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30% off The Good Guys Items on eBay (Max $100 Discount)


30% OFF THE GOOD GUYS ON EBAY http://stores.ebay.com.au/The-Good-Guys-Australia


T&Cs : max $100 discount, One per customer, Deal ends after 2500 redemptions so be quick…
Click here for full T&Cs.

Ensure to apply the discount at the right spot:



ps. I see a XBox One in Gaming, Premium Rice cookers, Nespresso Machines, Wireless Headphones and many other tempting things…

Don't forget to use the Velocity Rewards Points, to earn 4 Velocity points on every $1 spent.

MOD: eBay has notified us at ~2:56PM that "2,500 redemption have been reached and that the offer is no longer available".

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  • +11

    Awesome, got a Dyson handheld DC34 for $180.5 delivered!
    Thanks OP, made my day.

    • +2

      That's what I picked up too - great deal

      • +1

        And also got a Panasonic bread machine for $148 while I was at it :)

        • Did you get the Dyson and Panasonic Bread Machine as separate transactions or in the same cart?

        • Separate

    • +1

      Do you know if u can get a floor attachment tool for this model, coz the other models i see on the ebay store are around $400-$500 before discount

      • +2

        Not sure. I bought this one for someone else, and already have one myself. Not sure I would recommend it for that purpose as the suction is not that strong. But others may disagree.

      • +1

        No, you can't.

    • +1

      Might pick this up too. What other house vacs are recommended? They're all the same fancy high tech stuff to me :p

    • +6

      You're welcome. I just saw 21 units of this DC34 sold since this deal was posted, so I bought one too. Why did I buy this ????

    • Does this thing extend? From the picture it doesn't look like it.

      • +2

        If you rub it the right way it may double in size!!

    • +1 awesome deal!

    • Appears to be none left now:(

  • +3

    Xbox One works out to $508 shipped for those interested.

    • -3

      Would be worth it just for Titanfall !

      • +6

        Don't listen to this guy. No game is worth that, certainly not titanfall which is extremely lacking in content, once everything is unlocked (took me one day) there is nothing to do but play the same limited game modes over and over again. Maybe if you play games once every month or two like drbuckyballs you might think it's fresh and amazing but in reality it's mediocre at best. If you are going to fork out $508 to play a game, do it for one that has some element of lasting appeal.


        • like Destiny ;)

        • This console doesn't come with titanfall does it?

      • +3

        Not sure why I copped negs for this. What I meant I would buy the Xbox one just because it has titanfall. That game looks awesome. (But I got a ps4)

        • You are getting negged because $70 for half a game is a bad sign of things to come.

        • @The Land of Smeg,
          Being smug about what platform you play video games on is just sad and pathetic.

          A PC Gamer

  • +1

    Do you have to select "Buy It Now" before you can enter the promo code?

    • +2

      no. You can enter and review the price before committing.

    • +3

      you have to hit buy now or add to cart then apply the code at the check out before you pay. Tried and worked

      • +1

        Thanks, works now using the desktop site.

  • +8

    shipping on ebay is +50
    shipping in TGG website is +9
    (for big things like fridges/dishwashers etc)
    prices seem same as website
    I wonder how this discount would compare to what you can haggle for instore…

    thanks OP!

    • I was wondering the same thing. The stores seem to drop their prices very willingly.

  • +11

    Can get a Moto G with this coupon for $166 + $9 P/H, is that a good price ? :S

    • normal price around $250, tempted

    • scored motog $175.60 thanks drbuckyballs

    • +1

      hmmm… no expandable memory. only 8GB. still good deal.

    • +1

      Hello friend…

    • +4

      I haggled JB Hi-Fi down to $230 just a week or two ago for me wife, feeling pretty good about myself for it. Needed a second one for the MIL but had been lazy in getting to the shops… so got that one for $175.60!!

      Moto G is pretty nice so far. Just be aware that it is a 'budget' phone, so this means that battery is non-removeable and no MicroSD expansion. But the screen (4.5" 720p) and speed of it (Quad core/1GB RAM) is excellent, especially that it is a KitKat phone with hardly any Motorola additions to the stock OS. Hard to beat.

      It is Dual-SIM so if you only use one SIM it will still permanently have an extra icon in the notification area (unless you unlock bootloader & flash a other ROM or root it with some system modifications… uhh I rather keep warranty). Easiest solution to to put in SIM card with no service so the icon collapses to just a red plus (emergency calls only). I have read on Motorola's facebook they have that icon somewhere on their list to-do (if they ever do).

      The Dual SIM slots are both MicroSIM and both support 3G, but only 1 on 3G at a time, so you can choose which one to set to 3G and which one to 2G without physically swapping them from the slot.

      Does anyone know if The Good Guys would handle warranty in-store if there are any issues? I'm impressed that TGG are finally coming to the party.

    • Moto G was the first thing I thought of when I saw this deal. Great price.

      • +1

        Now sold out. Just got in. Lucky I didn't muck around with the Velocity points thing as I was tempted to do…

        • Forgot about that :(

          1,500 points lost.. bah

  • +3

    Galaxy S4 - $527 delivered.

    • +2

      is is the 3g or 4g model if u know buddy?

      • +2


      • +1

        Site says 4g

        • +2

          Cool, thanks guys! Similar price to Kogan but get the 2 year warranty and local stock!

  • +3

    Breville Nespresso Inissia should be around $123 delivered after $60 cashback:


    • +7

      U is only $109.30 after cash back

      • great deal… I have this machine, and their coffee is much better than aldi or lavazza pods.
        a great alternative is 'Coffee Capsule Delights'… which are equally good. bulk pack of 100 will cost around 40 each pod.

  • +2

    TZ40 = $232.

  • +16

    3DS is $239 (-30% = $167.30) + $9 postage

  • bought a GPS in store around $60(including 30% off) more last week. Can I use their price match guarantee?

  • +3

    Nintendo Wii U Premium Console $338 with this. A very good deal

    • +2

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Premium pre-owned at EB is $278. I'm pretty sure they'll be $299RRP soon. Still good now, I guess.

    • 349 minus 30% wouldnt it be like 244ishh?

      • Premium starts at $439.

        Furthermore, max discount is $100.

  • +3

    Any chance to use tgg gift cards on their ebay store?

  • +2

    ASUS ME302C 10.1" Full HD Android tablet with Atom Z2560 would be ~$240 delivered?

    • +3

      Should be $239.30 yeah.

    • +2

      Atom..is it going to be slow?

      • +1

        Android running on an Atom with PowerVR SGX 544MP is one of the fastest devices on the market !

        Antutu bench 23k, Sunspider @ 699ms (beats the iPad 4, iPhone 5, mini), along with FHD display, 2GB ram, BT3 & GPS.

        Beats most china tablets like the Ramos i9 even…

      • +1

        Yes comparing with an IvyBridge/Haswell — yes these are slow, but comparing with Snapdragons you usually have in Android devices, it's pretty fast.

    • I will be claiming price difference through 28 Degrees. I got both $100 gift card from last deal and the price difference…

      • Good Guys eBay store don't accept credit card payments directly - only through PayPal.

        I'm pretty sure that price protection only works when payments are made directly to the merchant using the card and not through a third party like PayPal.

        Happy to be corrected though.

        • +1

          Corrected. It works through PayPal. I have claimed shopping express paid with paypal

      • Where to use gift cards option? I could only see Paypal option

        • Guys - please refer to previous deals on this tablet.

  • +2

    Samsung Galaxy GT-P5210 Tab 3 10.1" 16GB - $238.60

    (Was already on special at TGG) $350+ elsewhere


    • where do we enter the code? never mind, found it. great find!!!!

    • A few ozbargainers bought 3 of these each I see :D

    • Amazing deal! Just got one too!! On special today at DS for $367 …..

  • I bought a DC58 for $257.

  • +6

    quick.. what do I get? I got a few vacum cleaners already inlc Dyson, got a few tablets, laptops. GPS etc.. what else can I get? Plz help!

    • +2

      Coffee machine?

      • +2

        got an inbuilt Delonghi in the kitchen already

        • I got the Red Breville BBL605CB Kinetix Control 1.5L Blender 1200W 1.6 Litre for $219 + $9 which came to $162.30. Sweet as! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Breville-BBL605CB-Kinetix-Control...

        • +4

          How about a coffee machine which can make descent coffee? ;)

        • +1

          At almost $4,000 for a state of the art delonghi…. it makes a superb coffee.

        • +1

          I bought one originally priced at $199.. but its BBL605.. i think CB is the colour cranberry

        • +3

          state of the art delonghi

          Nice oxymoron

        • The fact you spent $4000 on a coffee machine makes your user name a tad ironic don't you think? :)

        • +4

          I negotiated it down to $1799 and got $200 manufacturers cash back making it $1599 delivered. Quite Logical really!

  • +1

    Hmm wonder if they do combined shipping

  • +2
  • +6

    Galaxy note 10.1 2014, $457 after cash back! :D

    • +1

      yes i picked one up… i also bought a tab pro 8.4 the other day… hmmm might have to sell the tab pro now lol

    • How do i get the extra $50 cashback?

        • I tried to fill the claim form, but what should I fill for the store location?

        • Thanks man, just grabbed a Note 10.1 2014 edition! $457 is just too good to turn down!

        • i'm guessing you just write 'online'? What did you write for the receipt number? The transaction ID?

        • +1

          I found this on Samsung website -

          “participating Australian retail store” excludes any online bidding or auction websites (including www.ebay.com.au) or any unauthorised retailers. The Promoter recommends that prior to purchasing a Participating Product, the customer verify that the retailer is authorised to participate in this Promotion.

        • +4

          You will receive an email from The Good Guys later on (not eBay) [email protected]

          From your local Good Guys store (in my case anyway)

          The Good Guys Order 945522xxxxxx has been allocated to a store for processing.

          As if you bought through the Good Guys website.

        • +1

          Thanks for the reply. So "945522xxxxxx" will be the receipt number? I got an email already saying the Marion store is processing my order!

        • +1

          I would say so yeah, the order number would be the receipt number :) As that is the same email you would get if you bought online the Good Guys website.

          The eBay sales just go through to their own online store and is processed from your closest store, which will be good for you guys as it will look like your purchased on good guys website, not eBay and you also have a store location to enter and an order number that has nothing to do with eBay and the email even has the full price, they don't take off the ebay voucher discount, so the cash back should be fine.

          I got my email saying it's being processed at Hectorville store :)

        • Rang good guys this arvo and they let me pick up my new note 10.1 2014! And refunded my $9 for delivery…beautiful!

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