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$7 Clearance Icy Pole Maker (Zoku-'homage') from Kmart Broadway, NSW


Hi all, just your ho-hum very localised (ie, don't know if available at all stores) Kmart deal.

Was browsing the Broadway, Sydney store when I spotted their Zoku knock-off (a block that you put into the freezer overnight, pour your liquid of choice into the moulds, 5-10mins later, out pops your home-made Paddle Pops) clearing for $7 - sorry, don't know the original price but have spotted the Zoku-branded one for $49.95.

The box says it can make 6 but I can only see 3 slots (must be some TransformingTM feature).

Obviously, this being Kmart, there were other 'Clearance' items but since I'm a sucker for cold desserts, I'm sticking with the Kmart Zoku as the 'star' of the submission:

  • $9: 17 piece revolving spice rack
  • $7: big bamboo salad bowl (lacquered exterior), down from $10
  • $4: chopper ie. The Slapchop that you see on TV infomercials
  • $6: Multi-slicer ie. interchangeable mandolin, julienne etc.
  • 5c: Ironing caddy, down from $1

Dunno when it ends (I suppose when stocks run out) so I've marked it for 2 weeks. Also just linking the generic Kmart site 'cos I've been shaped to dial-up speed and am pretty sure there will be no relevant hyperlink anyway.

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