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Brother HL-2135W Mono Laser Printer - $69.00 at TGG


I got one of these for $79.00 a couple of weeks ago from OW and am very happy with it. I got one for $69.00 today from The Good Guys for a relo.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • The non-wireless HL-2130 is $44 at Domayne until 11/5/14.

    • The wireless one is so much more convenient tho, hook it up to the router and the whole house can share that printer, you can even print from tablets and phones using the brother app (have to be on the same wifi). Once you go wireless you don't go back :D

  • Just FYI for other ozbargainers regarding these printers - I have had a few similar brother models over the years, pretty happy however eventually it will complain that the toner is low, even when there is plenty left - i.e. pages look fine but it refuses to print.

    There are a couple of tricks (you can google) one involving tape over a indicator, and a second procedure to reset the counter in the printer if the first trick fails.

    I got the duplex model free before Christmas as someone was throwing it out due to 'empty toner' and thanks to these tricks its still printing perfectly now.

  • Wow. The HL-2135W printer was going for $52 from Big W last week. A bit of a jump in price.


  • Buying toner more expensive than printer?

  • Maybe I'm old-skool but a drum with a page yield of 12,000 pages and toner with a yield of 1,000 pages is incredibly low (in reality you will typically get less printed).

    My ancient printer has a drum life of 100,000 pages and a toner specified for 6,000 pages (at the usual 5% coverage). I guess this one is OK for a small office printer that isn't used much, but I'd avoid it for bigger runs. Lower-end lasers are designed to make their makers a quick return.

  • I can recommend these printers. I have had one for 18 months. It hasnt missed a beat. I agree with the comment re wireless. You will never go back.

  • Bought online for Pickup. Lets hope they have one there for me…..