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Wii U Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack $179 @ Kmart


I Missed out on the Skylanders Basic Pack, but Kmart took my name if anymore came in. I had a phone call today informing me that they had been told from Head Office that they could sell their Mariokart 8 Premium packs for the same price. Naturally I jumped on it. Hopefully all other Kmarts will do the same.


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    WHAT?! runs to K-mart

    [edit] appears to be under manager discretion for those who were waiting for Skylanders Bundle

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    Surely this is a one off…

  • Does this include game, console and display controller?

    • Yes, Yes and Yes.
      I believe it's called a "GamePad"

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    Wow. Congratulations on those who waited out the WiiU price drop or couldn't get a skylanders bundle and got this.

  • Insane.

    Wondering if it's worth trying my luck.

  • well makes me wish I could have a good reason for a second one.

  • Put in a raincheck


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    can confirm that this is once off. called ringwood and chirnside.
    It still scans at the higher price and requires manager discretion to over-ride the price.

    they kind of laughed when i asked. haha.

    don't hold your breath.

    • sadly…

    • Called Burwood NSW and got the same response. Oh well :)

      • Did you ask these stores to call head office/?

  • Not really a deal, doubt anyone else will be lucky enough to get it.

    • LOL you were wrong

  • How long has Kmart been in Wendouree?

    • Over 20 years at least from what I can remember.

    Anyone else think other stores will price match?
    No K-Mart's near me.

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    Congrats but impossible for the majority to replicate.

  • U lucky bugger haha. Nicely done

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    I went to KMart Keysborough and showed them this deal. The store manager refuses to do it and said this store had gone against policy.

    • Store? The OP said that head office had agreed to this. What Policy do they have that stops them from providing a generous customer service..

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        Maybe a losing money policy?

        • Maybe..

          I would still be asking him (politely) if I can see this policy.
          I will be also asking him to call head office.

          I been knocked back on initial price matching a few times. But because I am calm and ask them for clarification and if I can see their policy I have had a few of them overturned in my favor.

    • I tried Keysborough last time with the dick smith clearance and no luck then either - the big w though eventually did it so might be worthwhile if you are still there. Good luck ever getting that kmart to pricematch :(

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    While I'm glad that the OP has scored this, I can't help feel sorry for the staff who will face argumentative and angry customers trying to pricematch it.

    Perhaps this deal should be deleted?

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      I hope Dean doesn't lose his job or get in trouble.

      • Dean is the store manager, not the server.

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    Once off. Move to forum me thinks

    Well done tho

  • I live in Ballarat. If I went down would I get the same deal? Did they have any left?

  • Someone's gonna get a paddling over this…

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    Reminds me of this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/145405
    mods decided to keep that one up, even though only 3 people actually got the price by fooling the staff.

    IMO this is not a deal. This is an accident. Good work OP, but you were just lucky.

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    I can see this one off deal is going to get more harassment on other kmart stores …

  • Thanks for the post OP. If I was after a Wii, i'd print out your receipt and take it to my local Kmart before clicking the neg button.

  • Anyone from Adelaide still looking for the Skylander Bundle, Golden Grove Big W had at least 2 yesterday mid afternoon, and seemed more than happy to pricematch Kmart with the catelogue.

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    Just tried it at my local Kmart in SA. It worked.


    What a steal.

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      Give the listing a bloody +1 then!

      What's it with people not giving a positive vote for thinking it's a good deal let alone then going out and buying it?

      There should be a penalty box for stuff like this, no commenting allowed for a week after 3 strikes.

      • -28

        There should be a penalty box for dumb suggestions like yours.

        • Well it's actually the highest voted change that people would want for this site in the thread how to improve the site:
          But yeah, scum to call dumb an idea that encourages doing the right thing.

      • Half the negs here didn't even read what OP wrote, this deal is for people who backorder the skylanders deal… must be 1000s who can legitimately get this deal, yet got typical I cant broden this, delete this.

        • I read it a few times and then voted neg.

          Either you can't get the deal because it isn't public (only someone who's back ordered the skylanders deal) and/or it's an accident and unlikely to be available for more than a tincy number of people. As most are now reporting.

          I think my neg is legit, obviously :)
          I think it's good that there are both + and - for this deal.

          I'd say a fair few of the + votes only read "Wii U Mariokart 8 Premium Pack $179 @ Kmart"

        • revoked neg, many more having success after all the early reports were bad.

          Good work OP.

    • So only 2 people have been successful?

      • So far only 2 people posted they have been successful, about 3 more have said they failed.

        • The people who failed just made a phone call, they didn't turn up with evidence of the receipt.

    • -1

      Which Kmart in SA?

      • Click on the image. It says it on the receipt

    • what did you say in order to get the deal?

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    Well done OP! That's an absolute ripper of a deal. All of a sudden the skylanders basic bundle for $178 isn't so appealing. Going to return mine tonight and dedicate the next three months to achieving a deal of similar significance!

    Disclaimer: No white wii u's were harmed during the making of this post and, jokes aside, my Wii U pack is not really for sale :-P

  • Tried my local (Bondi Junction) but the guy I spoke to (Ryan) couldn't do it. After just buying an Xbox One and awaiting delivery I'd need to take a week off work if I had MK8 too…

  • +3

    At another store in SA with my mate he's about to purchase another Wii U Mario Kart pack at $179.

    I found a notice in their store saying the sky landers bundle is sold out and they are happy to provide an alternative. Here is the picture for that!


    • +3

      The alternative is Mario kart bundle at $179 ??
      Bloody hell..

    • F#@*

      What a steal.

    • Which Kmart in SA?

    • yes which?

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    Okay. I'm adding my input into this (this comes from first-hand experience):

    The correct store policy for K-Mart is to offer a substitute item in place of the Skylanders Bundle ($179) for the same price. The substitute in this case is the Mario Kart Premium (RRP $429)

    If you really want to take advantage of this promotion take advantage of their store policy (request to see it, they have a sheet from Head Office which specifically states they must honor this deal, it explicitly says Mario Kart Premium Bundle), buy out your nearest store's Wii U Skylander Bundles which forces them to honor the Mario Kart promotion deal. Then, you know the rest.

    • +9

      So here's the guide:

      1. Walk into a store. This is a must.

      2. Take this receipt to the games department of the K-Mart and request to get a price match

      3. The receipt will act as a catalyst to summon a Supervisor. Show them the receipt and say that you want this price matched, and at this point in time request to see the sheet from Head Office which details the substitute promotion deal

      4. Wait around for the Supervisor to contact Head Office / print out the sheet

      5. Buy all the Skylander Bundles if you get trouble, or if they refuse to honor the deal

      6. Obtain Mario Kart Bundle

    • +3

      So you are suggesting we buy out the remaining basic bundles (lets say my store has 4 left). Then insist they sell me a premium bundle at same price. Then return the basic bundles.

      True Ozbargainer style!!!!

    • My store says a raincheck

      • +3

        I asked the manager, told him to call head office and they buckled. Used Coles staff discount. Got it for 170

      • Same, the lady said raincheck. I asked about kmart providing an alternative bundle and she kept repeating 'we don't do that.'

  • Hmmm wondering if I should buy a second unit..

  • +1

    It does seem like a deal now, however looks like everywhere as run out again. lol.
    Need to relocate myself to whop whop to get one…..

    Good deal, however people are going to be disappointed, as most stores have less than 5 of these in stock.

    Ringwood, Burwood and Chirnside VIC is out.

    • Can confirm. Not doing rainchecks either. Plenty of display boxes, but no stock :/

  • Chaddy would've done it but they're out of stock :(

  • Called three stores in NSW.All out of Stock or On Hold.People are getting these on Hold and kmart said they can hold a item for up to 2 days.

  • what do you say when phoning store? "do you have the skylanders bundle?…no?… can i have the mariokart bundle instead for same price?" or just "can you sell me the mario kart bundle for $179?"

  • Toowong (Qld) first said they had stock, then said they didn't after I asked for the price match.

    Sounds suspicious to me.

  • Boronia (vic), said they had no stock but would have honoured it. A little fishy since there was a box in a glass cabinet that he said was just a display.

    • Yep staff grabbing them now

    • Nothing fishy, they had two Mario cart bundles left on Saturday. They only had small allocations, would have easily been gone by then.

    • They did have one left!!

  • +1

    please answer… does the store have to be out of stock of the skylanders bundle before they offer the alternative?

    • Yes, there are 2 alternatives. The first one they have to offer if they have stock is the Wii U Basic Console and include the Skylanders Pack separately. The second alternative, if the first one is not available, is the Mario Kart Premium bundle.

  • Good luck getting one in S.A all sold out

  • Called the store closest to me, had no Skylander bundles left in stock but had one Premium bundle left in stock. Told the manager I had proof of purchase from the other Kmart stores (the photo of the receipts above) but he refused to do it.

    • Don't call I would go in and ask to speak to managers etc. First time I did that. Second time at another store for my mate she said yes right away. Another bloke behind us picked two up for us

      • sell me one

    • +1

      Called the Kmart Head Office, got forwarded to someone else after someone answered my call (can't remember their position though) and told them the above. She knew what I was talking about and called the store, apparently they found a Skylanders bundle. I then said I wanted two, asked if they had two in stock and she said there was only one of the Skylanders bundle. Asked if I could have the Skylanders bundle and then the Mariokart 8 Premium Pack for an extra $179 and she said yes, now they're both on hold for me to pickup tomorrow.

      If I ask for separate receipts (excuse could be I'm buying the Skylanders one for a friend) could I wait a few days then return the Skylanders bundle for a refund as it won't be opened?

      • +1

        Don't wait. Go Go Go Go Go.

        I've had stores "Hold" these high demand items.
        Some 16 year old then stumbles upon it later tonight and sells it to another customer unwittingly.

        Has happened to me twice with the Wii U bundles, although, it was Target and Big W.

        • Thats unlucky, from Big W's sale I forgot to tell them to hold the first time then rang up again to hold as I thought it was better I did.

          Best of luck getting a bundle.

        • Both were still there. Both bundles appear on the receipt (probably should have asked to pay for them separately rather then a copy of the receipt) but will see how it goes when returning the Skylanders bundle tomorrow.

  • +6

    I registered just to comment.

    I called up my nearest K-Mart, asked for the Skylanders bundle and the girl immediately said theyre out but theyre happy to do the "substitute deal" which is the Mario Kart Bundle for the same price

    Picking mine up tonight :D

    • Just fyi, I have rung Indooroopilly, Toowong, Redbank and Sunnybank stores in Brisbane. Skylanders was sold out at every store but they know nothing about the alternative bundle deal. If anyone else has luck in Brisbane let me know.

      • +1

        yeah got mine from cannon hill store

        • Went to Cannon Hill, they have now sold out.

    • For the benefit of others which Kmart?

      • I'm picking mine up at Carousel Perth

        • Just got off a call with the Carousel store, staff said both of them are sold out so I'm not sure if they're willing to honour this

        • Could you post your receipt please?

        • Proof

          I actually ended up buying two… They said they had 2 on hold for two other people soooo yeah

        • Awesome, thank you!

    • FYI called Innaloo as well and staff there said that there's been a miscommunication that caused this and they're trying to rectify it.

  • richmond VIC all sold out

  • After Mario Kart 8'came out and great deals from kmart and target Wii U's are like flying off shelf's.

  • +4

    HAHA, just rang Brunswick store too, asked to be put through to the entertainment section to check stock, "which one were you after?" "erm..the wii u.." "yeah we're out of stock, and we're out of stock of the alternative we were offering too"….

    i didnt even mention the alternative deal… damn you ozbargainers you're too fast

    • Every store I called in Vic are out of stock.

  • +2

    Worked for me went to Cannon Hill store in brisbane and got it for $179. Thank you!!!
    They are happy to do it as they said its substitute deal.

    Very good buy!!!

    • No more at the Cannon Hill Store

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