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I bought one of these 18 months ago for around $500 and couldn't be happier - it's brilliant, very sturdy and work extremely well. According to the Breville page it's recommended by Choice (ha!) and used by MKR (double ha!).

So, I was pretty impressed when I noticed they were out on the Myer website for $99.95! I've linked the cranberry colour in the post, but they also have sherbet, silver and black

Interestingly they also have the cheaper non-pro model for $99.95 (RRP $349) but don't know why you'd get that.

Delivery is $9.95, but they also have free delivery for orders over $100, so if you buy something small to push over the $100 mark you'll get an even better bargain. I bought a set of 6 champagne glasses (was $29) which were on special for $10, but then had a 30% extra discount on them applied - $7. At least I'll then have something to celebrate my bargain with!

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  • Why was my neg revoked? This is an obvious pricing error- someone listed them as $99.95 instead of $99.95 off the RRP. FOOLS

    • Why was my neg revoked?

      because it was invalid…

      Appropriate uses of negative vote

      Cheaper price elsewhere
      Mention store or URL and price making sure to include shipping.

      Defective product
      The product has been recalled
      Major issue with product in that it doesn't work the way it should.

      Major issue with retailer
      Didn't receive previous purchase. Example
      Shipping time exceeding expected wait. Example

      • Click on each of the products again- they have gone up to $489. So wrong pricing by OP (inadvertent).

        Thereby- cheaper price by jb hi-fi-$449

        Major issue with retailer- pricing error- example.

        Also splitting hairs will never get anyone far. The neg will let others know not to dive right in- there is a serious problem with this deal.

        • your neg may impact on the OP's ability to post (albeit temporarily).
          On many occasions, price errors have been upheld by the retailer.

          The neg will let others know not to dive right in

          Reporting the deal will do that much faster…. the mods can then expire/sold out it quickly

        • They were $99.95 before but then the price changed after a while to $489. That's why some people are having arguments of whether myer will honor the price due to pricing error.

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    Good luck to those who got it. Hopefully they'll honour it!

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    lol, good luck to those who nabbed one

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    ive got my paypal confirmation and myer confirmation email. $109 total still showing on my order status on the myer website. Order currently "Processing"

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    I received a confirmation email and also a paypal receipt. Here's hoping

    • Same here. Let's hope it works out!

  • damn i missed all the action :( i could do with a pro mixer bowl for $99

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    Talk about a mix-up

    • So obvious - but I did have a good chuckle at that one!

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    My order status "In Progress", hopefully this means they'll honour the order. Fingers crossed :)

    • My order status was "in Progress" now "Not available" Tongs are in progress but mixer is backordered.

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    Yep this deal is now negative, seeing it's an error in pricing; but two thumbs up for effort posting OP.

  • Will this turn into the new tabletgate?

    Myer professionals now? :)

  • I ordered one but for a click and collect due for tomorrow. I haven't received any emails from Myer yet. I signed as a guest so can't track my order status. Anyone else in the same boat?

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    They honored the Sheridan Quilt set (price error) for $23 with a RRP of > $230

    SO we may be lucky again

    • That's a nice drop, Heres hoping because my shit stand mixer is horrible also this mixer looks amazing!

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    I just spoke to the call centre and they are aware of the pricing glitch, and I have requested to cancel the order as I was charged the current higher price
    even though I have screenshots of the original A$99 price.
    I have just received confirmation of my order being cancelled and money to be refunded.. Quick and simple and the right thing to do…
    OR you can try to get Myers to honour the A$99 price..good luck..

    • post screen shots please!

      • Gbp7,

        Pls post screensho for showing 99.95


  • total still say $109 delivered. Nothing owing.

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    Considering they quickly found the hole and plugged it, it may not be a unbearable cost to Myer, so I reckon very likely they would honour this to the few ozbargainers who got in quick. Pity I wasn't aware of this deal, but good luck to all of you who managed to grab one.

  • Status on my order has changed. Mixer says its "backordered", the free gift is still "processing"

    • Mine has also changed to 'backordered', whilst the entire order has the status 'Status Not Available'. I've got a bad feeling about this…

      • surely it would have just gone to cancelled not backorder. weird.

        • Yeah it took them 30 mins to change the site price but it's been 2 hours with no here's what's happening. Your think they'd have contingency plans for things like this.

        • who knows. i doubt many orders were processed, so i am hoping they will just honor them :P

        • +1

          Yeah its like a major emergency. They should drop everything and let you know if you managed to get one ASAP!

  • When they have the obvious 'out' as detailed in the T&Cs on the website and it's obviously a pricing error, Myer shareholders would be rightly miffed if they didn't refuse to accept the orders.

  • noo, my order says backordered as well with the status not available

  • Is there any way to check the order status if you don't have a Myer account?
    I just went and purchased it as a guest.

  • Order status now changed to "Backordered"

  • Wow if it's on back order they would be replenishing stock pretty soon then.

  • just how the hell can they sell it so low? Must be below cost? $499 > $99?!!! But why though? just curious…it's not like there's another better model coming around the corner, or it's crap..

    ok…i guess it's pricing error, thought it's just clearance on a certain color

    • Or it's a pricing error…

    • I thought it was to compete with Aldi's model. Apparently not.

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    Partner went in store to Penrith.
    Got it at that price. Just now, took half hour of waiting for the store manager to speak to Head Office, did it as a goodwill. Might get lucky those whom got it for $99 online, if head office honoured it, even instore.

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        **on hold, off week, lol.
        She did try to layby, but apparently they don't layby kitchen appliances.

      • More than happy to share next week, in the hope someone can get a price match? Or try yourself with cries of Bait and Switch, patience, and abit of luck. Crying babies help too ;)

        • So what are you saying? Your partner got a raincheck for that price, to be collected next week?

        • Exactly. More than happy to share the receipt then?

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          The question mark at the end of your sentence is very confusing.

        • Were they out of stock, or did your partner not have the cash?

        • No cash, like I said above, she was to layby it til next week.

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          What's so confusing about a question mark. If people would still like the receipt posted next week, I am more than happy to upload it for fellow tight arses who would like to save $400ish.

          OzB has saved me plenty over the year or so I have been here, so would like to share the savings. Not sure how a price match will go, due to the MASSIVE savings, surely below cost?

        • Did you just go to Penrith Store and mention you saw the price in the morning for $99.99 and they honor it or did you click and collect in the morning in web.

          Thanks and would be nice if you could share the info

        • Yeah, no worries. Just went in store, they had changed the price back by the time she got in there. If you look below, you will see exactly what happened.

        • Good luck picking it up next week :) should have paid for it then and there if they were offering it for $99.

        • +1


          Please see my receipt above, not blanked out, or edited in anyway, paid via Cash, to ensure I didn't have too. Enjoy, and good luck to all!

          All up, got the Sherbet Breville Mixer (Orig. $599) and the Whisk and Bowl (Orig. $99) for $99. I wouldn't even bother trying with Myer Penrith, as the manager is away, and have already refused others on OzB. If you have success, let me know!

        • nice

    • +2

      Nice. Very lucky!

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      How could she just then get it at that price when they fixed the price error hours ago?

      • Told them it was that price, no-one here provided their SS of it, so couldn't show them, told them about Bait and Switch, how they had already sold to customers online, and then showed out of stock, then was available again, but at a higher price. Store manager called head office, waited for them to call back, she waited for roughly half hour, until they agreed to hold it, for $99 until next week, as a gesture of goodwill. I'm not going to tell her to sit there until they tell her why they were so kind.


        • Good work.

        • If you have some time spare, go in and try. Worth a shot at least, obviously each store is different, but if they call ahead Office, like Penrith did, they may honour it. Follow my steps, have the link ready on your phone, and post your receipt.

        • +1

          Thats good work,

          StickenAza34, Plese check your PM, i sent you a PM..

          Would be nice if you can share the staff name and manager name in store penrith or good in PM


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    What i don't understand is you go into a store trying to snatch a bargain, speak to managers and get head office involved when you don't even have the cash to purchase the product lol

    • +10

      If you do, go in and get it yourself, I showed you how.

      I don't ask about your finances, hell, if things are that good for you, why not buy it full price?

      Our original intention was to layby it, but they don't layby small appliances apparently. So, we got it on hold for a good price, I was good enough to share the steps so others could try, hell, I even offered to post my receipt when purchased, what more do you want? A float and celebration?

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      Not everyone has immediate cash or finance to purchase immediately. He try to help us in Ozbargain how he got the price as an OZbargain community. I think we shouldn't ask or comment about others finance situation.

    • +1

      Isn't that all the more proof/reason for why such people would need the product at the bargain price? If it's financially tough to blow $99 on an unplanned purchase for the house, it'd be near impossible for them to pay RRP of $600, right? Think about it :P

      One could also be suspicious if people come in insisting on a bargain or heavy discount, then pull out a wad of cash or their platinum credit card to pay for it… lol

      • +1

        They probably got the wad of cash thanks to OzBargain, lol. Can't wait to see that ebook on here. "How I became a millionaire thanks to OzB"

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    Most likely scenario for most of us: (from Myer T&C)

    6.3 Myer Online reserves the right to change or alter Prices of Goods on the Website without notice to you. If you have already submitted an Order at a particular Price, there will be no change or alteration to that Price (provided your Order is not affected by a pricing error, in which case the procedure in clause 5.4 will apply).

    5.4. Myer reserves the right not to honour any incorrect offers represented on the Website made by genuine human or system error. Where your Order is affected by an error on the Website (for example, in a description, an image, Price or otherwise), we will reject that part of the Order affected by the error. You will be refunded the value of that part of your Order affected by the error, under clause 7, and Myer Online will fulfil the remainder of your Order. If you are not satisfied with the partial fulfilment of your Order, you can return your Order to us under the Returns Policy.

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    When people come across prices like these, they should place they're order and wait until its been shipped before posting.
    That way at least someone gets the great deal.
    Because 1 order is bound to be missed where as 500 in 20 mins is sure to set alarms going.

    But as the op wasn't looking for one to purchase many thanks for the effort.

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    I did what StrickenAza34 said and managed to pick up the Kenwood KMC015 for $99.. Went back to get another 1 and couldn't though as they caught on.

    Receipt attached


    • Wow nice job!

    • Nice one! And thanks for posting the receipt for others to use!

      Did they cause much hassle for you?

      • +2

        No hassle at all but I did drive back to get another 1 and it was a hassle. Manager initially thought I said it was 99 off not 99 total so wouldn't give me a second machine he said you have got an awesome bargain!

        • How did you go about this? Did you state what it was priced at then that they obviously sold out then increased which is bait and switch or just that others were and to purchase at that price?

    • +1

      Nice work. Don't forget to claim your free Baking Creations Kit (RRP $199) from Kenwood.

    • +5

      LOL, you deserve two likes. One for the guts to go and get one at that price and another for the cheek to go back and ask for another

    • wow - you negotiated a $999 item for $99 or 90% off? impressive :)

      edit: 92% off when including bonus $199 baking creations kit

    • WHAAAAAT. So insanely jealous

  • So I would have thought if they had no intention of honouring the deal they would have told us by now. Here's hoping anyway.

    • if it's a small batch, they might just honour it

  • -1

    How does one who is a newbie at this kind of stuff get one for $99? If i took a copy of the receipt listed into the store…any advice on what to say? (please be nice :P )

    • +1

      I believe u missed your window of opportunity…

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