Issues with GearBest and Going Forward

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Placed two order before in gearbest and none of them got delivered.
Seems lots ppl got same problem. I don't want to see any more ppl suffer, this is why I post this "deal"
Let's warn everybody else gearbest is a scam website and suggest ozbargain to ban it!

Suggestion: what I think we can do is: can we purchase that 40 c plug via paypal and wait after 10 days. All of us make a dispute and see whether their paypal account will be locked?

Mod: 7/10/15: Due to an increasing number of issues with GearBest, we have banned the store from all deal posts (both rep and non rep) on OzBargain.

Mod 7/9/16: Gearbest is now unbanned. See here.

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  • Anybody with me?

  • NO MORE Gearbest for me !!

  • I am with you!!
    LED watches and Bluetooth speaker never arrived.
    Eamiled them no response.

  • Please comment here if you have had any issues including dates and any correspondence with the company.

  • I think it time to blacklist gearbest from ozbargain

  • Same as congno spend at least $70 on gearbest for led and speaker two month ago. Get nothing back even email reply. Thief

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    Paid a dollar in February for card-light. Never received it.

    • Wait. You didn't pay a dollar for this, right?

      • I got that 2c light about 2-3 months after ordering. In the mean time, I have been absolutely inundated with gearbest emails that they ignore the unsubscribe requests to. I've taken to marking them as spam in gmail and gmail seems to be taking care of them now.

        • I still don't have the light, got a bunch of spam from them though. Luckily I didn't pay extra for insurance.

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          I don't have the light either. Just opened a paypal dispute over it. Not really fussed over 2c, but by the sounds of it GearBest has made a habit of taking funds and not delivering.

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        I did unfortunately. Left the insurance on the shipping…. :(

    • Yep … no 2 cent light … no speaker … but received the 2 iphone cables … it's a little hit and miss which might be on purpose (so that they get mixed reviews). I personally would not buy anything from them anymore … even not for 2cents …

  • Two orders about 2 months ago. Nothing arrived.
    I've been busy and got little time to think about it. And now I found out I can't open a PayPal dispute because it's over 45 days. I trust I read somewhere in Ozbargain that it usually cost 2 months to arrive for orders in gearbest. But now I've read all the comments and I believe they never post them.
    It's not just some scam. It's carefully calculated scam.
    I think I'm going to write a blog article about this and an email to paypal to complain.

    Order 1: 22 Apr, $12.48, S13 Unique Design Mini Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Portable Speaker Support Bluetooth Handfree/MP3/TF Card, said to be shipped on 25 Apr
    Order 2: 2 May, $2.49, 2m Noodle Style Micro USB Cable for Samsung Phones and Various Phones with Micro USB Port, said to be shipped on 6 May

    • You have up to 90 / 120 days to get your credit card company to do a reverse charge. I did this when a dodgy company did the same thing to me, and PayPal said, too bad, after 45 days.

      Talk to your credit card company about a charge back, just need to show evidence of communication

  • I have lost $20 from Gearbest at the moment.

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    Imo Gearbest and Myled should be banned from ozb

    • I'm with you on Myled, can not speak for gearbest to many warnings for my liking to have used them

    • I've had everything from MyLED arrive - just very slowly.

    • I've only ordered once from MyLED but it took so long to arrive that by the time I received it I had already emailed them and got a refund. Obviously the delivery time is poor but the support was helpful enough so I can't agree with shaming them. They did what they could.

  • I made an order with gearbest 62 days ago and have not recived anything. Rep yesterday said I would be refunded, I havent yet and will update.

    • Received a refund yesterday without a paypal dispute. Thank you for keeping with your word @gearbest.

  • altogether- put through 3 orders.
    received first 2 and have been advised about 3rd one being delay (waterproof bag from about 2 weeks ago).
    Communication has actually been good with them.
    Surprised of people's experiences.
    might not buy anymore from them

    • I am in the same boat as you mick123, ordered the waterproof bags, got told they would be delayed, and am happy to wait and see when they arrive.

      I won't be buying from them anymore due to other peoples experiences, and will withhold my own judgement depending on if/when my order arrive.

    • Same here. Bought that Multi-function Outdoor Knife Saber Card and got it after a couple of months. I then ordered a couple of other things in the beginning of April - was shipped in two separate packages and received the later one yesterday. I queried the whereabouts of the missing package yesterday through their website and I received a response today telling me to wait some more.

      I too won't by buying from them anymore as I really don't need anything they sell and the hassle is not worth my time.

  • Hi All, I ordered the Bluetooth speaker for my son as present. You can't image how frustrated he is !!!
    Can we claim from Paypal, please?
    Also want kick it from not only OZB but also OZ!
    It's shit for the reputation of Gearbest.

  • Also never recieved bluetooth speaker.

  • Guys have a look at my suggestion see whether it is possible?

  • I also ordered the bluetooth speaker and haven't received it yet.

    Just got this email from them today

    Could you please close the case firstly? And we will full refund you immediately .As you can see the case has escalated to claim ,we are unable to process with refund in Paypal .Could you please close it firstly ?So that we can arrange full refund. please trust us.

    Is it normal for them to want the paypal dispute closed before they refund me or are they just trying to get out of refunding me?

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      Possibly trying to get out of refunding you. Definitely trying to get out of having a strike against them recorded in PayPal. There's a simple way for them to refund you in that PayPal claim if they were willing to admit to PayPal that you deserve a refund.

      I would tell them no and make them do the refund through PayPal. If you close the PayPal claim, you can't reopen it, and if they don't refund you outside PayPal, you have no other way to pursue it.

  • Did anybody actually receive the bluetooth speaker?

    Does anybody know why china post standard international shipping is so bad?
    I swear they lose so much stuff en route.
    They deliver too fast for it to come by sea… I've had it take 10 days before and i've also had it take 2 months..
    Dead serious though, if anyone knows why its so varied/slow please let me know~

    • Yeh, i got my speaker. It's not bad.

    • China post standard international mail is slow. It usually take 20-30 days to arrive when I order things on ebay from China. But it will arrive, after one month. And that's the point. I don't think most of our packages are lost. It doesn't seem possible; even China post is not that bad.

  • -32 votes

    Dear OzBargain members

    We always pay careful attention to our customer feedback and are fully committed to make every customer happy.

    Since the free worldwide shipping service we offer is through the regular airmail shipping channel, unfortunately we have absolutely no control over the delivery process after the product is shipped.

    Customers can choose the registered mail shipping method, this is an upgraded service with a tracking code. However, this costs approx $2, which is often much higher than many of our special deals. We are unable to offer this service for free to all orders, even though we really want to.

    Unlike DHL or FedEx, standard mail companies cannot promise an accurate shipping duration. It's true that a small percentage of the orders might take longer than normal due to various reasons including customs inspections, a few might even get lost.

    To demonstrate our good faith and commitment to customers as well as fully cover any buyers' risk, we are officially offering a 45-day money back guarantee: if a customer does not receive their order within 45 days, we will issue a FULL refund for the payment amount. For those customers who receive the products later on, they can come back to repay the order.

    We want to make the following point clear to all our customers: we don't make a single cent on the deals we offer, and we are willing to lose money to keep all of our valuable customers shopping happier and safer.

    For those who still didn't receive the shower speaker, please contact us immediately via our live chat channel on gearbest, or send us an email with your order number. We will provide those customers with a full refund.

    Thank you for reading.

    Best Regards

  • I've ordered a couple of things off them (the 1c light and a torch) and both have arrived, though it did take close to two months. I never ordered the speaker and haven't heard of any one who did receiving it.

    • Same as you I have ordered a few super cheap items and they all got to me - took something like 6 weeks ish though - didn't order the speaker.

  • I ordered 2 speakers many months ago now. Opened a PayPal dispute, and just before raising it to a claim, they have refunded me according to their policy. I'm glad I got my money back, but I was really looking forward to that speaker!


    Add me to the list of no bluetooth speaker arriving after an April 19th order.

    I've been promised a refund a couple of days ago, possibly yesterday but it has yet to appear.

  • ordered $10 bluetooth speaker. never received. lucky I used Paypal.

  • I can confirm that I ordered the speaker and it arrived last month.
    Works just like the video.
    After reading the above comments, I consider myself very lucky and will not order from them again*.
    *Unless it is one of those $0.01 deals.

  • How about the 1c novelty lights. I still haven't received mine…its been 4 months.

  • In my personal experience, I've received 3/3 items that I've ordered from them (bluetooth speaker included). They did arrive ages after orders were placed, but overall I'm happy with them.

    Seems like a fair bit of hate here. I do agree there is fair reason given that many people have missed out on products they purchased months ago. My recommendation to the GearBest representative would be to help resolve all issues customers are facing before even considering to post any more deals. Also, learn from their mistakes and understand that Australia expects reasonable customer service, or you're going to have a bad time. Please don't excuse yourself and your service by blaming the postal service. Scale down your operations or find a better delivery alternative, if you want to retain any future love from Ozbargain.


    I received all orders so far

    • I'm fortunate enough to receive my orders as well but it sure took about two months for delivery. not happy and will not be buying from them again.

      probably speaking for myself here but I'm happy to pay a little extra for good "service" as well as a good "product".

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    I bought two bluetooth speakers - ordered in April.. Received one but not the other.. Haven't even received shipping confirmation of the second one..
    I emailed them just last week and their response was (in a nutshell) "keep waiting"..
    Last time I buy from them.

  • Ordered the pocket lamp, iPhone cable & torch. Received them all in around 3-4 weeks. Let's see how this quick button goes.

  • I think the issue should be raised and alerted even further before the site is banned. An email should be sent out or a memo on the website stating that xxx website has been banned.

    Only to raise awareness. I say this because the recent GB deal has 60+ votes not everyone in the loop. That's not to say those upvotes don't comprise of people with successful transactions though.

  • April 21 Purchased BTS-06 Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker with Sucker Built-in Lithium Battery
    May 4 shipped
    apparently lost at sea
    I've just lodged a ticket with support centre for a refund

    • Technically, they want to test and see whether it is SEA WATER PROFF or not.

    • Also purchased bluetooth speaker in April. Contacted customer support and was told shipped May 5th..still waiting. Have sent another complaint in and also a paypal dispute, even though past 45 days. Company is a joke and hopefully no one buys from them again. Should have known $10 for a bluetooth speaker was too good to be true…even for an Ozbargain!

  • Purchased torch on 18 April.
    Raised Paypal dispute on 25 May as not received.
    Closed dispute on 10 Jun as torch had arrived, just within the deadline.
    If it had not arrived in time, I would have requested a refund.
    If it arrived after the refund, I would have tried to pay some money.

  • we can ban them from ozbargain, write to paypal etc. The best solution is just to stop buying from them. I waited months for a small item that actually, finally, did arrive, well after the 45 days. When they didn't reply, They went on to my 'never again' list, which is surprisingly short. The email from them reads like an attempt to get us to go back to dealing with them individually, when our strength is doing it this way - virtually as a team. It's called 'gestalt'.

  • LED card and ligthning cable arrived OK after 1 month +. It would be better to inform upfront the estimated arrival time. Now I learnt, instead of 2-3 days like from Dick Smith, my order of 2 dashcams would be likely to arrive in a month+, so I won't check my letterbox daily. It is very reasonable that our fellow ozbargainers are upset and even angry when purchasing the items as a gift or online shopping beginners, who are excited with the bargain and only let down by longer delivery time than norm.

    • But the norm for overseas orders is around a month+ ? I'm not justifying Gearbest or anything but when I ordered from Tmart, Banggood, etc that's the expected ETA for me.

  • I believe that Gearbest are straight up scammers. Ordered my bluetooth speaker, was given a fake tracking number and told to wait 45 days. Began a PayPal dispute before the 45 day closing window, escalated the claim at around 55 days and got my money back.

    I think these guys simply think the following: 'our deals are really cheap and people in Australia have lots of money. They won't notice when their ultra cheap internet deal doesn't arrive. If they do notice, we'll tell them to wait more than 45 days so that they cannot obtain a refund via PayPal. Revenue without cost = profit!'. I echo the calls for a ban.

  • I've only ever ordered the credit card light and the credit card size knife/tool thingy.

    Both arrived ok, albeit after quite a long wait.

    But at a total cost of 99 cents for the 2 items, I wasn't going to lose too much sleep over it.

    However, I will err on the side of caution now, and ignore their emails and deals on Ozbargain.

    As a side note, stuff from Lightake and Banggood also seems to take forever to arrive.

    • "……also seems to take forever to arrive."

      but I don't think this is unreasonable. Free shipping from across the world on items often ridiculously cheap is not going to get a fast mail service. The important thing is that they do arrive eventually.

  • I purchased 5 led cards and 2 torches off another seller at least 3 months ago and received nothing. I agree ban them

  • Yes same here
    I bought my bluetooth speaker on 19 Apr 2014 - it has been more than 2 months and I haven't received it yet.
    I seem to be able to open a dispute. Though they may not refund it, it's good to let paypal know about this dodgy business

  • I'm on the other side of the coin on this. Pretty pleased with gearbest. I received the novelty LED from gearbest within 1 month. I wasn't too fussed because it was 2 cents. Ordered $2.50 waterproof travelbag but I got an email that I'm gonna be backlogged and will send asap. I got replies to my questions within 24 hours.

  • I have never purchased from Gearbest but as someone who has also suffered from China Post slowness, I kind of think calling them a "scam website" is unfair.

    I previously sold something on (US) that could be posted in a small envelope as a letter from Australia. I started off sending from Australia to the US just using normal letter postage but due to too many not received complaints (guess many were impatient or dishonest customers), I changed to using Registered Post so there would be a tracking number. This worked out OK except for the fact that the postage costs were too high and some people complained about this and had less sales. A small registered post letter from AU to US is around $10!

    So then I ended up sending the goods to China and had someone post the orders from China to the US customers - as registered post from China including postage is only around $2-$3 to the US.

    But this did not solve the problem. Most of the letters did get delivered (as the tracking number can be checked on the usps website when it finally arrives in the US), but the problem was that many of the letters took more than 2 months to get delivered from China to the US. Some ended up not getting delivered. Of course this meant many lost ebay cases & bad feedback.

    So normal postage from China to overseas is cheap, but it really is slow & unreliable. I can only guess that China Post sometimes keeps the letters in China for a long time before finally shipping them to the destination country.

    I think any seller sending items from China to overseas with normal postage needs to change their methods. Either ship from HK (much more reliable) or increase postage costs and send by Registered Post and clearly indicate postage time of up to 2 months (at least this way the customer can check the China Post website to see that the item was actually sent).

    • Yes, China Post international mails are slow. But they are not that slow. I've ordered many things on eBay from China, and they arrived in 20-30days after posted. Yes, sometimes international packages got missing on their way. But the problem here is so many "lost" cases of a specific product ordered from a specific website is just impossible, unless the Gearbest get the attention of China Custom and they decided to open each package to check (and they like the bluetooth speakers so much then decided to keep it for themselves).
      Actually, when you're sending international packages from China Post, they check the contents first and then seal it. For digital gadgets, China Custom pay more attention to those mailed to China, not from. So it doesen't seem impossible that so many packages got stuck in China Custom.

      • I agree that Gearbest could be a scam. But the poster who ordered two items from them and got neither of them calling them a scam is unfair as the sample size is too small. Such a conclusion could possibly be made after reading many of the other posts - I only skimmed through them.

        It seems China to Australia is quicker (20-30 days) that my experience of sending from China to the US. But actually my experience of sending from China to the US taught me just how unreliable the postage speed was. Some letters took 3 weeks. Some letters took 10 weeks.

        Maybe a poll for people who ordered from Gearbest would be more reliable. If less than 20% of people didn't receive their order, I would suggest the problems are more likely to be from China Post or China Customs.

  • GUYS, the Main Problem is, I have placed several orders and received NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has nothing to do with the speed but where the heck is my stuff?
    Is it still shipping or they never Exist?

  • Received my 2c light and iPhone cable.
    So they must be sending stuff out to some people at least. Worth a gamble for those cheap promos.

    • since when promos becomes a gamble? if they are, they might as well advertise to bet on Spain to win the World cup at a half price

  • Perhaps ozbargain users could be better educated about purchasing from overseas postal mail. Maybe a standard reminder about 45 days for dispute could be included when deals requiring overseas postal mail are submitted.

    Every time I purchase something online I make a note in my phone diary for 43 days later, to dispute the charge if it hasn't arrived.

    Buyers who don't open a dispute within 45 days are not at fault, but still have themselves to blame. There are protections in place to prevent us getting ripped off, we just need to use them. Stuff does get lost and it's not always a scam.

  • I ordered both a 1c ipad charger and the waterproof bluetooth speakers from therm. Got the ipad charger, but not the speakers. The speakers say they have been posted according to order status. For everyone else that didn't received it, does it say posted on their status? I have opened a dispute, and will claim it through my credit card company if I don't get them to issue a refund


      Mine has been marked as posted since early May. Somewhere within a couple of days of the 6th of May, without looking it up. It has not arrived.