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15% off at The Good Guys eBay Store


15% everything from the good guys eBay store using the code CTGG15

Max discount $100

One use per account

edit: a different store layout for browsing

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    Any good buys there?

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    Can you change the link to TGG eBay store? Thanks.

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      The system doesn't allow it due to ebay posting guidelines. Have asked a mod if possible to update it.

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  • Sorry, first time I'm using coupons on ebay. Where and when do I enter it? Thanks!
    And does anyone know if collect from store is available at all? Couldn't find the option.

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      When you go into checkout, there's a "promo code" box to put code in.

      You can pick up from local store but you need to let them know as soon as you receive order confirmation.
      The store refunds the postage cost.

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        I sent them a message after ordering and they said I can't pick up in store.

        • yeah, me too :/

          Thank you for your enquiry and I hope you are well.

          Unfortunately orders placed on our eBay store are not available for in store pick up.

          Kind Regards and I hope you have a lovely day,

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          call the relevant stores, not their online store.

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          Just now received an email saying the order will be processed at the store I requested pick up from…

          Edit: Yep, phoned the store and they're happy for me to pick-up. Thanks! :D

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          call that store and ask for pick-up.
          They would rather refund your $5 than spend more money for courier to send the package.

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          "ebay" Good Guys would say that but as I said, you can pick up you just need to let them know (your local store) before it's sent out. Contact Good Guys direct.

          When I pushed the issue, this is the reply to my message from "ebay" Good Guys…….Customers are more than welcome to contact the store that has been allocated their orders to see if the store would mind they come in to pick up, most of our stores are ok with this however some are not. That is why we don't advise that it's possible, if we say it is and the store then states they don't want to then we have unhappy customers. Which we obviously don't want.

        • Gave my local Good Guys a ring but was told that they couldn't refund the postage as it is an ebay promo. Anyone else got this reply? Also, do I need to email ebay Good Guys before hand?

        • After emailing the ebay store, the order has been allocated to a store for pickup. Thanks ozbargain!

        • I would get onto head office about not refunding postage if picking up. No one I saw (in the last promo) had that problem.
          e-mail ebay Good Guys for what?

        • Just received an email that the order is being processed but by a store that isn't local/close to me. Will probably email customer care but am still deciding at the moment since one of my local is saying they won't refund postage and another saying they don't allow pick ups since it's bought from ebay.

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    There are a few deals listed in the free $20 credit post (dunno if they are all available via ebay store):


    The Logitech 1685685 Wireless Mouse Grey M185 for $13.60 delivered is decent (can be had for $11 in store).

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  • Why couldn't they have done this last week!!! arrgghh

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    Ts and Cs:


    …in particular:

    • This eBay offer commences at 00:01 (AEST) on May 11, 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on May 11, 2014 (

    • The redemption code requires payment with PayPal in order to take effect.

    • To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an eBay.com.au registered member

    • Your eBay.com.au and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption…and be registered under the same email address.

    • Would the invoice from the good guys have today's date?

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    Some really good deals!

    Such as the Canon 100D twin lens kit for $752, cheaper than grey imports!


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      Thanks, got 100

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        $75,000 just lying around in your account?

      • Sense of humor folks?

  • Do you think the Amex $50 credit will apply if you choose to pay via Amex card through Paypal?

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      It won't because you are paying paypal rather than the good guys.

      You could try going in store and seeing if they will match the 15% off price.

    • I don't think so. I'm pretty sure Amex will read it as payment to PayPal, not TGG directly, and from memory, I thought the credit applied to in store purchases only

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      In store purchases only

  • Looking at the lg g2. Would purchasing it from tgg's eBay store affect eligibility for lg's cash back?

    • I think they end up giving you an actual good guys tax invoice so you should be all good.
      Good price to buy the g2

    • I don't think so, but it would be nice to know. I assume they will send you a normal Good Guys receipt.

      I just bought the LG G2 for my brother who doesn't have paypal hooked up to a credit card.

      Total cost $486.10
      You saved AU $84.90 on this purchase

    • +1

      Yeah $431 after cash back for a 32 gb G2 is a steal

      • can we claim TRS if travelling in 1 month?

        • FWIW, you now have 60 days to claim TRS.

          Phenomenal deal if you can claim the 10% GST back under TRS, that'd bring it under $400.

        • any way to pay straight from amex too?

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    • +$5 shipping but still an awesome price!

      Will be even sweeter if you're going overseas (TRS) :)

  • Now, here's a scroller for you!

    I bought http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brother-MFC-J6920DW-MFC-J6920DW-W... in the last ebay/TGG promotion (30% off - max of $100)

    I picked up at local store, they refunded the postage.
    But at the same time, I took a printout of http://www.printerbarn.com.au/Printers/BrotherMFC-J6920DWA3C... (at that time it was $308.50 - now $298.85)

    TGG refunded the difference as per price guarantee.

    Now, there's a cash back available via Brother: https://brother-money.com.au/ for $100! (it's model number MFC-J6920DW)

    So, if you go for this one, you get a price guarantee based on $298.85 (my TGG didn't include delivery cost) then put a cash back claim in for the $100. Printer = $198.85! (or less if TGG give price match + 20% http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/buyonline/content/Price_Guaran...)

    • How did you order at ebay for pickup at local store?

      • They allowed it last time when it was 30% off.

      • +4

        Just order through ebay, when you get order confirmation, get in touch with local store to say you would like to pick up.

        • Can confirm, although the store in my area just rang me confirming a delivery date (ordered an entertainment unit) i just asked if i could pickup and get the delivery refunded and was no problem.

  • I'm looking at the lg roboking. Any thoughts on a robo vacuum around the $500 mark?

    • I had a robo vacuum a while ago.. forgotten the brand, i threw it out… honestly i don't think it did anything apart from make noise, the waste area was so tiny and you'd expect it ot get full pretty quick i never found much it there just dust or hair (on a good day)… i bought a dyson and vacuumed after a full day of the robo wondering around and i literally picked the robo thing up walked to the bin and threw it in… didn't even have want to put it on ebay would just feel dishonest.. hehehe

      just my experience maybe they are a lot better now this was 3-4 years ago.

      • I've got a Samsung Navibot S and it does wonders on the carpets getting all the cat fur up. It really depends on the surface though, and they get stuck in some pretty stupid places.

  • +5

    Miss last time 30% off

  • Hmm, can you still claim TRS with purchases from their ebay store???

    • yes

      • thanks i assume they give you a tax invoice.

        • yes, tax invoice with ABN/ACN. It's definitely ok for claiming TRS, as long as you meet the other TRS rules (over 300, with you when you depart etc).

  • Does the Good Guys Guarantee apply for their own eBay store.

    I bought the LG G2 from them for $550. Now it's a lot less with the 15% off.

    • Ring head office & ask.

    • It didn't last time

      • +1

        Still worth asking, if you don't ask you'll never get.

      • +1

        I was able to receive a refund of the different on a purchase made outside of the guarantee period.

    • +3

      It did for me. I purchased a hand mixer/processor two days before the 30% off deal. Took a screenshot of price at checkout and went back to the store and they processed the price guarantee no problem (so got $60 back).

  • niiiice!

  • Very gooooood.

  • +4

    Don't forget 4 velocity points for every dollar spent on eBay currently.

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    Is there a way to confirm the coupon works before committing to buy the item?

    Asus Tranformer T100 for $454 after discount + approx $5 postage seems good?

    • Buy it now (PayPal only) with immediate payment required, the purchase is only committed until you actually pay the item using PayPal. PayPal should let you see the transaction details.

      • Thank you. Also just saw the t&cs page so will have a look at items more in depth later.

    • I clicked add to cart first and the proceed to checkout where you can enter the code before committing.

    • Any idea if it is 32 or 64GB? Can't seem to find in the description

      • +1

        Not too sure was unable to find it either

        Edit: Just rang the Blacktown store and they have advised it's the 32gb model

        • I thought 32gb model is not available in aus?

        • Not sure. I did get transferred about 3 times, so chances are they may have it wrong. Any sources that confirm 32gb model not available in Aus?

        • I called and was put on hold whilst they called a store to find out.
          I was told that the model listed online is the 64GB. There was a 32GB also in store, but the salesperson clarified the online model listed was 64GB.

          Here's to hoping a 64GB shows up.

        • +1

          Interesting, haha yeah, will more than likely be ordering one tonight. Let's hope for the 64gb. Has a micro-sd slot anyway so can always just add a 64gb card for more storage anyway.

        • With 64gb model there's really only space 36-37gb left. Imagine how bad is 32gb. Definitely go for 64 if you can instead of relying micro sd cards.

  • Wow, great deal. Got the PU6910 Sunbeam espresso and grinder pack for $476 delivered. Thanks OP

  • +6

    Some of this stuff looks 15% over priced….

  • Does anyone have the link to the discount they can upload? I want to see if I can get it in store.

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    Browsed 20 pages or so. The items you probably may find useful are : surge protectors, pubes shaver for women, nose and ear hair trimmer, electric can opener, retractable iPod cable.





  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1' 4g = $424.05 delivered.
    Cheaper and better than a grey import :@)

    • Thats a good price. Tempting. I have been eyeing off the Tab 8.4 Pro (which is an import only as not available in Australia). For not much more…….

      • +1

        that isnt cheap at all. My galaxy note 10.1 2014 was $457 from the 30% off promo. Get the Tab pro 8.4 over the Galaxy tab 3

        • Ummm yeah it's cheap compared to what's on staticice
          Depends on what your after tab vs. note - I can't be bothered with the pen.
          As for the pro 8.4 it would be a grey import which some people aren't interested in.

        • +1

          i dont think it is worth it at that price… might as well pay a bit extra for the premium product.

  • Dyson dc59 animal?? Only see dc58

  • Just picked at LG G2 32GB from JB hifi for $478. Getting them to price beat GoodGuys.

    With ING and cashback, should come in just over $400.

    Also the JB guy mentioned that the ones they sell come with free case included in package.

    • +1

      How did you buy at $478. Which Store? The price at JbHiFi online is $566.
      Can you post receipt please if possible?

  • i just purchased the DC59 Animal for $513.28 after coupon
    but paypal shows $601.48 payed to THE GOOD GUYS.

    something wrong?

    Funding Source:
    $88.20 AUD - 15% off The Good Guys on eBay, max discount $100 #CTGG15
    $513.28 AUD - MasterCard Credit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    • You were only charged 513.28, they removed the 88.20 as showen (though it comes up as a funds source)

      • Oh ,
        Can i claim the redemption tool on dyson website if bought of ebay the good guys?

        • Should do since it is a valid reciept.

    • Good thing about this is Velocity points should be on the FULL amount (before discount)

  • do you have to pay with PayPal?
    I am able to claim the GST if I can pay using my debit card and have a valid tax invoice

    • Yes you must use paypal. But I have my debit card linked to my paypal account, so if you already have yours linked, you can too.

    • You will get a tax invoice from TGG even if you pay by Paypal.

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