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Free Intel Galileo Board from Microsoft


A free Intel Galileo board from Microsoft. Don't abuse it, happy creating.

Valued over $100 ?

The next big thing is small
From the website:
"We’re bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices. Build a smart coffee mug, build a talking bear, build a robot, or build something else entirely. All this using a platform and tools you already know and love."

After you enter your email address you will receive a confirmation email , which will contain a link. Open the link and enter your information, you should then get an email saying "Thank you for signing up for the Windows Developer Program for IoT. We’ll let you know when your kit has shipped.". You do not need to prove your a software programmer/engineer to get the Intel Galileo board

Edit: some are having more success going to the website https://www.windowsondevices.com/ without clicking via OzBargain website.

I got mine from a gmail account

Some users are reporting emails are not being received to free email addresses. If you don't receive email confirmation within a few hours, try an alternative address (preferably an ISP or work email address).

*** twitter posts and photos are indicating there is hardware not just whitepaper**

"The Intel Galileo included with the Windows Developer Program for IoT kit will run a special version of Windows for the Intel Galileo"


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  • Microsoft is hungry for a slice of that sweet Raspberry Pi.

  • Signed up, ready to abuse.

    Designed in Ireland

    Wait. What?

    • +21 votes

      Corporate tax shelter.

    • Ireland is a key country for many IT companies.

      For example, Apple Australia buys stock from Apple Ireland and sells it at cost. Yes, that $550 tablet cost Apple Australia wholesale $500. They whack on GST and sell it. Obviously Apple Australia is losing money hand over fist doing that, but that's okay, as Apple Ireland buys from Apple China at the real wholesale price and records the profit in Ireland at a much lower tax rate.

      • Ireland was recently named as the country reputed to help others (Cc recent talk at TED.com).

      • One of the reasons not to protest 'the G20' coming soon to a new police state near you.

        What does "G" stand-for? OK I'll start Is it - spot -glenn - string.

      • +1 vote

        Dont forget COles also had their bread made there…

      • +3 votes

        How much tax does Apple Australia pay to the Aust Govt? (Aside from GST). From memory it's about $0.

    • Short Version: Tax haven for many huge multi-nationals. Search ATO vs Google, Apple

      Long Version: Intel & HP are in Leixlip (Léim an Bhradáin), County Kildare. My 2nd home.

      Great little village on the border of County Dublin. The birthplace of the Guinness family. Half the town are employed by them. They do a lot for the people, yearly festival & beautifying the town. In return for the free land (IIRC) and tax breaks they receive/received.

  • I cannot se where it states a free board?

    • +1 vote

      Same same

    • Me neither. Just looks like product splash page for signing up to emails for announcements and such.

      I'm going to neg until further info is provided, otherwise it's just spam.

      • Accusations of vaporware will get you a chair to the face, my friend. Hmmm? Oh? We don't do the chair thing any more?

        Well. You will drink our Kool-Aid, mister. And if you say it tastes like Linux I will personally pick up a chair and — Aw, c'mon! Guys! For old time sake at least?

      • Thanks for the negs people (I'm serious) it was an incorrect use of the deal's neg button.
        I'm still not convinced anything will come of it since it seems we are going on the words of a few seemingly random websites. Nonetheless I have signed up and awaiting any email.

        • On the emails I got from signing up:

          "We would like to share our SDK and a hardware development kit with you. In order to mail you the kit, please click on the link below to provide your address and a bit more information."

          And after providing your address:

          "Thank you for signing up for the Windows Developer Program for IoT. We’ll let you know when your kit has shipped."

        • @whytd: How long till your received that email? I signed up a couple hours ago and no email yet

        • @wired00:
          Got the email in about 2 minutes.

        • @Leonard: Same here, got the email about 2 minutes after.

        • @Leonard: hmm I've now signed up with both a private domain email and gmail both a after 24hours I havent received the email response

        • @wired00:
          Ok no idea why, but as people suggested I tried Internet Explorer and email came through instantly. (Using windows 7)

  • +1 vote

    How do they send it? There is no where to enter physical address.

    • I have updated the link …After you enter your email address you will receive a confirmation email , which will contain a link. Open the link and enter your information, you should then get an email saying "Thank you for signing up for the Windows Developer Program for IoT.

    • +6 votes

      Go home, await my further instructions

  • http://bytedebugger.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/microsoft-is-go...

    Microsoft is going to send you a free Intel Galileo board!! Just sign up!

  • Take a look at this

  • The only question I have is how soon until it runs linux?

  • +31 votes

    Just realised I don't need one anyway…

    Development hardware like the Intel Galileo board allows you to read temperature sensors, power robot servos, check for intruders, blink a bunch of LED lights, or even make a little music.

    allows you to read temperature sensors

    I just look at my thermometer

    power robot servos

    I have 67 eneloops in my third drawer fully charged for that

    check for intruders

    I have a pet Doberman

    blink a bunch of LED lights

    I can flick the bedroom light switch continuously for similar effect

    or even make a little music.

    Iphone in sony dock fixes that

  • bah. who wants to work with a 640k board? :P

  • If they gave you free Windows I would be in.

    Great post though OP!

  • Looks like the Intel Galileo board retails for $70-$150 each, nice bargain, love Arduino and MCU, thanks OP.

  • Do you get the confirmation straight away or? And will be a Gmail email be fine or Microsoft email only?
    Thanks guys!
    Nice find op!

  • Thanks op :-)

  • How long does it take for confirmation email to arrive?

  • Now to put my fake MIT degree to work!

  • Thanks!

    Hope I get a free board!

  • +28 votes

    Attention WNK. Please let us know when a free Udemy course is made available to program this thing.

  • no email yet

  • +42 votes

    Next Monday morning at the Microsoft HQ water fountain…

    VP of GALILEO PROJECT: hey Bill, how was your weekend?

    BILL: not so good. Couldn't sleep. Too worried that this Galileo project may fail

    VP of GALILEO PROJECT: ohhhh, don't stress Bill. The uptake in Australia has gone nuts since American Independence Day. Those wacky Aussies are getting behind you on this one.

    BILL: great news. What a bunch of wackers those Aussies are!!

  • No email

  • I heavily doubt they will send free boards. They don't even mention it

  • lets see how efficient are Micro$oft servers in sending me the confirmation mail. :P


  • +1 vote

    Gave it a shot hope I get one

  • As an IT student, I would love to fiddle around with one of these,

    hopefully it doesn't get spammed by people that have hoarding habits

  • Well I registered, hope I get it tomorrow morning


      Likely. I just got express shipping confirmation as well.

  • +6 votes

    Who has actually got a confirmation email, how long did it take, and what options did you check on the right?

  • Seriously, after watching the newegg tv overview, I wouldn't bother.. It's not a usable device for torrent purposes etc..

    400mhz processor, 256mb ram, 2 mini usb slots, 10/100 ethernet port.. I don't think it's anything like a raspberry pi.. purely a development board*..

    *happy to be corrected..

    • Pass on this.. show me the smart watches ;)

      • Don't think it's intended to be used for those purposes, Vladdo. Probably more along the lines of a robotic vacuum cleaner / beer retrieval unit.

    • Those specs are plenty good enough for torrent purposes. I ran an underclocked Celeron 600 as a file server with nearly identical specs that did that and a whole lot more.

      You're not going to get a standard Windows install to run on this, but a linux build could do the job.

  • Is the confirmation email supposed to come immediately? Still nothing after 15mins.