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Free Tic Tac Sample & Bumper Sticker


Take our quiz and find out if you're a Chewer, a Cruncher or a Roller!

We'll give you a FREE bumper sticker and a TIC TAC sample too!

Edit:- They will ask you to share on FB But you dont have to like or share to get free sample

Your Gift will be sent to you by mail to the address you provided in your online form within 30 days of receipt of your online form.

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  • +9 votes

    Free Tic Tac Sample

    Just one Tic Tac ???

  • Young daughter will like it regardless of how many.

  • +5 votes

    Should give a free sample of tic tac toe as well

  • 3.Gifts are only available as long as the stock of products dedicated as Gifts lasts. The gifts to be distributed include only 3000 Chew bumper stickers, 3000 Crunch bumper stickers and 3000 Roll bumper stickers.

    be quick!

  • also recommend spamming C's more as more people are spamming A's lol

  • Nice find. Thank you.

  • Peppermint is the worst flavor… Hate It

  • Will send a TIC TAC T4 peppermint pillow pack sample as per in Terms & Conditions

    Pillow pack looks like thisWhich contains 4 Tic Tac

  • +1 vote

    I'm hung like a tic tac

  • Had fun doing the quiz. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP.

  • Sample would be the normal Tic tac that are sold in super markets.

  • I hope the bumper sticker says 'Honk if you're horny'

  • Thank you OP.

  • Is giving out your postal address and details really worth it for a box of tic tacs?

  • Try and find the list of ingredients on a Tic Tac packet. I dare you.

    • From here
      Why are there no ingredients or nutritional information on the TIC TAC® box?
      Ferrero complies with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards code which advises that if the package size has a surface area of less than 100cm2 it is not required to have an ingredient or nutritional panel. Both the Australian and New Zealand TIC TAC® website addresses (www.tictac.com.au and www.tictac.co.nz) are listed on our TIC TAC® products where you can find a full listing of ingredients and nutritional information for each TIC TAC® flavour.

      Ingredients here

      • Yep. Now do the one for why there's no use-by date on most canned food.

        • Not required for foods with a best before greater than 2 years.
          Use by date= could pose health and safety concerns after that date.
          Best before date= could be eaten after that date however food is optimal before that date.

      • Also, due to technicalities 'joy' is not formally an ingredient.

  • Thanks OP. My sticker and Tic Tac's are on the way!

  • Luckily I am a roller, which still under 3000 people.

  • I was a chewer, I feel stocks may not have lasted :(

  • Thanks, received my sample pack. It contained 4 tic tac's.

  • Got my sample today and I think it's safe to say the exercise was a complete waste of time. 4 tic tac's and a sticker. I feel bad for wasting the paper it took to send them. Thanks OP for posting though, shame on the people at Tic Tac though.


    Something went missing in my mail today. It turned up as an empty envelope at the local mail delivery center. To any members who received the Tic Tacs and stickers, what was the return address on the envelope. I'm wondering whether this item has gone missing or whether something else I've been waiting for has been stolen.

    • LOL, who would steal 4 tic tacs? :)

      The return address is Silverwater NSW 2128 - mine looks like a seconds return…


        Thanks for the information.

        I have no idea who would want to steal 4 tic tacs and a sticker but that's exactly what's happened, unless someone forgot to pack the envelope properly in the first place and an empty envelope was sent.

        The return address was the same as you've listed above po box 7200, Silverwater NSW 2128.

  • :( I only got a sticker, no free sample.

  • Just got mine, 4 measly peppermint tic tacs in a huge envelope. I think they just went OzBargain on us.

  • +2 votes

    got my sample…opened it up and saw the little pack and lol'd…it'll go straight to the pool room

  • +3 votes

    Hahah this gave me such a laugh when I opened the envelope today. It would have cost them more for the postage and the envelope than the tic tacs.