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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal Noise-Isolating Headphone $100 USD Delivered @ Amazon (Usually $200pp)


Hi all

Cheapest its ever been for these headphones

Price drop from $200 Plus postage

4.4/5 star rating

$90 + $10 Shipping

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    +1 for linking to smile.amazon.com :)

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      I always buy from smile link to support charity :)

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    Wow that is an absolute steal at this price

    • i know, im shocked. But have too many headphones to justify buying these

      • I currently have a pair right now but i'm seriously considering buying another haha

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          dont tempt me.

          Do u know how these compare to the crossfade LP

        • I haven't personally listened to the LP's but from what i've read on head-fi, these are much better in terms of overall SQ. Much more balanced but still have the overall fun v-moda sound signature.

        • Crossfade LP tend to be more bass heavy than the M-80. That's why I bought the crossfade LP. Hope it helps

      • same lol. I was tempted but realised they seem to compete with the HD25's which I have and hardly listen to anymore. So at least I have a good reason to avoid wife agro in this case. phew.

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  • No…… :(

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    Worth every cent of $200. I have a pair and loved em.

  • Damn you Ozbargain. Stop tempting me…

  • Damn, just bought the UE6000's today (though I have no idea which is better).

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      These are much better and are virtually indestructible.

  • seriously?! just bought headphones. Would've dropped it on these if I was aware, they were priced might higher when I was looking. (or maybe I'm just terrible at looking)

    Although to be honest, to call them 'noise isolating' is just bullshit. > Analog Noise Isolation: Naturally cut out the distractions of jet engines, crying babies and crowd noise
    http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/VModaM80.pdf uh yeah right…

    -10dBr is tiny. even the UE4000 (also on ear) is far better, http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/LogitechUE40002012.pdf

    I'm not saying they're not good headphones, and I suppose it's strictly true that they're isolating…

    I definitely would've bought these had I seen it a week back.

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      Yeah, I just read a few reviews which've stated that they aren't "truly" noise cancelling, which is a -1. Further, I like bass (listen to EDM), and whilst this has it, some of the reviews have said that although they have good bass, they're more "great sounding." I bought the ATH-M50s on the reviews they had good bass - imo they don't (I was really disappointed). And further comparisons between the M50s and M80s online state that their bass are quite similar… so overall, gonna hold off. If the price drops further, I'll reconsider (to basically extend my library of headphones lol)

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        Are you confirming me?!

        Well I can confirm that the UE6000 has a strong bass response with the ANC/AMP enabled. Personally I don't like them actually, for some reason I feel super fatigued wearing them (I usually wear earphones which I prefer). Maybe the bass is too heavy for my tastes (even with ANC off) they are comfortable though which is good.

        They don't say noise cancelling, they say noise isolating.

      • I totally agree with you about the M50's…I got a red pair, they look great, so comfortable, but did not like the sound at all. Glad it's not only me

        • I bought a Fiio Mont Blanc portable headphone amp, connected it to the M50's and it really brought out a level of bass that the iPhone and GS4 couldn't do independently.

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    Successfully resisted the temptation.

    Decided that I should blow my money on a Xbox One or PS4 this end of financial year, rather than buying something like my 20th headphone I don't need.

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      you've betrayed your handle

  • damn these were impossible to find when i wanted them in february. they were selling for 250+ too. good find!

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    Got the v-moda 100 cross fade model above this, love it.

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    Dammit.. couldn't resist and bought one…. Err… for charity right?…

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    These look so nice… I couldn't resist… These will also be my first pair of headphones. :)

  • Darn youuu!!!

  • These were my go-to headphones until I picked up some Momentums. Great SQ, stylish, solid build, only drawback was the sound leakage and maybe comfort (prolonged use) as they sit on the ear. $100 is a very good price.

    • I agree, the Over ear momentums are hard to beat (particularly for headphones designed for portable equipment) but best price is around $300.

  • Omggg!!! Someone stop me from buying these!!

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      Just buy it, it's very good and you know you want it haha : )

  • 5th pair of cans couldn't hurt, could it…

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      of course not.. we all love cans especially when they come in pairs

    • Nope. Very handy if you have 10 ears.

  • Absolute steal for the current price!

  • Can't find impedance on theses (not because i cant google, but my google is broken). $1000 earphones can sound $2 without amps. Care before you buy.

  • Dang I would buy these except I don't have a credit/debit card :( I have a bank account and Paypal… urgh, doesn't work :S

  • Ok you got me, I bought some. Well played.

  • Too many headphones, is this good for long flight´╝č

  • Also if you wear glasses, it's best to purchase the Vmoda XS.

  • Won't fit my big head!

    Any suggestions for decent headphones for big heads like myself?

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    • -1

      Dont worry, big heads = big brains.

      • Only someone with a big head would think that, Rich2010 ;)

  • …sigh, more headphones.


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    Just ordered. My saving money for new camera. T_T. I should have not see this ozbargain every few hours. +1

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    The reason this headphone is priced so good is probably due to the introduction of the XS which is a folding version on this headphone. Same sound but obviously more convenient. So this is technically a model being phased out.

    Noise isolation is OK. It will muffle outside sounds but you will hear the traffic/train noise/flight noise. The best thing about this is that its mostly neutral sound with tight bass(I would not classify this as a bass head style).

  • Why the hell did I buy one?

    Thanks, I guess.

    • me too. Thanks a lot.

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    Price went back up to $199.99. Temptation avoided :)

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      me too.. phew..

  • Phew, avoided one less headphone and one less argument with the missus…

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    Odd, no one has come in and said their $300 Beats are better cans than these.

  • Im so glad this is expired as i just came on here to buy one even though i cant afford it. cheese on toast for dinner this week is avoided!

  • I've been thinking of getting a set of sennheiser 280 pro.
    Would this set out perform them?

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    Normally $200 per person?!

    Is that twin share?

  • mine arrived yesterday great little headphones

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