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Kambrook Steamer KS200 $20 (Was $42.99) @ Woolworths


Saw this in the latest Woolies catalogue and thought it was worth a mention. I don't own one yet but will pick one up at this price point.

While not as quick as microwaving or stove-top steaming, it seems rather simple to set and forget until its timer goes off.

This unit gets a fairly good wrap by users on Product Review, stating it's simple, compact, and durable (some lasting over 10 years of use and still going).


Edit: User Manual

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    you probably also retain more nutrients this way and cook more evenly, compared to microwaving

    steam some frozen veg, serve with steamed rice and a salmon fillet or a can of tuna and you're done - a quick, cheap and healthy meal!


    How big is it? I have one of these Asian steam pot at home. Trying to find a reason to get this Kambrook one since the price is so good

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      I couldn't find the product page on the Kambrook site, however they do have the user manual available for download/viewing:


      It has a 3L steaming basket on the bottom and a 2L basket on top (with a raised lid, so perhaps it also holds around 3L).

      According to page 14, it can steam a whole chicken (in 60 mins) - so that may give you a rough idea of the size.

      Edit: Besides, if you keep the receipt you won't have any trouble returning it after giving it a trial for a month or so.


    Can this be found in store or only online?

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      I just rung up my local woolworths and they have plenty in stock, had put one aside for me to pick up.

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      It's a catalogue special, so it should be available in-store and online. However some regions may be excluded as per usual catalogue fine print etc.

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    Very good deal ! but my kitchen is too small and no room for it .


    great deal, been wanting a steamer for a while

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    Probably the most important question for me: how easily does this thing clean? I found my biggest hate with appliances are ones that are hard to clean. I don't have a dishwasher.

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      From the manual:

      "Maintaining Your Ezy-Steam Food Steamer

      Always turn the power off at the power outlet and unplug the steamer and allow the unit to cool down before disassembling any parts.

      Wash the removable steamer bowls,rice/sauce bowl, lid, juice collection tray and element protection cover in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

      Discard the remaining water in the water reservoir and wipe the interior with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

      Do not place any part of the steamer including steamer and rice bowls in a dishwasher.

      Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring pads as these can damage the surface and the element.

      The steamer body can simply be wiped over with a damp cloth and then dried.

      Mineral deposits may accumulate on the Heating Element. It is recommended to descale the steamer regularly to prolong the life of your appliance.

      Prepare a solution of 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar.

      Pour the solution into the water reservoir and place steamer bowl and lid on top. Turn the steamer on for approximately 15 minutes. Remove the lid and clean asusual. If excess scale has built up,repeat the process."


        Tldr. I did actually read that. It seems a little excessive for my liking :(

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          The way it's written makes it seem excessive, however in reality I doubt it requires much more than a quick wash in the sink like any other pot/pan or microwave dish would require. In fact I imagine it's even easier than the alternatives as the steam itself would help prevent a lot of food getting stuck/baked onto the baskets.

          As for the "descaling" routine, I'm just guessing but I'd be surprised if it were needed more than once or twice a year. However I guess this depends on how often you use the appliance and perhaps what types of food you're steaming. Vegies and rice ought to be fairly low maintenance, while meats perhaps less so.



          My current steamer (from ScanPan) involves a base, a tray and a lid - all in stainless steel. All it involves is a quick rinse and wipe.

          The only problem is that it is a bit big (but is great for steaming fish and chicken pieces)

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        keyword: descaling heating element. I choose to save my precious $20


    wonder why this model is not listed in the official site, http://www.kambrook.com.au/in-the-kitchen/cooking/steamers.h...

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    I've used this steamer for years and it works well and is easy to clean. Never had to descale. I'd buy another at this price but mine is working fine.

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      I voted for your name lol :)

      Descaling or not depends on the quality of water in your area (i.e. hard or soft) I think.

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        Thanks for the vote Anz310. I purchased Lite n Easy today to counteract the effects of eating too much indomie ;)


          I saw a movie that this occurred in the first 10 minutes. Yes it was on SBS but was US released. Sorry after the home fight cannot remember the name of the movie.

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    My rice cooker has an optional steamer on top. Don't want to add another kitchen appliance to the already crammed kitchen…
    Otherwise :)

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    this thing rocks, had this model for years, going to buy another for when it busts
    Easy to cook and clean
    can use 1 or two layers to cook lots of vegies
    steams vegies in about 10 minutes so almost as fast as boiling/microwave


    All gone at Brisbane CBD Macarthur, do they take rainchecks for these things?


    I'm pretty sure this i what my saucepan and colander does or am i missing something?

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      True it is a superfluous kitchen appliance and I am a victim of owning too many appliances, but I find that dumplings stick less to the plastic steamers in this appliance than my metal steamer insert. I hate broken dumplings.

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    Gang, apols if this has been written elsewhere in this thread but I'm racing around - is this a plastic unit or glass for trays?

    If plastic you'd hope it's bpa free - if that's even possible at the temps it has to withstand.

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      talked to some plastic expert, the BPA is just a marketing talk…….
      only when the plastic melt then the BPA is release to cause harm…….the steamer is not going to melt the plastic

      BPA-Free = Marketing Gimmick?

      BPA is probably the most well known chemical in plastics thanks to the work of stories such as this several years ago. Under consumer pressure the BPA was removed from baby items and now slowly from food cans and we see “BPA Free” advertising everywhere. But is “BPA Free” really a solution? Not so according to George Bittner and neurobiologist that runs a lab that certifies plastics as having no endocrine disruptors. He published a study a few years ago that showed even BPA free plastic and plastics that claim no xenoestrogens do indeed have hormone disruptors.

      In addition the substitute for BPA called bisphenol-S (BPS) may be just as bad:

      “Researchers found that like BPA, BPS disrupts cellular responses to the hormone estrogen, changing patterns of cell growth and death and hormone release. Also like BPA, it does so at extremely low levels of exposure.”

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    I had this steamer, lasted about 6 months before it gave out ( I was using it almost every night ). Of course I couldn't find the receipt so didn't take it back to be repaired under warranty. I ended up buying a Tefal steamer to replace it.

    I swear by steamers now though, if you hate cooking as much as I do then you'll love these. Just throw your food in , set the timer, wait for the 'Ding!' and your dinner is ready!


    none at chesterhill or granville nsw

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    Im all for having every appliance known to man but is steaming vegetables really that hard…

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      yes if you don't have a steamer? :P


        taken from the manual (links above)

        Steaming will start within 30 seconds.

        from cold, these will start steaming your food within 30 seconds….. id like to see your "pot on the stovetop" do that. just think of all that wasted power while your standing there watching, waiting for your pot to boil. :)

        do you need a fancy steamer? nope, if you steam most of your food do you want a fancy steamer? yep.


    Could not locate at QV melb

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