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Myer $20 and $10 OFF Coupon Voucher (Min $10 Spend)


MOD: Myer Customer Service has adviced this afternoon that this offer was initially sent out only to those who are invited, i.e. targetted offer. However the code appears to be redeemable by many, but no guarantee that it would continue to work. Due to the nature of this offer, it's marked as EXPIRED, but not removed because (1) it has worked for some so not strictly a targeted offer (2) there are already 3 pages of discussions on it. However please do not link to removed vouchers/bar codes and please DO NOT tamper with the code as it would be considered as fraud.

Update: Myer have asked the deal to be removed. It's marked as expired, all links will be removed that direct to any coupon offering a discount.

Received an e-mail from Myer for $10 off in-store purchase (Minimum $10 spend, so total would come to zero) after checking the link, I figured it was a generic link that must have been sent to all e-mails and wasn't unique at all. I changed one digit on the end, and found their are several codes ($10, $20) with minimum $10.00 spends, but there are 2-3 different $20 codes that have different terms and conditions on what can be bought.

The list of exclusion of what not to by seems to be a very very, very long list. Figure out something that isn't included, and you've got you're self 3 weeks of purchasing $20 items for free :)

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  • Haha….

    *Excludes the purchase of Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Microsoft Xbox Live cards, Sony PlayStation Network cards, Alan Pinkus, Alberta Ferretti, American Apparel, Amor, Antonio Berardi, Anthea Crawford, Arthur Galan AG, Aurelio Costarella, Baker by Ted Baker, Balmain, Barbara Bui , Benefit Browbar and Pretty Room services, Bing, Harris & Co, Blue Illusion, Bose® Video Wave, Brent Wilson, Bul, Cedric Charlier, Chanel, Charlie Brown, Christopher Kane, Country Road, Cue, Dangerfield, David Lawrence, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Dior, DKNY, DKNY Pure, Dom Bagnato, Donna Karan, Ellery, Esprit, Feathers, Fissler, Fleur Wood, genuine Apple branded products & accessories, Giambattista Valli, Gibson, Giorgio Armani skincare and makeup, Go Pro, G-Star, Hoss Intropia, Howard Showers, Hugo Boss, Isabel Marant, Jayson Brunsdon, Jil Sander Navy, Karen Millen, Karen Walker, Kate Spade New York, Kate Sylvester, Kenzo, Kit Cosmetics, Knifeblocks, Le Creuset, Leona Edmiston, M Missoni, Maggie T, Marcs, Manning Cartell, Maticevski, McQ Alexander McQueen, Mecca Cosmetica, Metalicus, Miele, Moncler, Moncler Gamme Rouge, Montique, Morrison, Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Mural Hall, My Flowerhouse, Myer Beauty Rooms, Nike, Nina Ricci, no!no!, Ottoman 3, Pandora, Paule Ka, Penny Black, Perri Cutten, Peter Alexander, Peter Pilotto, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Pilgrim, Polo Ralph Lauren, Politix, Princess Highway, Rachel Zoe, Review, Revlon Nailbar services, Rhodes & Beckett, Ripe, R.M.Williams, Rodd & Gunn, Roland Mouret , Rosenthal, Royal Doulton, Sass & Bide, Scanpan ‘Classic’, Seafolly, Smartbox, SodaStream, Sonia By Sonia Rykiel, Sportscraft, Spurling, Superdry, Sunglass Hut, Swarovski, Swatch, Tara Jarmon, Tefal Unicef, Tiger Joe, Tom Ford, Tome, TS14+, Vanessa Bruno, Vicky Mar, Villeroy & Boch, Vionnet, Vitamix, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Waterford Crystal, Wayne Cooper, Wedgwood, Weight Watchers, YB J'aime, Yeojin Bae, Yttrium by Aurelio Costarella, Yves Saint Laurent, Zu Shoes, Hair and Beauty salons, Beauty Rooms, Nail Bars and Health and Wellbeing Services, optical services, photographic studios, tailoring & alterations, cafés & restaurants and sunglasses.

    • +42 votes

      So … Is there anything that we can buy?

      • LOL, a list of what you can buy will be shorter.

      • Yeah the whole e-mail thing was to do with buying fashion. So I am guessing they want specifics, just buy something not fashion related. An not sunglasses, or café, or restaurants, or iTunes, or Gift Cards, or Go Pro and you'll be right.

        If you figured out a few items you could jump store to store…

  • I dont have a myer card. can I just get one in store and then use the voucher?

    • I've used discount codes before, never had to produce my Myer Card. All they do is scan the barcode…

      You can even do it by Tablet / Mobile Device.

  • I don't know what to buy…

  • Can you use multiple vouchers over multiple purchases? IE, buy a valid $20 item, then go to another register and buy another valid item. Was not sure it was tied to your MyerOne account per voucher or generic deal.


  • Lego looks to be included, or maybe I am blind :)

  • +5 votes

    Ran through the fine print, looks like there are still a fair number of mens fashion labels that are okay? Van Heusen, Blaq, Kenji…
    So, shirts, ties, wallets, belts all game :)

  • When I printed the barcode part doesn't show up! Used IE and firefox both the same… anyone has similar situation?

    • If you're having a problem. Just PrintScreen the barcode and conditions, and print it that way.

    • i know in chrome, you need to tick the 'background colours and images' checkbox for it to show up. I assume something similar would need to be done in ie or firefox.

      • Yes I just figured out the 'background colours and images' as well, thanks!

        Well I am going to get my baby a winter jacket or so.

  • "A minimum spend of $10 must be reached in one transaction after savings and discounts" Sounds to me like if you bought a $30 item and used a $20 voucher you'd be fine but if your item was under $30 you wouldn't be. This is still an awesome deal but I don't think it's FREE like the title suggests.

    Also you need to have/present a myer one card when purchasing

    • You're absolutely correct. Titled been revised. The MyerOne card I do not think so, as it's a barcode that can be scanned I had a $10 birthday voucher same format, no MyerOne Card required as stated in T&C.

    • I went to Myer Melbourne. Purchased Natio stuff, total $28.85 got the $20 off. Bargain because there was half price off 2nd item and I got 4 things!

    • I bought a 27 dollar pen, used a 20 voucher, paid 7

  • When someone successfully makes a purchase please let us know what you managed to buy. It might be easier to compile and inclusions list rather than referring to the extensive exclusions list.

  • Easter eggs maybe

  • Bought Levis which was $75, came down to $55 and transformers toy which was $79 down to $59 and managed to get additional %10 off as I had another %10 voucher for toys. The guys at counter said cant combine the $ voucher but they were happy to combine it with % voucher… Thanks OP, this was at parra myer.

  • Sprout is not on the list. May try to use it today

  • Do all the codes have the same exclusion list or different? Too many to cross reference them. What's the difference between the 3 $20 links?

    Who would use a $10 voucher when you can use a $20 voucher?

  • +1 vote

    Going now, will let you guys know how it went

  • They are having 30% off a tonne of shoes. Just picked up some Trent Nathan smith boots - were $149.95 down to $104.96 with the 30% off and then $20 off code brought the price down to $84.96!

    For the record I used the barcode on my iPhone as well as my myer one card app. The $20 off code wouldn't scan but when the lady read the instructions written underneath the barcode she pressed some different buttons and voila!

    Thanks OP.

    Having a great day. Bought the blue aviators mentioned in another post from the Sunglass Hut (they had to see the website as they only had them at 50% off and not the 70% on the website). I then price matched to get Rayman Legends for the PS4 for $49 from EB (now I can take it back if I don't like it). I will, of course, be playing it on my 10% off PS4 purchased from Dickies :-)

  • Cosmetics maybe?

  • I can see this deal not lasting until May 1st!

  • Seems you can get a Myer card in store as well, awesome deal,thanks.

  • Does it matter which one you print out? They have different barcodes.

  • Thanks!!!!!

  • Dammit, literally spent $40 there this morning. Already got 30% off… a pair of boat shoes for 40 ain't bad.

  • the very first voucher link:
    Conditions of Offer: A MYER one card must be presented with this voucher and a limit of one voucher per transaction applies. This voucher is a single use voucher that can be used until XX/XX/XX,

    what is that xx xx xx?

  • I still have the $10 Myer gift card from Scoopon. Can I use it with this voucher?

  • Is it me or do the $20 off vouchers not mention a minimum spend amount??

  • I used one code on a pair of Trent Nathan shoes and then went to a different cashier and used a different $20 code for a Jeff Banks shirt and a Reserve jumper.

    I then tried for a trifecta at yet another cashier on some Peter Werth jeans but it said the code was invalid. I probably accidentally brought up one of the codes I had already used. The natives were growing restless so I scarpered.

    I have no small amount of Ozbargain shame that I didn't go all the way..

  • Thanks, OP! Got the lindt easter chocolates which are at 20% off then minus $20! I was going to get the bunnies at Coles (25% off in another post here) but this works out much cheaper!!!

  • Scan along with your MYER one card

    May I know what is MYER one card? how we can get it?

    • +1 vote

      It's a rewards card. You can pick it up from the counter of any Myers department.

  • can the coupons be used mutiple times?

  • worked a treat 3 times. bought weber (overpriced) - spent $110 and got it all for $50
    i went to 3 different registers on the same floor but in the opposite corners. worked really well.
    + i used a egift card from my points :-)

  • Thanks! Time to restock the Natio :)

  • It didn't work for me when I tried buying $20 item

  • Where does it say it excludes apple?

  • please some suggestions of item around $30-ish…

    • The bonds underwear seems good. The rest is personal preference. There is still alot that is excluded, you may just need to go in and have a good look.

  • I can't see Sheridan in the excluded list, can anyone confirm? 2 Sheridan towel (with the current 40% off) works out around $30 ++

  • Can someone confirm is it once off only per 1 myerone card? Or u can use multiple times? And if I register for myer one card on the spot am I eligible for it too?

    • I believe it's once off only per myer one card. I used it first time, worked fine, discount appeared once the barcode was scanned. Tried it again but didn't work 2nd time

      • I used it 3 times however I used a separate voucher each time. And I did not have my Myer one card, I made them type it in, maybe that made a difference (prob not)

  • I used the first listed $20 code successfully to purchase baby clothes. Tried then to use the other vouchers on a separate purchase but they didnt work. Oh well. Some great prices there at the moment and the $20 off was icing on the cake. I also didnt have a Myer One card. but asked the lady at the counter if I could sign up for one, and they give you a temporary one on the spot. Then I used the voucher. Thanks MOots!

  • Bought Lego 60044 for $19.95 and a Vue 30cm frying pan for $34.95.

    I've used different voucher at different counter to avoid any issues.

  • I used it twice with same myer one card at different register, no problems

  • It looks like the lack of an expiry date was not a problem for those who have used the offer ??!!

  • I'm rather curious as to what Myer one members had to do to qualify having the vouchers emailed to them in the first place? I spend a reasonable amount at myer, enough to get $100-$150 in gift cards from reward points each year so I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't on whatever list to receive this offer directly.

  • Just used all 5! Balls

  • Found another $20 link that works: http://myer.dtdmail.com.au/pages/2200
    Just redeemed the four (4) $20 vouchers including the above at Myer Chatswood. Great job OP.

  • Some Myer have a cafe so would it be possible to get three weeks free of coffees and muffins or dine for free in their restaurants

  • Top find moots you're a legend.

  • WOW wish we had a Myer in Darwin! FML!

  • Not working in cannington carousel myer of all the $20 code. I am buying the van heusen $34.95 shirt, neither scanning of the bar code nor manually number key in is working. I might have missed something…… btw the code is shown on my smartphone screen without printed out…

    • Tell them not to put it through as a digital gift card…that's what they kept thinking with me. Its a promo voucher, if they read the instructions it will make sense and work mate. I used 5 codes at karrinyup

    • Worked fine there. Tried the $20 voucher a couple of times and it worked a treat.