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Masters 15% off Coupon


I bought some wine from BWS the other day that had a Masters offer for 15% off.

I've just scanned the docket in store and have since tested the BWS15 code online which still seems to work.

Docket states 'excludes appliances, commercial quantities and purchase of wish cards'.

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Masters Home Improvement
Masters Home Improvement

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  • thanks! i tried it and it seems to work. it comes up as "Promo 15% off BWS Electrical & Hardware"

  • Is there a minimum purchase amount ?

  • Is there any current weber 10% off promo?

    Just in case someone know about it.

  • Confirmed working on weber BBQ too

  • No click n collect available?

    • nenvermind… click'n'collect available…

      don't think a Q300 will get any cheaper than $544

  • Big thanks mank. Been eyeing a pressure washer for ages and finally pulled the trigger. Saved me



    You're a champ!

  • Thanks OP. I bought a Survival First Aid Kit for the car for $21.25 click + collect. It's advertised in their catalogue for $29 (save $8) though shows on the website as $25 before the additional 15% discount.

  • the only thing i wanted has no click n collect. bugga.

  • Thanks OP, ordered roller blinds that are currently on sale and saved an extra 15%. Was planning to buy them tomorrow morning at the sale price, luckily I checked OZb. Saved myself over $50.

  • Worked at Braybrook…15% off plus my $20 gift voucher and $31 off sale = $47.15 for this item https://www.masters.com.au/product/100408775/hitachi-14-4v-n...

  • Kelvinator 2.65kw Reverse Spit air con - $645 with code

    • I'm hoping this is model KSV26HRC because there is a $100 cash back promo on for this one: https://kelvinator.campaign.net.au/aircarepromo2014/Home.asp...

      • The Kelvinator website says: Purchase participating Kelvinator inverter split system air conditioners in a single transaction from a participating retailer within the promotional period.

        Is Masters considered a participating retailer? The HN website says it offers the cashback AND a $50 EFTPOS card

      • Thats my guess. I went through the cashback process, and they do list masters as a participating retailer.
        So that makes it $545. If your smart and pay with a wishgift card, that drops it down to $512
        Cheap if you have a small house.

        • Too late, looks like they realised the mistake and changed the category to appliances. Did anyone manage to order one?

        • sorry i am a noob - clicked the vote button.

          Yes I decided to go to Masters at 9am and confirm the model. It is KSV26HRC and then I called Kelvinator hotline on 1300 363 640. I asked how much the cashback was and he said it was $100 and they will give it to someone who has made a purchase from Masters. I made the order on my ipad instore so I can get the 15% discount to $645.15.

          However, Masters does not have it in stock so will have to wait for a few days for pickup. Apparently it was really popular due to the low price.

          Panasonic aircon also having an up to $200 cashback on your electricity bill as well as Samsung having up to $300 off installation. The sales assistant said that there is not much different in terms of the brands nowadays but Samsung and Panasonic may have other features e.g. Samsung can connect with wifi so you can use Samsung phone to turn it on/of and has a new feature for it to be easily cleaned.

          He said they have not received any complaints from the Kelvinators they have sold.

          also bought remote control door opener and $1 garden twine (to be picked up another store though): $52.50 discount.

          Many thanks OP

        • edit: looks like you can still get it as long as there is another eligible product in your cart.

  • Thanks, finally ordered the long overdue line trimmer at a snip!

      • The 909 26cc key start* one @ $126.65.

        • after nightmares about trying to start existing whipper snipper I'm hoping this aspect will have me sleeping peacefully.
        • Hi I went to knoxfield and this key start is $199.00 how do I get it for $126.65 please

        • Online it is on special for $149 to begin with ($50 off). With the additional 15% it brings it down to $126.65. I think you need to make the purchase online to use this code anyway… In case it is store/state specific I am picking up from Chullora NSW.

        • Thanks so much for your reply much appreciated

  • Anyone recommend a mower?

  • I work at Bunnings, and just had a guy bring in his receipt with this promo code on an item we also stock. As per policy we did a further 10% off the Masters promo price. In my store, staff are encouraged to be "trigger happy" when it comes to beating any Masters price by 10%.

    Even if you get to the checkout stage of click and collect and print out the page without buying it, as long as it had the promo price and item listed, Bunnings would beat it.

  • Any recommended hedge trimmer?

  • nice share OP!

  • Thanks mank!

    to the guys buying the webers, consider the roasting trivet too! Masters price is too high imo as the RRP is $34.95 from weber website (same price at BCF and Rays). Masters model number as per item photo on their website is #93375 so I can't see it being hard to get them to beat the $34.95 for 10% off and if the 15% off works too then win win.

    • I use a couple dollar roasting trivet from a supermarket. its stainless like the weber one. weber one is ridiculous price.

  • thanks just got some quell smoke alarms @15% off

  • Thanks bloke..
    I got a Hitachi DV18DSFL(HB) 13mm 2Ah Li-Ion impact drill on this for $254.. as far as I can tell, that's a bloody good price for a very good cordless drill.

  • I'm looking for an ocsillating tool to do some work on my boat, but I am completely out of my depth. Would anyone recommend any of the models stocked at Masters? Thanks!

    • If you are looking for something of reasonable quality then the Dremel multi max is a good option, good brand, $129 atm

      If your looking for good value then the Worx Sonicrafter would be a good deal, currently @ $88 save $20

      • Thanks. I'll give the Dremel a go!

        • This Dremel oscillating tool has a 2.3A motor which makes it as powerful as many professional oscillating tools.

          I must say, their comments don't inspire me!
          I know Masters don't have them, but if you're going to give it a bit of a workout then I'd be looking at Bosch or Makita. I've put my Makita through hell cutting up flooring, decking, and even hardwood 45s! (Wish I'd bought it 10 years earlier!) And I know a couple of chippys that have the Bosch and use them quite regularly!

  • Hello Dewalt drills

    • All I saw were 14.4V Dewalt Cordless (if that's what you're after, of course).. the hitachi's are great, and at least 18V.

  • great find. Do that accept the code instore or does it have to be online?

    • Would also like to know this?

      • I doubt it, unless you have the printed barcode like the petrol coupons.

        OP was there an expiry date on the coupon?

      • I tried using code BWS15 in-store an hour ago. You cannot enter it at self-service and the staff said they cannot enter it into their registers. You need the barcode for in-store discount.

        I ended up ordering online with BWS15 using Masters' free Wi-Fi connection. Although I was carrying the exact items in my shopping basket, and the tax invoice was showing on my smartphone, the staff said they cannot let me walk out with my items, I must wait for an SMS confirmation, and return to pick up another day.

        If it wasn't for discount, I would have ask them to refund my order right there and left. You bet I will pick up another free paint pot when I return.

        unity1: OP has put an expiry date of 11pm 6/4/2014 on this deal.

    • OP said he scanned his code in store, so if you had a scan of the barcode it would likely work in store - OP is there any chance you can scan the barcode from the receipt in?

      I don't think there's any other way to manually enter a discount code in store :( Annoying cause I was planning to get some stuff from masters (in store) today, don't really want to do a click and collect, but 15% off would be nice.

  • Just saved $200 on a bunch of futurewood deck panels. Thanks!

  • which weber q do you buy for using with gas bottles? is it the LP version?

    • They all work with gas bottles, it's just the more expensive one that will allow you to connect it to natural gas.

  • Worked for key start line trimmer. Thank you OP

  • Grrr having trouble ordering online with it for pickup getting

    We're sorry but we were unable to validate your Promotional voucher code.
    We were unable to validate your Promotional voucher code at this time. Please check that the promotion code you are trying to use has been activated or is still active. All our promotion codes include start and end dates. Please be aware that some of our promotion codes are published as single use
    If there is still an issue, please contact our Customer Support team on 1300 337 707.
    Please ensure the value of item in your basket meet the requirement of the promotion, this may include: minimum spend or basket items include.

  • As above if you're like me and the promo isn't working, make sure you have something that the promo applies in your cart like a $2 sprinkler etc.

  • Interested in hedge trimmers too if anyone can recommend any that Masters sell? Thanks!

  • YoYoMa

  • Would this work on timber? I gotta get a decent quantity for 2 decks im doin, at a guess possibly $5-6k worth of timber & deck.

    I wonder what they classify as commercial quantities. Any fineprint?