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This morning we pushed out a new user-submitted referral changes. This is an update to the previous attempt in 2012. Problem with the previous one is that it's difficult to add new stores that support referral benefits, and the feature ended up only supporting GreenManGaming and not being used much by our users here. What happened afterwards were wiki pages created for each online shop. Yes it's an interesting use of the wiki pages, but

  • Not a good idea to let any member to be able to edit everyone's code.
  • Free-form might not be the most ideal format, and hard to police everyone to edit in the same format.
  • The list is ordered rather than randomised.

What we have done now is having a single place for you to put in all your referral codes. Go to your Settings page and click on the referrals tab. You should be presented with a list of "stores" that we currently have referral support. For the comprehensive list of stores / products supported, please go to the referral wiki page.

New ones should be easily added as well if the method of referral is via a referral link (i.e. unique URL per referrer). Feel free to submit new ones in the comments. I need

  • The URL format for the referral link
  • Instructions to get the referral link
  • Benefit for the referrers and referees.

Another reminder that Affiliate Links and Referral Links are different and we do not allow affiliate links here on OzBargain.

Once a referral system has been set up for that domain, for every deal posted to that domain, a grey box will appear below the content and above the Share buttons containing a randomised referral link AND OP's referral link (if OP has submitted one for that domain and the deal has hit the front page vote minimum - updated 9/5/16). The benefits for the referrers and referees are also shown so people know what they (and you) are getting. For example this Amaysim offer I submitted. In this case including your own referral link and link to wiki becomes redundant.

Yes this is still in beta and needs improvement. Some potential issues / possible improvements:

  • Since you do not really need to put referral link in your content, you can submit deals with your link in the referral box without the deal being marked as "referral post". This might lead to abuse of people posting excessive deals from the stores offering referral. I shall look at ways to prevent it. I don't want to mark them as referral post at the moment because previously submitter can pick and choose whether to include his/her referral link. Now it's always included. 9/5/16 Update: Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum (currently 30) to show. This was previously 5, before being changed to the front page vote minimum.

  • Referral-code / coupon-code type referrals are not yet supported. For example Budget Direct, Rabobank, etc. We can potentially generate a popup containing the code when people click on "OP" or "random".

  • A good idea to let people pick and choose? For example some people might not want to use OP's referral link, not a random one either but from a list of friends.

So here it is. Give it a try guys! I will start removing some of the wiki pages later today. Meanwhile, please leave feedback in the comments.

If your comment is automatically unpublished due to the referral link, do not worry, moderators can still see it and will republish it before replying.



        Hi Neil

        The link above for the broadband. Need one set up for the mobile phone sign up

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          Broadband & mobile phone is the same referral link. I have both Broadband & Mobile with Belong and can confirm it's the same. Also, when you use a referral link at the bottom of the page it says something along the lines of "your friend gave you $20 credit. You can use it towards broadband or mobile"


          @tomclancy: thanks

        • OK, I've updated the information to make it clear that the code should work for both.

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          @neil: Appreciate it Neil

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    Could you please Spaceship Voyager to the referral list?

    The URL for the referral is of this format

    Referrer and referee will both get $20 worth of units in the investment.

    There is no limit in the number of referrals.

    For more information about the product, please go to

    • That's been added Spaceship Invest.


        Can you please revert the Spaceship referral link back to its previous format.
        The app uses referrals based on the link clicked. So this new message system is very inconvenient

        • I'm not sure it works properly. I've actually tested this one and have had to contact support, still awaiting the referral.

          Seems if you click on the referral link you are taken to the Google Play store to download the app. You then open the app once installed but I can't see how they are matching the referral with the install. Perhaps this only works properly with iOS? Not sure. Problem is that when you contact support, you need to provide the link and a name. By just clicking a random link, you won't know who referred you.

          I'll follow up with them to see what's going on but for now best we stick to PM.


    AmEx referral system does not seem to be working anymore. Links to and no site loads?

    • Seems to work here. Shouldn't link to Which card are you clicking through to?

      EDIT: Actually, the AmEx server seems to be having some intermittent issues:

      The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
      The proxy server could not handle the request GET /refer/mgmee/au/en/VLPTVLPTG3S4S5/AAAFCg0MABEUCQ==/v2.

      Reason: Error reading from remote server

      Refreshing works but so might give it until tomorrow to see if the problem reoccurs.


    Can you add a referral thing for Spaceship Voyager please?
    Both Referal and Referee get $20 worth of shares when the referee invests $5 or more.

    • See above.


    We both get $50 account credit if I refer you to GloBird energy.

    No lock in contracts, no termination fees, and they always seem to be the cheapest when I use

    "Both you and your friend will receive a $50 account credit when your friend pays their first bill on time."

    Use their online form and enter your own email address to get a referral code

    My referral code

    URL format:
    Benefit for referrer: $50 credit
    Benefit for referee: $50 credit

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    I like that solicitation isn’t permitted, so we don’t have intrusive advertising about ith referral system, but I’ve always felt like the system itself needs to advertise ITSELF a bit better. I feel like more people might use it if it didn’t feel so much like “fine print” at the bottom. But eh. Just an opinion. Perhaps it could do with an icon or some bold text and colour, and might benefit from a side by side option of open a referral and next to it, “add your own” dialogue so that people can easily do so directly on a deal without having to discover it on their own via the settings. But I mean other than how hidden it looks to me, it works great.

    • Maybe we can changed the Edit with the Pencil to Add Your Referral Code or something?

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        Another suggestion, is to make the referrals page more accessible, ie have it in the list that appears when you hover over the "pages" tab up top.
        I didn't even know this page existed until a year after I started using ozbargain…


    Please add referral code for Pluralsight, it is one of the best online self learning resource for IT and Design professionals.

    My referral link is

    The benefits are
    For referee: Exclusive discounts like 50% off their first month or 15% off an annual subscription.
    For referrer: For every referral that signs up (monthly or annual), we'll tack on a free month to your subscription.


    I just tried to use a referral link for Authorship and Boxlots and neither worked for me — referral programs closed?? The Healthy Everyday referrals don't seem to be working either


      Another one that's not working for me is Get Vi
      The Ridge Wallet referral link I tried was expired I got the message "Ask your friend XXXXXXX to share with you again."

    • OK thanks. Those have all been disabled. Unfortunately, we have so many companies in our referral system, it's hard for us to know when the referrers have changed or if they have disabled their systems. Appreciate you letting us know.

      Ridge Wallet still has a referral system but have set the current codes to expire in 7 days and then they'll expire every 90 days after.


    I think Google Gsuite would work for a OzBargains referral?
    Known as "G Suite Referral Programme"
    My link example is
    So the referral code would be in my case h6Trvu
    Put together
    Base URL: + Referral Code: h6Trvu
    I think this works with the OzBargains guidelines
    Please let me know if this one would be ok to add into the OB referrals directory Cheers, Rob

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    Google GSuite referral link request, as follows;

    XXXXXX is provided by the "Google GSuite Referral Programme"

    • Please provide an actual referral link. is generic Google URL shortener.

        • Any intermediate URL? utm_content is usually only used for marketing campaign for analytics scripts.


          @scotty: After your 1st reply I went on a hunt, looked everywhere and didn't find an alternate. I came to the conclusion that Google must work with long length URLs which embed the query string, like a google search embeds stats from your own browsing activity relating to your search after you begin a search. I think in their wisdom their universal URL shorten-er was made for this and such things. I think the is the way to go as this is the link system they promote heavily in their emails and referral programme login, also, it would easy fit the OZBargains referrals list system being neat, short and only requiring the end code. Does OZBargains have another Google referral URL I can investigate for comparison?


          @scotty: Looking further seems to find more like please see this; and click the get referral button. What do you think @scotty ?


    Could you please add to the referral list.

    URL Format:
    Instructions to get referral link: After purchasing, they open a page with your referral link.
    Benefit for referees: They sign up using your referral code, they get 10% off.
    Benefit for referrers: You receive $10 to use in the shop.

    Thank you.


    Give friends $10 off their first order, and you'll get $10 when they make their first purchase.*

    *Receive $10 on a purchase of $35 or more once your friend makes his/her first qualifying purchase.

    Referral link:……

  • -1 vote

    please add ING's referral code
    both referee and referrer get $25
    my code is (removed)


      Your referral codes are found in your own account area. Here is your link. Also, ING Bank will not pay the bonus and it may suspend your account if it finds out your referrals are not for real family and friends. I think OzB has removed ING from its referral system for this reason.

    • ING referrals are disabled. There is currently a better $75 deal making the referrals moot.

  • Referral code system has been set up for the store "Tidy Me"

    Link to FAQ article for Referrals on their page

    Referee gets $50 credit for their first booking. Referrer is credited $75 for their next booking. Credits are automatically applied on their next booking.


    It looks like the referral link format for Topcashback US has changed. Mine used to be and now it is

    • Both links still work. Mine is from 2016 and I have ref/ZZZZZZ.


    Referral link format for has changed. Mine was and is now

    • Do you have an actual working link? Also is it still:

      Referrer gets 400 Muse Points. Referee gets 15% off 1st purchase AND up to 400 Muse Points without purchase


        My link is

        Referee gets 15% off, but I can't see where it says how many points the referrer gets.


    I can no longer find details of the FoodByUs referral program on their site

    • OK, have disabled referrals for FoodByUS.


    Who Gives a Crap referrals have expired
    Link format is now and expiry is Oct 07, 2018.


      Second Who Gives a Crap referral link I tried worked, but first one said it had expired.

      • Yes, there seem to be some expired ones in there. Have set the links to expire in 7 days and then will move referrals down from a 180 day expiry to 90. Seems all expired links were greater than 90 days but less than 180.

        • Have changed the format and set to 90 days now. There were only 2 referrals in there as of this morning so wiped them.

  • now redirects to
    I haven't signed up with Bookwell to check whether they have a referral program.

    • Have disabled referrals for Vaniday.


    not sure why my comment was deleted, it wasn't my referral link in there, my email address is not [email protected] , it was an example..

    edit looks like was answered above for whogivesacrap

    • It's automated. Whogivesacrap referrals were mentioned a couple of comments up. There were only 2 links left in the referral system so I just wiped them. You can add yours in now by email address.


        No worries thanks


    Seamwork - sewing pattern website, a digital magazine and credits for 1 or 2 patterns each month depending on which option is chosen
    My link is
    So I’m assuming that the part after ref= just changes
    Link to info page-
    The person signing up gets their first month half price and I get a free month for each person that subscribes using my link

    • OK, that has been added. Seamwork

    • Seamwork has been disabled as there are no members in the referral system.


    Could you please add Caltex FuelPay® app to the available referrals? Details are:

    URL Format (accessed from a smart phone as it redirects to Google Play or Apple App Store):
    Instructions to get referral link: While logged in the app, go to Profile > Earn fuel discounts > Refer a friend
    Benefit for referees: They'll save 6c off per litre on their first 3 fills.
    Benefit for referrers: You get one 6c off per litre discount per referee.

    • That's been added. Caltex

      This code must be manually entered during the sign up process. Download the app from your respective app store, choose Create Account and there will be a field for this code.




    Bit of a question for you guys. When competitions are posted, often alot of people joining the competition post there referral code in the comments And it becomes a chain.

    Now I've done this a number of times and members have apparently used my referral code. But I never seem to get credited for referring anyone. Is this something the ozbargain site is blocking ?

    I'm of course assuming but most people are being honest when they're saying they have used my referral code.

    Just one Example here

    • The OzBargain site isn't blocking that.

      I've personally entered competitions via similar comment chains and received referral entries without issue. If you've provided the correct link then I would assume it's either an issue with the comp provider not crediting properly or the member after you didn't use your link unintentionally or intentionally.


    Just got an email from Solargain of a referral program. Not sure where else you can get the referral code other than receiving an email from them
    Could you still add this to the referral?

    Instructions to get referral link: Receive email from Solargain, click on the 'REFERRAL' button will take you to the link above with your id at the end
    Benefit for referees: No extra discounts afaik
    Benefit for referrers: When referres purchase a solar energy system from Solargain, you will receive a $100 Prezzee e-Gift Card.

    • As there is only a benefit to the referrer and there has never been a Solargain deal posted, we won't be adding the store into our referral system at this time.


    Could we add greenmangaming to the merchant list?
    Both referee referrer gets credit.

    URL Format:
    Instructions to get referral link: Go to and copy the unique link.
    Benefit for referees: Get $2 credit for their first purchase over $20.
    Benefit for referrers: Get increasing amount sof credit per person referred (1 = $2, 2 = $5, 3 = $10, 4 = $15, 5 = $20)


    Please add Optimal Print


    Instructions to get referral link: Make a purchase, in order confirmation email you will receive a unique referral link.

    Benefits: Both referee and referrer get $10 off their next purchase.



    Can we add Code Camp please.

    It is a school holiday day camp across Australia that teaches kids coding. I looked for a referral link when I first signed up here but there were none.

    It is coupon based system.

    Website is

    Deal is -" Give a friend $20 off when they use your referral code to book this season! You also get $20 off your next Code Camp every time the code is used!

    eg. 3 friends = $60 voucher, 5 friends = $100 voucher and so on."

    • That's been added. Code Camp

    Merged from Didi Referral Credit has changed

    Dint know if this is the right spot for this, but it appears that Didi's referral credit had changed to $10 each for both referrer and referred.

    • It's now updated.




    Would you kindly add Grill'd, per this offer? The referral codes are 5 digits long.

    • That has been added. Grilld




    With the referral link for Belong Mobile, there's $200 or 10 claim limit per referral code. With the 300+ referral codes loaded up to date, it would be handy for submitters to delete spent codes.

    • Not sure there is too much we can do but have now set the expiry to 90 days. Hopefully that will mean fresher codes.


    codecamp pls

    Codecamp is a camp for kids to learn coding. These camps are run during school holidays. This is applicable during the upcoming school holiday term.

    Format :

    Instructions to get referral link:

    Benefit for referees:
    you’ll get $20 off when you book

    Benefit for referrers:
    referrers will also get $20 per person registering into the camp

    • That's been added. Code Camp Just to confirm does the referrer get $20 credit or $20 off their next course?


    I'd love to see Aussie Broadband added - they've just emailed with their latest Refer-a-Friend program.

    Code is emailed to you; which is used in the URL:

    Referral Code: Mod: Removed

    As of Sep 2018, referrer and referee get $50 credit each after successful signup. And the first successful referral provides and extra $50 credit to the referrer as well.

    EDIT: website referral page seems slightly different:
    This doesn't directly note your individual referral code; it works on direct emailing instead so probably not suitable for OzB.

    • Aussie Broadband requested us to not have themselves in the referral system as of July '17 and we have honoured that request.

      • +1 vote

        That's good to know, I was going to suggest them myself!


    Could you please add to the available referrals? Details are:

    URL Format:
    Instructions to get referral link: Go to and copy the unique link.
    Benefit for referees: Get access to coupons for many websites
    Benefit for referrers: You receive 500 Gold with their first qualifying purchase.
    Honey will find working coupon codes and best deals online.
    The best code is automatically applied to the cart.
    151 Gold = $1.51 USD
    1,000 Gold minimum to redeem
    Need to install browser extensions to work


    I notice AussieBroadband is offering $50 (and bonus $50) to customers that refer a 'friend' any chance this can be added to the referral system?

    Their email to me included "Unique URL"
    and a referer code (mine was Mod: Removed)

    From the email

    You'll get a $50 credit
    You'll receive a $50 credit on your account for each friend who uses your referral code when they sign up and get connected on a residential nbn™ service with Aussie Broadband.

    Plus, you get a BONUS $50 credit for your first referral
    Refer for the first time and get a total of $100 credit on your account ($50 + $50 first time bonus) when your friend signs up using your referral code!

    Your friend gets a $50 credit
    Aside from the same great features that we offer all our customers – they'll receive a $50 credit on their account when they sign up using your referral code


      Oops - bid of a Dupe - see above!

    • Aussie Broadband requested us to not have themselves in the referral system as of July '17 and we have honoured that request.


      They use account number for referral which, per first post, OzB doesn't support for privacy reasons…. plus what neil said (though that isn't published broadly)


        Privacy reasons are null because Ozbargain referrer system can support private messaging.


          You still end up with an account number.

  • ME Bank Referrals has been set up.

    Both users receive a $150 Coles Group / MYER Gift card. Referral requires a private message and passing account number and a real name.

    Referral form PDF is here, fill in details on the right hand side with information and then submit to the Bank.


    Could you please add to the available referrals? Details are:

    URL Format:
    Simply share and promote your unique code with everyone.
    After you log in, you can find this on your account dashboard.

    Benefit for referees: $10 off their first order when they use your unique coupon code
    Benefit for referrers: Earn $10 in Z points whenever you refer a friend to Amino Z! Plus

    you can refer someone in-store or online - you'll be rewarded either way.
    As your Z points accumulate, you can use them as a discount on any future order that you make with us (online or in-store).

    • Just had a look at the system and it's in there but I'm not sure the links are working. The format in our system is ?referid={CouponCode} after Is that the current format?


    Cracka Wines has a referral system again.

    URL Format:

    Login to account, click on the red 'GET $25' box (on left of screen) Click 'Share by Link'

    Benefit for referees: $25 off on first order
    Benefit for referrers: $25 credit received when referee makes first purchase.


    Could you please add Cult Beauty to the referral list?

    URL format:
    Login to account to acces your referral code under "My Account".

    Benefit to referrees: £10 off first order of £50 or more
    Benefit to referrers: £10 off your next order once your referee has checked out.


    Can you please add Nuraphone to the referral list

    URL Format is
    Login to app and link is found under "refer a friend" in settings.

    Benefit to referees: 20% off first purchase (e.g. Nuraphone is $399 instead of $499)
    Benefit to referrers: get one free Nuraphone after 6 referees purchase a Nuraphone and keep it for 30+ days.

    • That has been added. Nuraphone