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ING Direct - Bonus $75 When You Open an Orange Everyday Bank Account


Update (14/1):

The T&C of their latest email state:

If you use this offer in a manner that is not satisfactory to us or in line with the intent of the offer (such as sharing your referral code on the ‘OzBargain’ website or other similar websites), we may refuse to pay the $75 cash bonus (including in respect of any or all referrals made in relation to the offer). This includes conduct on your part which is designed to undermine the fair and intended operation of the offer.

Referrers may not receive $75 from other users clicking on any referral links from OzBargain. Those who have used the OPs referral code/link (referees) from 7/1/16-present, will not receive the $75 according to this comment by the OP.

It's back everyone! Merry Christmas!

Free $75 when you sign up for an Orange Everyday account. If you also sign up using a friend's referral code the friend will also get a bonus $75. Limited to the first 4000 eligible applicants.

Sign up here: https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/75bonusoffer

  • Enter your details in the registration box (if using referral code, enter it in here)
  • Open an Orange Everyday bank account using the same details.
  • Deposit your pay of $1,000 or more within a calendar month into your new Orange Everyday by 31 January 2016 28 February 2016 31 March 2016 30 April 2016 31 May 2016 31 July 2016 31 October 2016.

Mod: Removed referral code per this comment.

Rules suggest comments cannot have referral codes, sorry guys!

Update your referral codes in your OzBargain account: My Account - Edit - Referrals or click the edit link to the bottom right of the box below (non-mobile users).

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  • Thanks! Have got an email too and updated code in my settings.

    • +1

      Same here! fingers crossed for the referral bonus. Either way pretty nice bonus amount if it all works out for people. I have been with ING for quite some time now, no complaints so far.

    • Do you have an early client number, or an alphabetically superior first or last name?

      • I have neither of these things (signed up with ING about 6 months ago and both my surname and first name are middle of the alphabet) and this is the second time I've received a referral bonus email in the last few months.

      • not sure how it's targeted - rarely use account. received previous offer and an offer which gave me $100 if i deposited my salary. ING sure do like to throw the cash about

        • ING Direct like to "throw money around"
          BECAUSE THEY -CAN-

          Their business model is VERY EFFICIENT.

          (We've already seen -other- Aussie banks
          TRY to copy it, WITHOUT much success, IMO)

          Welcome to the Future! :-)

    • Has ING been ReNaming accounts?

      'used to be: Savings Maximiser
      was the main acct &

      Orange Everyday was the Visa debit card acct

  • +2

    What's their customer service like?

    ME and CBA are on my s**t list

    • +16

      I love them! Easy to deal with, and their phone app is quite good.

      • +3

        Agreed! Their call centre staff are competent, polite and answer calls relatively quickly.

        When I was hoarding protein bars during one of the Coles Express ATM promotions, I received a call from them checking that it was really me who checked my balance 20 times.

        The guy asked suggestively, "Were you waiting for some funds to come through?"

        "Uuhh, yeah," I replied and I got on with my day. Now that's service!

        • +1

          If you call from a number link to your account . IE mobile or home phone , you dont even need to give them your account number , they see the caller ID and just ask you to confirm the normal stuff like Name and address DOB . this it hugely helpful ( who ever remember their account number , and when you calling on your phone it hard to search) best support Ive ever had from a bank

        • How many did you end up getting?

      • Any possibility to change a bank provider with ING in a city that dont have ING branch et all?

        • +1

          No need to go in to a branch. Haven't been to one yet.

        • @nic217:

          So is that possible to change from westpac to ING easily?
          Would you mind to explain the step briefly? :)

        • +1


          1. Go to account you are interested in.
          2. Click on link to secure online form.
          3. Fill in & wait for confirmation from ING.
          4. Organise EFT from old account.


    • +1

      Good app, and you can send a message to them rather than ringing and they will respond within 24hrs. Strange how the app doesn't allow you to send messages though, only the desktop site.

    • +7

      I wouldn't bank with anyone else ow. Too many benefits to pass on!

    • Great!

    • +3

      Would definitely recommend ING. I have accounts with both ING and ME. Agree that their phone app is great!

    • Never had problems with them. Their online banking is better than most online banking systems except CBA NetBank, too. Agreed about ME, though CBA has been fairly good to me.

    • CBA for sure!! in the sh** list, i mean

    • +1

      Highly recommended. Best phone app out of BankWest, ME, NAB, Amex, UBank and Citibank. Higher interest rate (Savings Maximiser) than UBank USaver.

    • +1

      Great app, Terrific Cust.Svc.

      You think the Banking World has PIVOTED
      if you deal only with ING.

      When you have to deal with OTHER banks,
      you'll see how GOOD ING is.

    • I have been with ING for awhile and have convinced my brother and my girlfriend to do so. They both love it :)
      Awesome customer service who are polite and competent, and also answers calls quickly and completing my enquiries quickly. Never had problems when it comes to calling for support. On top of that, I am very happy with the benefits included. I"ve banked with CBA and NAB followed not long after, but then switched to ING about 5 years ago and would never turn back.

    • A (profanity) of a lot better than CBA.

  • The referral link (the random one above) doesn't seem to link to the right page. The provided URL ingdirect.com.au/refer now re-directs to https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/75bonusoffer?cid=ccm:...
    The link above currently redirects to https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/everyday-banking

    • Yep, it looks like new referral codes have been issued via email too (i.e. different code to the 8 movie tickets offer). I just updated mine in my settings here, but I think the referral link needs to be changed on OZB to reflect the new campaign.

      Actually - could be a bit of a trouble as currently clicking the OZB referral link will not guarantee the new applicant the $75 at all. You'd need to separate out those who have received the new email offer and updated their code from the rest of the bunch… My new code is Mod: Removed referral code if anyone wants. I got the email.

      • Should be fixed shortly.

    • Our randomised referral system does not work with this at all. We'll probably need to develop something new next year for this kind of short-lived referral promotion campaign.

  • How do u get the referral code?

    • It's given to you in the email.

  • Have not received any email about this

  • Received the email. About 6 minutes after this was posted! :p

    • I was looking at my emails and was surprised no one had posted it up yet. Must have been in the first batch of emails sent.

  • Just a reminder.

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    Commenting Guidelines


    Just in case people miss this…

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    Referral codes and links are not permitted in comments.

    • Can we get a wiki going for referral codes so they don't spam the comments

      • We have the auto-referral-code system now…

    • OK

  • The random code does not work.

  • +2

    I was just pointing out that the new link is different and current referral codes have changed.
    My code is updated on here, but I think MOD will have to delete all the old ones, as they won't work.

    • Codes changed a while ago… The one I received today is the same one I had last time.

      • -5

        Are you kidding me MOD? Look at the bloody link. It was there to help you, and had no code in it. sigh

        • It's automated. Feel free to yell at system.

          Edit: See below

        • Haha oops! 😂

    • Yes i just checked and can confirm I got a new code too which i have updated now

    • Yeah just realised that… I wonder how the MODs will deal with old un-useable codes?

  • MOD UPDATE: I have now changed the link of the "random" to reflect the new referral URL. However your code in the system might not work. Therefore I am also removing the code that was ING Direct referral code in the system that was last updated more than 90 days ago.

    • Can we also change the referral description. Still says movie tickets?

      • Done.

        • Doesn't work. See my (hidden) comment for the valid link using referral code.

        • @OzJD: Your comment was exactly the template that I use for the links. It does a redirect and I assume it puts the code in session.

    • Therefore I am also removing the code that was ING Direct referral code in the system that was last updated more than 90 days ago.

      When I received the notification for this I got my hopes up that someone had sent me a PM.

      But no, no one loves me. :[

      • Ha. Me too.

  • I used OZbargain for my referral to open my account in June. I used a code, the person who gave me the code gave me an invalid one and so I did not get it. They said that as I had used OZBargain that it was not a recommendation. I am still with ING though as they provide a great service and great saving rates.

    • 0_o they're on to us!

  • I closed the account a week back, am i eligible to open and get the bonus?

    • Cannot hurt to try?

    • If your friend has previously held an Orange Everyday bank account between 14 December 2013 and 13 December 2015, then both you and your friend are ineligible for this offer. For eligible applicants, the $75 will be deposited into the applicant’s Orange Everyday the month after the friend meets all applicable Eligibility Criteria. Where the eligible applicant holds the Orange Everyday account in a joint capacity, only one payment of $75 will be made to that account under the offer. For privacy reasons, ING DIRECT will not tell you which friend registered and/or met the applicable Eligibility Criteria.

      • Thanks for clarifying

      • Thanks

    • if you closed it, you must think another bank is giving a better deal… can you enlighten us which bank gives a better deal?

  • Here's to hoping you get a few referrals to wish you a Merry Christmas, cowiie.

    • Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too!

  • I have a referral code how do I add it to the randomiser?

    • +1

      Click on 'edit' on the right of the referral box

  • -3

    Guys, I would suggest you use the random referral as you only get a maximum of one $75 bonus per account regardless if your a referrer or referee

    • The referrer can receive $75 each time a friend satisfies the Eligibility Criteria set out above. So, for example, if 2 of your friends each satisfy all the conditions set out above by 31 January 2016, you can receive $150 into your Orange Everyday bank account. The friend can receive at most only one $75 payment under the offer (this includes any payment made to an account jointly held by your friend). Friends who have registered for the separate ING DIRECT ‘Orange Everyday New Customer Movie Offer’ are ineligible for this promotion.

      Best to pm someone who has received an email…

    • Where does it say that?

    • +2

      Just re-read the email I was sent and it says:
      - Sit tight - when your first friend meets the criteria above, we'll text you when your first $75 has been deposited into your account.
      - And if more friends meet the criteria - we'll text you when more $75 deposits are made

      So there doesn't seem to be a limit to one per customer.

  • +2

    Where do we find our code?

    • You get it in a promo email from ING. Updated mine in my OZB profile. Feel free to use anyone.

      • +1

        I never get this email for some reason

      • +1

        Hey mate, I must be blind but where is it on your profile ?

        • No one can see other members referral links/codes in their profile, furthermore you won't know which members code you used when you click on the random referral link below the deal. It's completely random and private, needless to say there is absolutely no point members mentioning they've added their code as no one could pick it/choose to use it even if they wanted to.

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