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UNIQLO 20% off Everything Online (Code Required) - No Min Spend


Just used this 20% code for UNIQLO Online store. I saved ~$30!

  • No Min spend.
  • Probably is limited to one per account, because it didn't work for me when I tried to make another purchase.
  • Free shipping is down to $75 instead of $100.

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    Who needs banks when we can just save by spending!!!

  • wow! now they are only 30% more than every Asian Country

    • Admittedly they have to pay for the extra material used for a larger than life nation :p

    • More than that, just got back from Japan and those $20 Pharell t-shirts were 990 yen there, pretty much half price at current rates.

      • In thailand oxford shirts are 500 baht this week ($17 vs $50 in AUS)

        • Wow didn't realise there was an oxford store in Thailand… or did you mean oxferd? lol

        • oxford is a type of cotton. they stock oxford shirts in uniqlo. They retail for $20 in the US, I was wrong the oxford slim fit are actually $40 in Australia.

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        yeah when i was in Hong Kong earlier this year I bought quite a lot of stuff. Works out that the Australian prices are on average 2.5 times the HK prices when converted. Definitely won't be buying anything from the Australian store. H&M on the otherhand have the same low prices as around the world (verified in HK and throughout Europe).

    • More like 200% more. I bought chinos for $10 in Tokyo

    • Does anyone know how we can buy directly from those countries.
      Many of them dont't have 'e-commerce' available..

  • Limited sizes

  • I'm just going to turn off my computer and watch the tennis before I am tempted to buy anything. Spent way too much these last few weeks.

  • Just bought one of these "Heattech" skivvy / long sleeve shirts.
    Wore it for the first time today. Seriously awesome for the <$20 I paid.
    I can run in the morning / night with just the shirt on. (Usually run with my rain/windproof jacket or jumper).

    Worth the purchase for those of us dealing with a chilly Winter morning.

  • i had no idea uniqlo was here, so thanks op!

  • UNIQLO is so expensive in here compare with Hong Kong.

  • Coupon code "Anthony62001BL" is not valid.

    think i just missed out

  • Aldi seems to be having a similar product for sale soon :
    i wonder if it would have the same lightweight properties as uniqlo.

    • I believe Uniqlo uses 600loft Goose down which would be slightly better than the Aldi duck down.

  • do you know how long the code goes for?

  • Thank you for this. Just bought a couple of Snoopy sweaters for our son.
    If their quality is good, we might stick to Uniqlo for future purchases for our toddler son.

    • If the quality is the same as what they sell in japan then you won't be disappointed…just don't look at how much you would be paying in japan!

  • Still works.

  • wanted to get gloves… NONE in stock :(

  • Who's Anthony, and is he going to be fired?

  • So tempted to buy a few things… must resist!

  • Not only is this like 30-50% more expensive than Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China) - but it is basically the rejects from 6 months ago when it was Winter there. Those Plastic "light" down Jackets were $399 HKD ($56 AUD) but selling $99.95 here. Rip off..

  • Been meaning to buy this:

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC Track Long Sleeve Jacket

    Now $55.92 shipped - pretty good price for this jacket

  • If I buy online can I still physically go into a store and return them if they are the wrong fit etc?


      Please try and let everyone know.

    • According to their website, that's a big fat NO:

      UNIQLO online store is an independent entity and has its own terms and conditions. UNIQLO online store is only able to process returns for items purchased online.

      Also, there's a bunch of other unfriendly conditions on returns:

      Merchandise may be returned for a refund to your credit card within 30 days of the order being received. To ensure timely processing, please include return form with the item. AU$7.00 return fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

      Final sale, innerwear, packaged items, and any item AU$7.00 or less are non-returnable.

    • i dont think you can like osiena said, but you can go into one of the pop up stores in syd/mel to try on the sizes first then buy online. personally i find sizes are tend to be big here so i have to go for xs instead s.
      also last time when i had to return two items they charged me $7 on EACH item, so hope thats helps!

      • ^I also highly recommend checking into a store to try them on.

        UNIQLO uses Japanese (aka Asian) sizing which I think is more sensible given the completely messed up vanity sizing with Western brands. I always have to pick 'Small' tops even though I'm 180cm/75kg and not really a small or skinny guy. With UNIQLO, I'm a much more sensible 'Medium.'

  • The prices for Uni Qlo here are despicable. Button ups in HK cost about AUD$20, they're charging you $50 here. I understand we might need more material and it costs moolah to get the stock here but c'mon son.

  • Down Jacket $79.90
    Free Shipping for over $75..Woot!

    Applies discount…
    -$15.98.. Item now $63.92…awesome!
    Since it is now less than $75, shipping is $8.00 :(

    Grand total: AU$71.92

    Saved only $8. Better than nothing I guess.

  • Has anyone tried washing those down jackets in the washing machine on gentle wash? The care instruction says hand wash.