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Dunlop Aerogel 130 Squash Racquet Priced at $12 @ Harvey Norman (Was $102) Plus Delivery


Seen by lisss and just passing on the deal.

"Yesterday, this racquet cost $102. Today it has been reduced to $12."

Delivery for me was $12, so $24 seems like a great deal, even though I'm 'advanced' as a player in my thinking! :-P

Experience some true power with the Dunlop Aerogel 130 Squash Racquet. The Dunlop Squash Racquet has a superior strength to weight ratio, improved power with longer strings, and offers enhanced stiffness.
Strength to Weight Ratio

Enjoy some serious strength behind your swing with the Dunlop Squash Racquet featuring a three-dimensional nanometer-sized molecular network which gives it a strength ratio of up to 4,000 times its own weight.
Improved Power

The power of the Dunlop Racquet is improved by the Teardrop headshape and Powermax string pattern, meaning that the string length is longer and giving it that extra degree of power.
Suitable For

The Dunlop Aerogel 120 Squash Racquet is suitable for intermediate players.

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  • Cheaper than a re-string

    • And for the price I won't even bother re-gripping my old ones.

      Awesome deal. Thanks OP.

      Now to find a squash court! (Seems they're disappearing fast - my closest is now 20min away. Weren't they found in every almost suburb 20 years ago?)

      • Why? An overgrip would only cost a few bucks each when purchased in a 3 pack. If you play regularly you'll go through them.

      • Yeah, and just about every court had a liquor license. My old man would go down there of a Wednesday night and drink 9 tins of KB Bitter and hit a ball for 5 minutes just to justify himself with the old lady that it was somehow health related.

      • Squash is a shrinking community now, Here in hawthorn(vic) there used to be 9 courts, spread over 3 clubs, soon there will be 1 court and 1 club :(

    • +4 votes

      Cheaper than a G-String too.

  • hmm Perth delivery $35 on a $12 item sorta kills it for me :(
    but still a looks like a good deal for ppl who have lower delivery costs or even can in store pickup.

  • Sweet, i have a Dunlop Aerogel pro plus that was about $220 but i cracked the frame a few weeks back.
    Good timing, thanks OP

  • great deal. I'd buy but I already have two other ones.

  • Thanks op :-)

  • Just purchased 4! Hopefully it's not a typo and they honor it! ;)

  • can you play tennis with it ? never mind ordered 2 . Damn it.

  • Bought two, cheers.

  • Since when does harvey norman sell squash racquets?

  • Thanks OP! Just ordered two :-) hope HN don't cancel

  • awesome deal, thanks OP., bought a couple

  • +4 votes

    I don't even know how to play squash and still bought.

    OzBargain - making me go broke.

    • We will all be destitute with so many deals we pull the impulse trigger on… Ah well, there is always Air Guitar to sharpen your skills on! ;-)

  • Ma-belle
    Hello Nathan Merritt. How may I help you?
    Nathan Merritt
    Hi there,
    looking at this product, http://www.harveynor…erogel-130-squash-racquet.html
    $12 is this correct?
    Nathan Merritt
    interesting, I looked at the price the other day it was $120,
    $120 ? for that racket?
    Nathan Merritt
    i think you must of been looking at another item
    Nathan Merritt
    nope def that one
    well its $12.00 so quick and purchase
    well this is a big buys item as well so not coming from harvey norman store
    Nathan Merritt
    ah okay so it's like a group buy that Ebay often run?
    ebay? haha no
    Nathan Merritt
    sounds like it if it isn't pickup
    we have nothing to do with ebay
    if it is an 'online only - delivery only' item then its strictly delivery only im sorry these items are not dispatched from the harvey norman store, it comes from a central warehouse.
    Nathan Merritt
    ok fair
    can i assist with anything else?
    Nathan Merritt
    nope all good, thanks for the info!
    no problem - goodnight

  • Remember you can get $5 off by signing up. ($25 min spend)

    2 of em is $24 with $12 shipping for me, but adding anything other than the same racquet adds to the shipping price :(

  • seems you could order 30 and still pay $12 postage

    Trying to checkout - Can we help?
    Nathan Merritt
    just checking it out :)
    ok no problem.. the pop up chat is automated so sorry lol
    Nathan Merritt
    ah all good :)

  • This better be a good racquet. It promises easy returns. That's what I've been struggling with in my game.

  • It has a good weight of 130g. Not too heavy or light.
    A pity it is not made of graphite or carbon.

  • cant get that price when added to cart :(

  • Back to $115 for me when I get to the cart

  • price is now back to $115

  • Shows $115 in cart

  • They just reset it, still says $12 but when you go to check out says $115. Was just about to get 2 :(

  • :( crying - I missed out by a few minutes it seems

  • Just went up to $115 as I went to pay :-(

  • Great deal - thinking its a price error but gave it a go.
    just got 5 - 1 each for the whole family :D
    Now, if only I could find some discount squash court hire in Brisbane…

    Edit: That was about 10 mins ago….Seeing as though its gone up - Now waiting for an apology for the price error

    • If it does get honoured and you don't need 5, I would defintely take one off your hands + some $ for your troubles :)

  • I'd be interested if HN honours this. Price error me thinks!

  • Hey, hey! What do you think, folks? I hope I don't get arrested for racquet earring.
    Huh? Huh? Aw, what do you want? I'm not gonna do "A" material for charity.

  • Looks like it's back to $115 … did anyone in Perth get a spare??

  • Bad reviews on this aerogel 130 squash racquet. But for $12 would be ok for beginners.

  • Anyone who purchased 10 units want to depart with one of them?

  • lol hn doesnt honour price errors

    • Most likely.

      I'm getting real tired of HN having constant price errors which attract people to their website. And of course, not honouring them.

      • not sure if HN does it intentionally or not…
        but honestly the people here who jump onto HN site for bargains posted here, do they actually stick around browsing the HN site? i know i wont…
        in and out…

        (appreciate those who do hunt around for goodies though)

        above applies to kogan.com.au too

  • Serious question, anyone up for a hit of squash?? PM me. I'm always up for a hit.


    So who's the professional now?

  • I bought 4 for the family with the $5 welcome voucher. It seems like a hit or miss with this racquet. Ma-belle, please honour my racquets! :(

  • How much are people paying for a hour of squash court hire now a days? I play with some friends once a week and it is hard press to find a court less that $23/hr… For a dated sport (most courts I've seen are from the 80's and no aircon) that is a bit much I would have thought… That said it is still hard to get a booking during evenings on weekdays.

    • My local court is $30 per hour during the week and I think they charge a couple of bucks more on the weekend but I only ever play during the week.

    • When I went to the Gold Coast earlier this year, I played squash for the first time. It was $20/hour I think. It is a great sport and I'm loving it. Currently I play normally once a week in Sydney - it's also $20 an hour, which is a bit steep if you ask me but what can you do.

    • Merrylands has Sunday Comps, which are $13 per round/match.

    • Is it me or $20+ an hour is just too much since there are tons of tennis courts cheaper as far as hourly rates go. I want to play more than once a week but it isn't affordable…

    • I play weekly and pay $28 per hour

    • Could be a country thing but uni courts out here can be had for $0/hr.. Student or "friend" of a student

  • Gerry Harvey tomorrow: "Look at all these professional squash players now…"


      At least Australia can hope for a gold medal in the next Olympics, courtesy ozbargain.

  • This one in $25 if you missed out

  • I saw this at Rebel when they had their massive sale on Squash gear a year or 2 ago.
    Ended up getting a Hotmelt Pro for $40 instead which I think is a better option.
    Still, a graphite racquet at this price you can't complain

  • OMG I just clicked on the link right now and got this via live chat.

    Welcome to Harvey Norman LiveChat
    Support Agent
    Hello Ozbargainer - Need any advice, talk to a Harvey Norman expert now.

    Acknowledgement of us as Professionals!

  • Thanks so much mate. Managed to get 2 :)

  • hope its not price Error

  • If anyone has spares I'd gladly pay cost plus a bit extra (if the deal is honored). (sydney)

  • Price error, harvey norman is cancelling orders.

    • how can they do this so often?

    • Have you received an email? I haven't heard anything yet.

      • I also haven't received anything new. But it still shows my order as 'processing', which isn't encouraging.

      • Sorry, what I mean is that I put the racquet through the cart, came back a little while to put through the payment. Got the email invoice for $115 instead of $12.

        I called and the sales rep said they are aware of the price error and are canceling orders -no time frame given.

        Note if you bought it at $115 like I did they weren't going to cancel your order automatically. I asked for my order to be refunded.

  • Just got an email from HN. They will be fulfilling orders but with a Dunlop Predator 50 instead.

    Not the original product, not worth as much as the original product, but I'll happily take it over a refund. Still a good deal.