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Merrell Mens Phoenix Gore Tex Hiker Only $94.99 Was $189.99 @ Anaconda


Get around in these low profile waterproof multisport shoes. Plenty of support and durable midsole cushioning, with a pared down upper, it’s got a supportive arch shank, flexible sole and a GORE-TEX® lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Lightweight suede/mesh upper with bellows tongue keeps out debris.

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  • I have a pair of these I got at an earlier anaconda sale for a similar price. They are lovely shoes! Great grip, tread that lasts more than 2 weeks (Actually had mine months with minimal tread wear). lightweight but strong. The breathable gortex is great if you are walking on damp grass this time of year. My preferred footwear for sure.

    • How much was it exactly? And do your socks get wet when walking on wet grass?

      • Man I can't remember "exactly" it was months ago! It was half price and in the $90s so I would call it the "similar" (oh yeah I already did). As for dry, yes gortex breathes the sweaty stuff away AND keeps the moisture out (such as wet grass, as I explained). I recently spilled some water onto my shoes when filling the kids water bottles and the shoes sure got wet and my toes were dry.

      • If you want dry shoes, try NEVERWET from Bunnings.

  • Go on, feel it. Its gortex.

  • One day I will find a shoe deal that has my size…well, that's the dream at least.

    Good price though.

  • The problem with buying shoes online is that we are not guaranty to get the size that fits best…

    • My store was out of stock so they ordered 2 sizes in for me to try. Tried em on, they fitted, so I bought them. Great shoes, wearing them right now.


    Is it online only, or in store too (as there' only size 8,10,11 (is this Oz/UK or US sizes)?

  • What happens if they don't fit, do you offer free returns or exchanges either in store or online?

  • Semi unrelated but I just got an SMS that theres a club sale today - 20-50% off camping, fishing, bikes, kayaks + more. So if the shoe sale is in store as well it would be worth the trip to have a look :)

  • Pardon my ignorance, but WTF? Gortex lining on a low profile shoe? isn't the water just going to get in the top? And then be trapped.

    Sounds about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    Even in boots, gortex is of very limited benefit.


    • Get in the top? That's where my pants and gators are.
      These are very useful for walking in pouring rain, or on wet tracks with shallow mud. Water stays out, feet stay dry.

    • These aren't trail running shoes. With trousers/gaiters/jeans they are very useful. I have something similar, vibram sole and goretex too:


      My new balance shoes in comparison can't take more than a few drops of rain. Pouring rain of course is a different story.

      Also wet tracks, grass, bushes etc. Again, with NB, water soaks into socks on terrain like that.



    The offer is available online and in store. The sizing of the shoes are US. Please check your local store for stock availability.

    Thank you,

    The Anaconda Customer Care Team

    • Wish that info was available earlier, now it looks like I will have a pair that will be too small.

  • Suede on the outer - regardless of what membrane protects your feet the suede will get damp. Not fun putting damp shoes inside your tent at night.

    I have a pair of fully synthetic hi-tecs and the water just beads off. I think that much more suitable for wet hikes.

  • Sold out online?