (an original price and a discount price). Books that cannot have a promo code applied has only one price.

        Also, in order to be able to use a promo code, your account's payment option should be set to Standard Checkout. We have provided you with the steps required to make this change to your account.

        Disabling Quick Buy
        1. Launch a web browser (Example: Mozilla Firefox)
        2. Navigate to our website (www.kobobooks.com)
        3. Sign in
        4. Click on My Account
        5. Under the "Preferences and Personalization" heading locate the section titled "Checkout for eBook purchases"
        6. Ensure that "Show me Standard Checkout - More options for applying other payment methods including promo codes and eGift cards" is selected
        7. Click on Save.

        we are also kindly requesting the name and author of the books which you had purchased and also the promo code which you had received.

        We patiently await you response. "

      • +1

        finally got the refund, they initially declined my refund request but then I went through BBB (kind of Canadian FairTrading). As soon as I opened the case they refunded the amount straight away. Here are the case details.


  • +1

    Great code, getting some cheap books. Shame you have to manually remove DRM then convert it in order to read it on a Kindle.

    • +1

      Any idea how to do that?

      • +9
        1. Install Adobe Digital Editions
        2. Install Calibre
        3. Download the DeDRM plugin for Calibre
        4. Extract the 'tools' ZIP folder from the DeDRM download (step 3). Should be fine just in Documents or wherever
        5. In Calibre, go to the Preferences menu, then under Advanced, go to Plugins.
        6. Click 'Load plugin from file', navigate to the unzipped 'tools' folder (from step 4), then in said folder open the 'DeDRM_calibre_plugin' folder and the select the .ZIP folder (called 'DeDRM_plugin.zip) in there and add it.
        7. Make sure the plugin is enabled under the 'file type plugins' dropdown in preferences.
        8. Navigate to your Documents folder and find the 'My Digital Editions' folder. This is where Adobe Digital Editions spits out the EPUB's of authenticated books.
        9. Drag and drop EPUB files (not ACSM files) into Calibre, and it'll automatically remove the DRM.
  • Fun while it lasted :) Getting the error message every time for the last 10 minutes now, but had a lot of success earlier.

    • Yup, code stopped working for me too. At least I got a few purchases in.

      • +1

        Just had success signing up with a different email

      • Still going strong with the code here, maybe there's a limit on how many books you can purchase with the discount? I've bought 26 so far and counting…

        • Strange, I changed my billing address and the code works again. Wanted to avoid creating a new account.

          EDIT: I think was trying to apply the code to a book that did not accept codes.

  • Cheers OP, this is amazing. Still going strong :D

  • +1

    Great deal - picked up a bunch of Lonely Planet books for less than $2 each

  • Thanks - just bought a ton of comics

  • Edit: nope, never mind, still going.

  • +1

    I love you all

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Got 7 academic texts I needed for under $20.

    • +5

      Man, I wish I had this code back when I was in uni!!

      Would've saved me from going on the migoreng diet lol

  • Great deal - thanks!!

  • +3

    OMG…I have saved a total of nearly a hundred dollars on my purchases…thank you so much!

  • Got some Alien Vs Predator comics $1 a piece, outstanding!! Cheers.

  • +1

    Is there a way to download the books from the app to external storage (SD card, hard drive etc) ?

    • +2

      You may be able to if you download the book via the website then add it, rather than going through the app. Definitely works for a hard drive, I assume it'd work with a phone too

      • I downloaded the Kobo for Mac and can see them on there, just wondering if there was a location (C drive or something) where these are stored and I could copy them off.

        • +1

          Just go to 'My Library' on the Kobo site and then download them straight to your downloads folder. Much easier.

        • When I try to do that it gives me some weird .acsm file, any ideas?

          Edit: Nvm someone already answered.

        • +2

          Install Adobe Digital Editions. ACSM is an Adobe DRM file type that's necessary for the book to authenticate, and hence be read. The software itself is annoying, but once you remove the DRM with Calibre, as I mentioned above, it shouldn't be a problem. It's just necessary for the initial step.

  • Can I confirm these Ebooks will work with kindle app on iPhone?

    • +1

      You'll probably have to download the free Kobo app

      • +1

        Thanks. I just did that. Was trying to avoid having too many apps :)

        The kobo website isn't loading at the moment for some reason.

        And thanks OP for alerting us to the great offer.

  • +1


    I am new to eBooks, is it possible to read these anywhere besides the kobo app after purchase?
    if by any chance kobo disappears, where will our books go?

    and btw do ebooks have a good dictionary feature?
    I prefer paper over ebooks but english is not my mother tongue so I want to be able to search up words quickly. would ebooks suit my needs?

    Thanks for the codes btw, it looks like I'll be saving over $200!!

    • +3

      You can download the books straight from the website to your hard drive after purchase, so if Kobo goes you still have the books.

      Yes the dictionary I've found is pretty good, just tap the word and it gives you the meaning. :)

      • I can't find the link to download. Could you please show how to download direct to the HDD (rather than to the Kobo app)

        • +2

          On the kobo website itself choose "my library". Books listed there. Click on the Adobe DRM link next to the book titles

        • +1

          Thanks!!! but when I do that it gives me the download for:
          acsm File (1.2 KB)

          and I cant open it. Is this because I'm on a mac and not a pc?

          Help :(

        • +6

          Once you download those, download the program adobe digital editions. Google it, it's free software from Adobe. Install that then click on the little files you downloaded. They'll automatically open them and download the full size books

        • Oh you are great help!!
          Thank you so much I'll try straight away

          edit: works perfectly! even for illustrated versions :)

        • +1

          Thanks, very helpful!

        • Thanks a lot!

  • I don't read, still spend some $$ on this deal… arrrghh

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