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Kenwood Kmix Kitchen Machine $99 (RRP $599) at Myer + Free Creation Kit ($199) Via Redemption

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    They all come up at $510 or more for me…

  • Cant seem to find out what does the: Kenwood Baking Creations Kit
    Contains…. any ideas?

  • The ones that are $99 are sold out, the others are $510

  • They came up for $99 for a second and couldn't add to cart. Darn it.

  • Sold out

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    Surely a pricing error

  • Yep, looks like a price error - will mark as expierd

  • Myer has updated the price - I saw black and pink at $99 initially.

  • Show as $510 for me, and are also sold out..

  • I had it showing for $99.99 but when added to the cart said sold out then was back to normal RRP

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    Did anyone get one for this price?

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    looks like it was a pricing error accross a bunch of kitchen appliance that were on sale.. they were all reduced to $99 for a few minutes, then marked as sold out and changed to the new (presumably correct) sale price. There's no way they would have intended to sell 1000W bench mixers, that retail at $500 plus for $99.

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      yeah i am thinking the same thing. Maybe they meant to enter a discount of 99 but put it as the price instead.

      • There was a 1400w Kenwood that retails for $999 marked at $99 too! So annoyed I missed this deal looking at mixer reviews! Good luck to everyone that got in on time.. I hope Myer honour this.

        • I guess it was KMC015 mixer.. Would have been nice if Myer honor 99 for 999 mixer.. Kenwood is better make than others…

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    Did anyone manage to grab one.
    Showed up as $99 in cart, but went to the original price during checkout.
    This was after wasting 5 minutes registering an account. :(

  • Pricing error. Nothing to see here.

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