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THE ICONIC Half Price on Full Price & Reduced Items (Selected Styles Only on Linked Page)


50% off everything on these pages:

Use coupon code HALFHITS. Save on full price & reduced styles available at THE ICONIC. Ends 11:59pm AEST on 22.06.2014. Selected styles listed. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Just tried it and it works on products that are already on sale. $7.95 shipping cost or FREE shipping on orders $50+.

Also reminder on some other THE ICONIC related deals:

Referral Links

Referral: random (781)

$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • cool,

    ordered 4 pairs of shoes, 2 sizes in 2 styles
    free 3 hour shipping and free returns

  • Thanks - some great deals to be found in there. The only problem is there isn't much of a selection - especially when it comes to sizes, so get in quick! I don't think the good stuff will last long.

  • Not a bad deal! If you sign up to their newsletter, you get a free $10 voucher plus free shipping over $50 so not too bad

  • Scratch my comment above, you can only use one or the other..ah well

  • don't forget for certain AMEX holders who saved the $20 credit if spending $100 or more..

  • Didn't work for many of the sale items for me.

  • +3 votes

    I got a few things this morning from the sale.
    Plus I got my $250 ING Voucher yesterday via email for making an account and depositing $1000 3 times in it to qualify… SO I used this credit…. Perfect timing… WINNING!!!

    • 3times? I read the TC and as in just one time..

      when did u open ur account

      • +2 votes

        I deposited once, got the voucher. The promotion page is misleading b/c it says $1000 salary/month. But it just means $1000 in a month, not every month.

        Confirmed and has voucher. And no, do not need to spend the whole voucher in one go.

        • I called theiconic and they redeemed the voucher for me on their end… meaning i dont need to purchase $250 in one transaction.

          I deposited 3 times through my wages, well I let it go into this account until I got the voucher yesterday. Account was opened in early May.


          Well… I thought it was a no brainer because its a e-Gift card. Under the iconic gift card T&C's, it states that you should redeem it under mycredit for use next time.

        • Hey, I got an e voucher from ING. When does my code expire? Anyone know? I haven't redeemed it or anything yet on iconic. Should I just redeem now? I plan on not using it until I really need something. Might be a while though..


    • How does the ing voucher work did you have to spend all $250 in one transaction?

      • Read above. I called theiconic and they redeemed the voucher for me on their end… meaning i dont need to purchase $250 in one transaction.

      • You don't have to call them up, you can just add it as credit to your account after registering/signing-in.

        You can split it across multiple transactions, and because it's credit, you can use it in combination with a discount code.

        Consider splitting your order up into full priced items (with the discount code above), and on-sale items (with the $10-off coupon for subscribing to the newsletter).

        • Actually from memory it stated in the t&c's when I signed up with ING that it was a single use voucher… I'll need to track back and find it

        • Just to prove a point.. I found the T&Cs when I signed up:

          To be eligible for the $250 THE ICONIC Gift Card (“Gift Card”) you must be a new ING DIRECT Orange Everyday customer, register with the same details that you use to apply for your account, apply online and deposit your salary by 31 August 2014. Salary means a deposit of at least $1000 per calendar month from an external bank account. You will receive the Gift Card by email by 8 September 2014. Maximum one Gift Card per person. In the case of joint accounts, only one Gift Card per joint account. Each code or order number from THE ICONIC is valid for single use only. The Gift Card offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer, is available for a limited time only and ING DIRECT reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time at its sole discretion. If withdrawn, ING DIRECT will honour all registrations entered before the offer is withdrawn, provided that you make your salary deposit by 31 August 2014.

          This section - Each code or order number from THE ICONIC is valid for single use only

        • I've just had a quick read through the FAQ for gift cards and it appears you have to activate the gift card within 21 days and the credit gets stored in your account until you use it.
          Can anyone confirm that we will be able to use it more than once? In the FAQ it says you can so I'm assuming that would apply also to this ING one? I would hate to use half then find out I can't spend any more.

        • Got my $250 voucher code today. Would also like to know the answer to this. Anyone?

  • Sigh. Fine, I'll return everything I bought at the click frenzy for these cheaper items. I really don't get why stores trump their own sales so soon.

  • Am I the only one who read the coupon code as "HALFSHIT"?

    • That should be in the Coupon-Marketing 101 rule #1. DO NOT use anagram of profanity for your coupon code.

  • Got 2 bomber jackets, 1 blazer and a shirt for $99.91!

    Great deal!

  • I bought a pair of double oak mills shoes the last time they had a sale and the quality is amazing! I don't think I've ever felt leather as soft and supple as that which was on the shoes.

  • oh man didn't need more clothing, yet I spend $160, was $320

  • Thanks Op…….Got more clothes I didnt need.

  • Also Got $20 Amex credit for spending more than $100 on Iconic. Didn't remember this until i got the email from Amex

  • nice deal, thanks

  • had a quick skim. it looks like just 2 pages for men, scroll down from that link, it looks like all the items that the half is available on is from that page.

    For those who want to buy a (overpriced) Polotix coat/jacket, goto Polotix themselves the prices are lower

  • rebought my purchases with AMEX..
    and will return other order

    Thanks for the reminder

  • I got a Telstra $40 voucher for TheIconic for signing up to a bundle. Anyway I thought it was amazing to order on Monday and then receive it the next morning (Adelaide). Super fast shipping.