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$6 Profit after $75 Cashback for $69 DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Machine EDG455B @ Target


Pay $69 at Target (in store only) and claim your $75 cashback from here and end up with $6 in your pocket and a free coffee machine. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

As well as the $75 cashback you can also claim a FREE Variety Pack Big thanks to DoubleUKayG for pointing this out.

Copy of receipt http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/39370/22205/image.jpg

The capsules in the box were expired so the gave me a new box of capsules for free.

These are not on the shelves but are either in storage or in the office. I rang Target customer service on 1300 753 567 and was told there are quite a few stores in Melbourne with stock. Possibly other states too but I didn't ask. Call customer service to check whether your local store has stock.

Not to be confused with the Delonghi Dolce Gusto Genio 2 - EDG465B which is selling at Target for $144 ($69 after cashback)

Same machine selling for $134 (before cashback) @ David Jones - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/135746

If you can't find stock at Target try Officeworks (Big W has stock but won't price-match - exception)

MOD: The URL is now changed to Target. It's not available online but might still be available in store. However as other OzBargainer has commented, Target has now claimed that they have no stock left.


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    • Did they have any?

      • Nope, not even a display one.

    • Nice!

  • I called canberra center, it is in stock, but the guy told me the insane price was a mistake, and the machine is sold at $144, no deal.

    • Interesting - am picking one up tomorrow (and had confirmed $69 price on the phone) so wonder if they'll reneg

  • +5

    Hey guys, was just at the Chatswood target in Sydney after CS told me there was none.

    There's about 5 left - excluding the one i got. They're stowed quite inconspicuously next to the crock pots.

  • Is the cashback limit to 1 model per household? Or 5?

  • No STOCK in QLD according to phone call he said maybe Rockhampton
    Are the staff gammon?

  • I cant afford to run a capsule machine as we go through a kilo of beans a week making capuccino's :), as Nespresso capsules contains 5 grams of coffee that means 200 capsules….ouch.

  • Sydney - hurstvile, basshill, bankstown, Roselands and Miranda are all out of stock. Called the actual store.

    • Rockdale out of stock

      • empty box on shelf @ Bankstown. Machine has to be somewhere. they even may give you a further discount as its a display model

        • 'let me look around your backdock' convo would not go down well

        • just buy the box, that is all you need to claim the cash back

  • Wow thats great deal as soon as i finish work il be down at target

  • 1300 number said nothing in Melbourne… any luck in melb?!

    • +2

      It's funny you say that because when I called I was given the figures and was told this data was up to 48 hours old. If CS is telling you there is no stock that is wrong because their figures would not yet reflect today's sales.

      When calling them get them to look up the item by the ITEM CODE 52774232

  • +5

    with the profit you can buy a cup of coffee, because having tasted what the Ducco spits out you wouldn't want to drink it ;)

  • Rang Target customer service and was told that the link is a mistake and won't be possible to redeem unless it's the newer model….not sure if the guy knew what he was talking bout but he was very aware of the amount of callers- maybe he was bluffing lol.
    Sure hope not- n e way good luck guys and hope it all works out 4 u. If so GREAT post op :-)

  • Anyone managed to price match elsewhere?

  • Just spoke to my closest Target Kotara Newcastle and the guy said that they had a call today from Nescafe who run the $75 cashback offer and they were told to take all relevant cashback offer advertising down or of items .

  • +3

    I was told just then on the phone that the cash back offer is to an error, it's only meant to for the higher range of the coffee machines.

  • -1

    wrong model guys, the one with cashback is EDG465B

    is around 170ish in store, now on special around 140ish and with cash back comes to 69 bucks…

  • no stock at castle hill, blacktown, parramatta, rouse hill, carlingford, chatswood

    • mount druitt aswell

    • U should have tried Macquarie centre, 3 left after reading your post. Bought two (one for mum). There is one left.

  • +1

    CS said this model is not eligible for cash back !!

  • +11

    i guess some people who bought it are stuck with a $69 non cashback item

    • got me some screen shots. They cant refuse cashback as the terms and conditions states this machine is eligible

      • +3

        Be sure to cap: "This offer applies only to the purchase of the following NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO machines: GENIO, MELODY and CIRCOLO. (Note – PICCOLINI & MINI ME machines are excluded from this offer.) "

    • +1

      U can just return it to Target right? "Uh, I bought the wrong one…"

    • +1

      why are people claiming this is not a cash back item… the Terms and Conditions clearly state Genio's qualify

      • +1

        Exactly. It's written here in black and white. Still people believe the word of a Target CSR over something they can see before their own eyes.

  • +1

    If you print out the offer from the T&C page (before they change it) are you still able to use it to claim if you buy one tomorrow or the next day?

    I am expecting them to change the wording or remove the offer ASAP.

  • +9

    Firstly, deal has not expired. Many regional centres still have stock.

    Secondly, this is eligible for cashback. I called the cashback line even before I purchased. DJ have the same model with cashback http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/sale/electri... . It only has to be a Genio as per the T&Cs.

    Appliances online running the same promotion http://www.appliancesonline.com.au/delonghi-nescafe-capsule-...

    Even Harvey Norman http://www.harveynorman.com.au/nescafe-dolce-gusto-genio-cof...

    Thirdly, it's not a pricing error. It has been online before at $69 and it scans at $69.

  • +8

    OMG what's wrong with you people today no one looked at Office Works from price match !! That's normally always the first comment !! - North Sydney Office Works just picked up for $65.55 after price beat - 2 more left ! Thanks OP

    • Didn't realise officeworks stock Coffee Machines !

    • +1

      Yeah but which website did you point them to so they can see the price to match? Can't find the EDG455B model at the target website. Thanks

      • pointed to Ozbargain, followed link on here and printed target site and docket provided.

        • They only price match advertise deal, not just some random receipt or docket. Also, they will only price match if the other store have stock available.

        • ^Just experienced this :(

    • +3

      I just got one from Elsternwick OW for $65.55. There is only a couple there. Good luck!

      (All I had to show was the Target website on my phone, they took a quick look and said no problems)

    • can you post the receipt? thanks

  • +1

    Just FYI 'cashback' comes in the form of an Eftpos card which "cannot be redeemed for cash", if that is an inconvenience to you


    Valid claims will receive a $75 cash-back which will be delivered in the form of an eftpos card which will be subject to the issuer’s terms of use which can be read at http://www.giftcardplanet.com.au/. The eftpos card must be activated within 3 months of the date stated on the accompanying letter and will be valid for 12 months from the date of activation.

  • +4

    ozbargain rocks. just wanted to say that, even thought I didnt buy it :) i hope its not a price error though! fingers crossed for ya all.

  • Not sure if I should take the risk…. Some people saying you can cashback others saying you can't. Any solid evidence you can or can't?

      • Cheers! but are there specific retailers included/excluded ? or are those the only terms and conditions?

        • +2

          See promo redemption entry here

          Target listed in the retailer drop down.

          Cheers for the post OP… I think it's rough mods have marked as expired when it all looks good to go…

        • +1

          Just grab it if there's stock. You can always refund it.

        • Any idea if Officeworks is? Just because Target is a bit of a drive for me whereas I know my local officeworks has stock.

        • Harvey Norman is listed if that helps? They should beat price too. Otherwise there is an "other" option in the retailer section too…

  • i'm always late to these things :(

    • +2

      no you are not. look for OW store!

  • I'll bet $6 that no one gets a cashback.

    • but still i reckon for $69 its worth the price!

    • we met the T&C

      ACCC would be the next step

      • yea sure. but they can always do a kogan right? saying oops we made an error. Whats stopping them?

        • because its been up for a while. Retailers are aware of it and promoting it. Dont think they cant get away with this one. They would have to compensate customers who bought one and used it that can no longer return it for a refund.

  • +6

    MOD: Warning that Nescafe have informed Target stores this model was not supposed to be eligible for the cash back and was an error. It would also appear stock levels are near exhausted. You should purchase at your own risk and take necessary precautions. Thanks

    So why haven't they informed Harvey Norman and appliances online


    or is it because target are selling them below Nestle's cost price

    • +1

      This may be the reason for Target's explanation regarding the cashback confusion http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/39370/22213/targetgenio... . This advertisement appeared in News Limited newspapers nationwide on Saturday 12/04/2014

      I think it's obvious. Remove Genio EDG455B advertisement from Target website. Take out half page advertisement in News Limited newspaper and promote the new Genio 2 EDG465B.

      Why promote the $69 model over the $144 model? More money to make selling the $144 model and have to cover the cost of the advertisement too.

  • +1

    I tried it before and they used the milk pod it was so terrible.

    So not very sure how is it with normal milk.

    • Can anyone comment on quality?

      I have read that the powered milk pod is disgusting. Leaves a bad after taste.

      Has anyone tried them with normal coffee pods and normal milk?

  • +1

    I claimed it anyway as there's nowhere listing particular model number on their cashback page.

  • +2

    Just called office works and I am getting it delivered tomorrow for $65 :)

    • Don't you have to pay for delivery?
      I just went to officeworks and they declined me. Said they can't find it online even when I showed them the cache page. Then they called Target and "Target said" no stock in Sydney… so no pricematch :(

    • Just rang up OW to change my address and thought i would update the quantity ordered to 3 :)

  • -2

    Really guys, use a plunger. The coffee is better, you control the variety & strength and no power required to plunge.

    These machines are just a trend like the iPhone was. Yes, WAS.

    • +3

      The King of trends has spoken, all. Best do what he commands!! -_-

  • +2

    I just called through to Target and they specifically mentioned OzBargain.. And said that a) they had none left, none at all (which I'm not sure about) and b) that as per the moderator edit, it wasn't supposed to be a cashback model.

    There you go. OzBargain'd ;)

      • As you are skeptical about, doubt they'd have NONE left in the whole damn country
      • Doesn't even list specific model numbers on the delonghi Cashback t's & c's… Just model names. One of which this model is. I imagine target are just covering themselves to be safe…

      And if the customer service operator specifically mentioned ozbargain, of course they are going to repeat the stuff the mods have added to the post

      • YMMV, just adding my experience as a data point. For some people it may not be worth the hassle or uncertainty.

        edit: I think the reason she mentioned OzBargain is probably due to the volume of calls they've received over the past couple of hours to do with this particular coffee machine model ;)

  • +2

    Ultimate ozbargainer, reading terms and conditions… "Oh sweet I don't even need to buy a stamp, postage is reply paid!"

    • +4

      I will be using registered post. Still will be in front.

      • plus 1 for registered post. Luckily i have some express post envelopes i can use.

  • This is a true bargain! Just wish it was a coffee grinder - the one I have is faulty!

  • +1

    Do not be fooled, this is instant coffee.

    No different to the packets that you pour into a cup of hot water.

    This machine literally pours hot water over powdered milk and instant coffee grind.

    For -$6 you're not being ripped off, but the 'pods' aren't worth it. :P

    At least nespresso uses actual grind / brew's on the spot, even though it's freeze dried and vacuum sealed.

    • I don't drink coffee but I don't think that's the case either.

    • +1

      Nonsense. They both use Ground coffee

      • -1

        No they don't, they don't claim to either.

        Nespresso uses freeze dried ground coffee, the Dolce Gusto series uses instant coffee, which is essentially the stuff they had in those large packets prior to this 'fad' of capsules.

  • BAM just got home from Officeworks with one. $65

    Still one on the shelf when I left @ Rothwell QLD

    Don't forget to screencap AND photograph your monitor on the terms and conditions

    It clearly says Gusto, nothing else. No specific model. Anyway I think the new one is Gusto 2??

    They will likely change the page, so you'll want to cover your arse on this one. I'm going registered Post also.

    • +2

      It says Genio. See the silver sticker on top of the box with the serial number. That fact that it is a Genio model makes this eligible for the cashback.

      The new model is the Genio 2.

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