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Free Shipping on Samsung 840 EVO SSDs from MWAVE. 250GB for $145 Delivered etc


Just got the MWAVE newsletter, which advertised the Samsung EVO SSDs among other things. The prices on all the drives are on par with if not better than those on StaticICE, which combined with the free shipping offer makes for a significant bargain indeed, beating previous Amazondeals and matching (better on larger drives) the current Shopping Expressthat will expire tomorrow.

120GB - $85 or $86.70

250GB - $145 or $147.90

500GB - $279 or $284.58

1TB - $489 or $498.78

edit: Please note that CC and PayPal payment methods attract a 2% surcharge, reflected in the second prices listed. BPay or Bank transfer do not.

I only wish I hadn't pulled the trigger on the MWAVE group buy a few days ago which came to $151 shipped for the 250GB!

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    $6 more & 6GB less than Kogan, but 100x better. ;)

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      I saw that in the Kogan newsletter too. Looks very iffy. Looks to be the same as an ASD26-MT1 ET (based on specs) and this unit has no reviews that I could find. I have no idea who the real manufacturer is. I wouldn't expect reliability, just corrupt data in just over a year (or less). Maybe it is ex-OCZ stock. Much better to pay the little extra and get a known quality. There are a number of stores selling 250/256GB SSDs for $139 (including MSY) if you search staticice.com.au

      edit: Worked out that it is a noname Chinese "黑将256GB" from what I can gather with Google Translate (It doesn't even have a model number in English characters), Chinese reviewers have found it to be almost but not quite as good as a Samsung 840 EVO but I couldn't see that they tested reliability, just raw performance.

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    might be worth upgrading my laptop to 500GB model

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    Yeah lets all hate on Kogan. lol

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    $0.48 per GB for the 1TB. Amazing. Thanks OP.


      Impressively if you look at the cost drop of SSD vs HDD there will come a time in the next few years where SSDs cost the same as HDDs for a given amount of storage.

      At that point HDDs will rapidly become scarce.

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    Hmm I should buy a SSD.

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        Time to buy a shelf and fill it with ozbargained ssds.
        I'll put it next to my headphone shelf.


      Anything but a jeep is a positive. :)


    Does it comes with desktop tray + sata cable?

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      Usually these kits are OEM - read: drive only. They are advertised as "desktop kits" when sold with the adaptors and cables, and not worth the $30 or so extra they cost.


    Not bad priCing but it's still mwave.


      More info please… what's wrong with mwave?

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        There is nothing majorly wrong with mwave but they did a few thing that got them into some people black book.

        They used to have special deal that is time specific with very little or no stock. Kinda like CotD deals.
        Their server can never handle it, their website go down during the sale. And the they just randomly cancel people order as they didnt have enough stock. Some time they hold on to people money too long and only give refund and acknowledgement that they cant fulfill order when the customer contact them.
        Some time they just put you on back order and fulfill the order when they have stock which can take longer than expected.

        I bought from them twice in the past, had no problem with my order so it is hit or miss with them. Though they would be the last place i would be looking to buy something when i really need it.


          I've never successfully bought anything from them. Tried 3 times. All 3 times they canceled my order and kept my money until I chased it up. They claimed that I closed my browser after paying and not waiting for the redirect, which is a lie. It showed up in my order history with an order number. Next day, that order vanished mysteriously. They deleted it without saying anything (not even a "sorry we don't have any stock and had to cancel your order) and claimed it was my fault for closing the window too early (which I did not do).

          And all 3 times, I was within the first 30 secs of the deal going live. If they can accept my money, then there should have been enough stock. If there wasn't, it should have rejected me as soon as the stock level dropped to 0.

          To me these guys are dodgy, and I'm not buying anything from them no matter how cheap.


    yeah i brought one early this year or 178!!! so worth the prices as new waves of SSD flock the market, Samsung has to cut price to compete

    Samsung Software suite IS the best so far, good upgrades to firmware and performance constant.
    What if loose out compare to the MSY deal is the USB case thing.

    But for machines running first gen Core i, one cant see much of a difference between EVO and other 400 mb/s write speed and 500mb/s read speed SSDs

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    "I only wish I hadn't pulled the trigger on the MWAVE group buy a few days ago which came to $151 shipped for the 250GB!"

    You and me both mate.

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    Thanks OP! my 1st SSD for my new gaming build ;-)

    Their marketing to get me to the site worked as I also ended up getting the Noctua NH-D15 Multi-Socket PWM CPU Cooler for $109.00 (with free shipping to WA)


      As you are new to gaming building i thought you might like a tip. Mwave does have good prices for things like cases because of shipping and this EVO but watch out with the more valuable items. I used to buy from Mwave however when i bought a mobo for my latest build it was DOA, I sent it back and they claimed i had damaged the board even know i had a technician look it over before it was sent. They made me pay a repair fee of $60 which i paid as i didn't have time to start a case. When i received a replacement it was also DOA, then had two different businesses confirm that it was DOA and sent it back. Mwave claimed that it worked fine and they ran a Prime95 stress test on it for 24 hours which was impossible as it was DOA. They once again sent it back and it was still DOA in the same packaging i sent it in. This process repeated a few times. A year later and they still refuse to give me my money back or a replacement board so i won't buy from them again.
      Good luck with the gaming PC though! :)

      This is only my experience others may have different views so please don't look at this as an argument.

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        Thanks for the time/effort taken Day2Deal

        Not so new just been awhile since I bothered putting mortgage payments towards a serious desktop. Just paid my home off so spoiling myself.

        I'm putting trust in Noctua's supreme quality incl packaging, other solid items I'll purchase when there's a decent OzB, however anything temperamental like the MB & GPU I may pick up local (WA) to avoid issues like you've had, which I've also experienced in the past.

        Gunna go;
        Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5
        Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 4GB WINDFORCE
        2 x 4GB 2400 Ripjaws

        Just keeping an eye out for the magic OzB posts

        Cheers ;-)

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    I think pricing should include the 2% Paypal/credit card charge, since that's the payment type any sensible person would use for an online transaction. For the 1TB that's about $10.

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      Updated the deal to reflect these prices. However, with reputable online dealers I find that BPAY or bank transfers are fine, just takes longer from purchase to delivery.

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        Cheers thanks for that. Problem with BPAY or bank transfer is that you have no recourse if something goes wrong. If the product doesn't arrive and the retailer doesn't return your calls or emails then you are screwed.


    Well done Mwave! I used PayPal to purchase an Evo 120gb ssd yesterday @ 2pm and it arrived @ 2pm today - fastest delivery ever to my home on Magnetic Island, Nth Qld. I've never seen a ssd before - so small & light. Hopefully, there won't be any issues when I get round to installing it on my Asus netbook in the next couple of days….


    Just wanted to update:

    Some we're complaining about their previous experience with this mob, I'm sure like all businesses they have their stuff-ups etc however my order arrived today in regional WA with no issues, not bad considering I only ordered it last Tuesday