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Horize W230SS - 3200x1800 - 512GB SSD - i7-4710MQ - GTX860M $1499 or $1399 with 240GB mSATA @ Logical Blue One


Hi Guys,

Another great deal for you.

Purchase any of the following models:

Horize P150SM
Horize W230SS
Horize P370SM
Horize W355SS

Receive bonus upgrade to 240GB mSATA Crucial SSD
For $100 Additional upgrade to a massive 512GB 2.5" 550/500mb Read/Write Crucial SSD!

Please note the 512GB SSD is not an mSATA drive but a 2.5" drive, it is the way our website lists the promotion.

Deal while stocks last of the 512GB SSD. We will close the promotion on OzBargain once it has sold out!

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  • Worth mentioning no OS in description, but for a top spec laptop under 1500 i think this is a damn good deal :)

    • +10 votes

      Yeah we don't include the O/S in any of our Horize models to bring down the cost. But we are happy to provide it if required. For Ozbargains reference:

      No Operating System
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit [Add $99.00]
      Windows 7 Professional 64bit [Add $199.00]
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit [Add $219.00]
      Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit [Add $199.00]
      Windows 8.1 Standard 64bit [Add $99.00]

      • +10 votes

        Thank you for the "No operating system" option. A lot of us like the freedom to put on what we want.

      • +15 votes

        860m is the 3rd fastest current nVidia card, only succeeded by the 870m and 880m.

        On the other hand there is the 850m, 840m, 830m, 820m, and heaven forbid Intel HD Graphics.

      • One of the weakest? Hardly. But let me clarify, While its not the best of the best that is physically possible to put in a laptop, it is in the "RANGE" that can be classified as top spec, namely haswell i7, 8GB+ RAM, 250GB+ SSD, 1080p+ res, and 850m+ Graphics etc etc

        And sadly most pc manufacturers these days seem woefully incapable of building any laptop that has all of these things for under $2000, which makes this a damn good deal :)

  • +12 votes

    1800p on a 13" screen. This is so crazy.

    • Its over kill i reckon. 1080p would have been more than enough.

    • It's not that crazy considering most smartphones are 1080p on ~5".

    • +1 vote

      Is that 860M going to struggle to drive gaming graphics at 3200x1800?

      • +7 votes

        Run it at exactly half res (1600x900) and you'll be amazed. It will perform more like an GTX 870m due to the lower res but still look perfect. A benefit against the 1080p imo

    • With 1800P you would need to do font scaling but that does not work well on all Windows applications. I have a W230SS with 1080P and I'm already struggling with my almost-middle-age eyes.

  • Full noob question here - what's the difference between a SATA drive and an mSATA drive?

    • The laptop have 2 slot for drive, one for mSATA and one for a SATA drive.

      You can see a picture comparision here: http://media.bestofmicro.com/B/X/350349/original/msata_sata5...

      The mSATA is a mini SATA drive that doesnt take up the hard drive slot.
      Having both an mSATA and a SATA drive allow you to have 2 hard drive in one laptop.

    • +4 votes

      2.5" SATA drive:

      This is your traditional notebook size hard disk bay. It is usually utilized for say a normal spin drive like a 750GB 7200rpm drive or for a full size SSD.

      Pro: Faster. Con: Uses up your full drive bay, in case you wanted to have a second drive. Some models like the P370SM for example have multiple bays so it's not an issue.

      mSATA drive:

      This is a specialized mini socket that is made specifically for small SSD drives. They are a wee bit slower usually than the full size 2.5" drive but generally use less power.

      Pro: Use less power, small size, allows you to have a full size drive too. Con: Bit slower.

    • Basically, a mSata drive is a 2.5" Sata drive without a case, so saves space, and a different mounting inside the case. Google the picture.

  • Wait- so mSata is slower than regular SATA & SSD?

    Or am I confused- there are mSata sata drives & mSata SSD's?

    • +3 votes

      mSATA and SATA are interfaces.

      mSATA is generally a bit slower than SATA although not by that much.

      In the case of these SSD drives on offer however:

      240GB mSATA = 500/250mb Read/Write
      512GB 2.5" = 550/500mb Read/Write

      So yes the 512GB on offer for $100 more is significantly faster, in this instance.

      However read is more important than write most of the time, so there is really a 10% difference in read speed give or take.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Both will be significantly faster than my current 2.5" non-SSD drive?

        • +5 votes

          Yes, almighty yes.

          Most non-SSD drives are well under 100mb/100mb read write. And boot times are dreadful. This will blow it out of the water.

  • Nice one. Are you thinking on doing any offer on lighter/ultrabook soon? :)

  • Store Rep - if the 256GB mSata is installed, does this still allow a free space for a SATA drive, say allowing to install a 2TB 2.5" HDD?

    • +4 votes

      Yes that is correct. However note that it may be a bit difficult finding a 2TB drive that will fit. Make sure it is no higher than 9.5mm.


        Plenty of 1GB drives around in that size. Harddrive market is bit slow in the 2.5" market compared to normal sized drives.

      • Thank you for confirming this. I was looking at a 2TB 2.5" but it was 15mm. I bought one on the last deal.

  • Hi rep,

    Are the screens ips or an ips equivalent?
    Interested in the w355ss.


    • +1 vote


      The W355SS is a TN panel.

      The models with IPS panels are:

  • Hi Rep,

    Great specs. Is their any chance of an option for a 1920x1080 IPS matte panel?
    The 3200x1800 is a great resolution, but it is not matte.

    • +2 votes

      Sorry at this stage we do not have the matte panel option. If you like the 3200x1800 resolution I suggest maybe getting a 3M privacy filter which will turn the screen matte and also add the privacy benefit.

  • I've read that this will actually game extremely well- the QHD screen leads to performance closer to the 870m. This is because the resolution scales perfectly 1600x900 without losing quality.

    • +2 votes

      Yes as 1600x900 is exactly half the original resolution it can scale perfectly to it. We suggest this if you intend to run Windows 7 or to game on. Windows 8.1 works pretty well with the 3200x1800 resolution by default.



  • just to clarify: you have an option for 2nd mSATA drive (for RAID) - does that mean there are 2x mSATA and 1x SATA slots? or the 2nd mSATA takes up the SATA slot?

    • +1 vote


      Please clarify which model. But if you are referring to the W230SS, yes there is 2x mSATA slots and 1x SATA 2.5" Slot.

      • oh, i was looking at P370SM and P150SM, and they both had "mSATA second slot". so i assume that's the case for any model that has that option.


        • +1 vote


          Here is the low down on those two models.


          2x mSATA Bay
          2x 2.5" Bay
          1x Optical Bay (which can also be converted to another 2.5" bay using an adapter)

          2x mSATA Bay
          1x 2.5" Bay
          1x Optical Bay (which can also be converted to another 2.5" bay using an adapter)

        • @jackkel:

          ah cheers.

          is p370sm the top of the range gaming laptop from horize? (sorry, don't know much about gaming laptops)


          Yes the P370SM is the top of the line model absolutely.

  • Now I catch the train and I would be using this laptop to game on the train. Would a matte screen or glossy one be better?

    I really like the look of the 13.3" laptop but I am afraid the glossy screen would shit me to death with the reflection from the sun in the morning.

    • In my opinion, the matte screen is better, but almost laptop these day has glossy screen.

      • Yeah I think so as well I love the look of these laptops though but the glossy screen is whats killing it for me. They have Matte ones but not in the size I like as 13.3 I have found to be the sweet spot on laptop portability.

        Currently using a laptop with a glossy screen and well a pretty piss poor cpu but am enjoying playing old school games. Would love to have a new gaming laptop that can handle pretty much everything :D

    • In higher light situations matte screens are better.

      If you can close curtains/prevent glare then glossy or non-matte screen have superior clarity and colour.

  • REP please make it free shipping!!!!

    • +3 votes

      This laptop is incredibly cheap for what it is. You are looking at a gaming laptop with an i7 processor , Solid state drive, mobile graphics card for 1500 bucks.

      He still has to pay shipping so to make it "free" he would just slap up the price by 30-50 bucks.


    If I add my own harddrive will this void the warranty?

  • Just bought the W230SS, hope you guys ship it soon! Really need it for my studies~

  • Hi Jack, Is there any word on a replacement for the W110ER? Cheers.

  • Whats the build time on the w355s? I.e how long would i have to wait before receiving it??

    • +1 vote


      Next round of W355SS is due July 25th + 15 Business days approximately. If we can ship it out sooner we will do our best to do so.

  • Just want to say great deal OP & thanks for giving us yet another great laptop at a great price :)

    Are you able to tell me if any of the laptops you sell have the option of upgradable graphics card? From the options available for the W230, it doesnt seem to have any other options available.

    Thanks in advance.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks very much.

      Sure anything starting with P has interchangeable cards.



      Unfortunately the little W230SS does not have that ability.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        Unfortunately they dont seem to have the resolution available with the W230 if I'm correct.

        Also is it possible to get no RAM installed in the laptop? It doesnt seem to have that option on the website.

        • +1 vote

          Correct unfortunately only the W230SS has the higher resolution panel.

          Sorry we are unable to sell a machine without memory. Just chose the lowest possible option if you are planning on adding your own.

  • Hi Rep,

    Thanks for posting great deals and providing quick answers to questions but please ensure you deliver on your promises.

    My experience, hopefully I was an exception, was that I ordered from one of your deals posted here mid June. I purchased it right after it was posted and still in stock, it was promised to be delivered in 15 days.

    I ended up not receiving it till late last week (more than 30 days after), you kept saying next week till you ended up admitting that you had calculated stock levels wrong and would throw something in free as you had taken double the time. Nothing free was included with the laptop.

    Hopefully as I said I'm an exception to the norm but please concentrate on delivering to your promises, others get burned on here for not.

    • That's why I asked my question above. I've been waiting over a month and well past the 15 business days. Also have been promised to have something included for free.. But have doubts on whether anything will be included

      Funny how they recalculated my shipment date to july 25 and now Jack reveals that is when the new stock is arriving. Guessing my machine wont have the "significant testing of components" as advertised as the point in difference vs their competitors.

      • +4 votes


        I would like to look into your order if you have expected it later than the advertised ETA date. Sometimes we get stock held up from suppliers and that can cause issues but none-the-less it should be determined what has happened.

        As for our significant testing of components, this happens while we are waiting for parts anyway. Our machines come completely unmade and we add all of our components to them. These components would be tested prior to being added to your machine. That way we can package it up sooner when the final part or chassis arrives whichever it is you are waiting on.

    • +1 vote


      I am very sorry to hear your story.

      I would like to investigate that further as if you were to be given something for free and didn't receive it I would like to arrange that to you as soon as possible.

      Secondly I would like to look into your order and the stock situation as that shouldn't happen.

      If you could kindly PM me here I would be happy to look into it and again sorry for your inconvenience.

    • I got a chocolate in mine for waiting patiently :)

  • Duplicate post

  • This or a macbook pro? I have a baseline 2013 retina mac but really tempted by this. So much more powerful but looks pretty average…

    • This cheaper and more powerful.

      You could buy the carbon coating if you want it to look sexy.

      • I'm in a similar boat (but got a 2012 retina 15 mac). Love how beasty the specs are, and the form factor, but I also really like OS X!

        • Yeah I'm really not sure. My mac runs fine for my usage purposes but I'm worried this laptop is too bulky/battery life is insufficient for uni use. Other than that it looks amazing. Decisions decisions.

        • @mark96:

          I think you should look at the MacBook Air instead of a gaming machine - you can't beat the 12 hour battery life claim and it's definitely lighter. I dont think the LBO laptops are that thin.

        • Sorry I meant I already have a retina macbook but thinking of selling it and buying this instead. Do you think that is a good idea? MacBook Airs do have good battery life but I personally would never buy one as I find the displays awful which is important to me as I do alot of reading.

        • @mark96:

          It sounds like you want to game since you're looking at this laptop.

          • It's one of few 13' laptops that have a dedicated video card (and doesnt break the bank ahem razer!)

          • That resolution is amazing, but there are fewer 'retina ready' apps on the Windows platform than of Apple's. At least Windows 8.1 address this DPI issuing.

          • Um… is your macbook 13' or 15'? If you don't mind switching back to windows and you have a 15' this beats the crap out of it spec-wise (though it is somewhat heavy).

        • I have a 13. And I have a gaming desktop but I can't really be bothered switching all the time so would prefer having 1 machine if possible. I'm only worried about battery life and weight everything else seems amazing. I'll probably read around a bit more and take the plunge. By the way thanks for your help :)

        • @mark96:


          This guys review sold me on it. Clearly passionate because look at the detail the guy goes into and he loves the old one.

        • I just had a read. Didn't need him to sell me on it I sold myself on it and ordered one last night with the 512gb ssd! Hopefully it lives up to my expectations worried about the battery life and trackpad.

        • @mark96:
          These mSATA drives are on sale.

          Dont worry too much about battery life. Although it's a bit of a pain most of the time, Integrated HD graphics saves the day in this case. Everything that isn't graphics intensive just uses integrated. When you load up a game the monster fires up.

        • @mark96:

          Well that guy who reviewed it said it was 6 hours. So 4.5-6 hours seems pretty reasonable.

    • If you are looking for something beefy with a nice IPS screen, still sort of portable and with a swappable battery — well then W230SS can be a good choice. However style wise this is no match to MacBook Pro. I recently bought this model as my main work laptop, and one thing that stands out is how thick and heavy it is as a 13.3" lappy.

      i7-4710MQ + GTX 860M is quite a work horse though.

      • Hi Scotty,
        Do you reckon this is too heavy to carry around on a daily basis? Obviously its heavier and thicker than a macbook pro but at 2kg I assume it would still be considered 'portable'.

        • How hot does it get, also? Hot enough for it to become a 'desktop'?

        • Yes I think it's all subjective. It's heavy comparing to other 13.3" on the market. It's also heavy comparing to light weight gaming laptops such as Gigabyte P34Gv2 (the other one that I was considering). 2kg is definitely portable. However it's "thick". You can see visible gap between the case shell and the internals through the vent holes. Clevo/Horize didn't try very hard to squeeze everything into a slim shell.

        • @scotty:

          Well the gigabyte does cost an extra 400 bucks and is only 300 grams lighter. It has a cheaper hard drive, inferior wifi. I would also imagine it runs hotter as being that thin they would have to have issues dispersing heat which the Clevo one is apparantly pretty good and while it can get toasty reviews seems to say its not that bad.

          I really don't think an apples to apples comparison can be done with the laptops given the vast price difference and components.

          I also think they did a pretty good job considering the price point.

  • Looks good.
    Recently been considering a new macbook retina..
    I'm interested in the display for photoshop DSLR/video editing/3d work.
    According to the review by notebookcheck the display is good, "We were positively surprised by the CalMAN results. 99% of the rivals cannot keep up in regard to the grayscale performance, gamma value, color balance, saturation and color accuracy" except they go on to say "color space is underwhelming with just 62% sRGB and 42% AdobeRGB"…

    On the other hand "The MacBook Pro with Retina display is able to almost completely cover the reference sRGB color space… The new Apple notebook can't cover Adobe RGB, however."

    I understand that colour space is important for professional edits..
    I'm torn.
    Is the 62% sRGB a deal breaker you think?..

  • Could these laptops run a 4k monitor? How about a 4k monitor and the laptop screen simultaneously?

    Usuage: Adobe Lightroom.

  • Hi Rep. Does this have DisplayPort output?

      • 1 HDMI™ 1.4a output Port (with HDCP)
      • 1 DB15 VGA output Port
      • 1 USB 2.0 Port
      • 3 USB 3.0 Ports (One powered USB port, AC/DC)
      • 1 Headphone Jack
      • 1 Microphone Jack
      • 1 RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)



      The W230SS does not have a display port. You can get it on the P150SM or P370SM models however.