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15% OFF Apple Macs at DickSmith Online, Excludes Mac Mini and Accessories


UPDATE 2/8: in case you still want a Macbook Air for good price, go to The Good Guys before they reflect their prices http://m.thegoodguys.com.au/promotion/bargainbuys?homepageba...

UPDATE: Only 13" Retina models still on sale!

BEST of the BEST is this top range 15" Retina, just refreshed with higher clock speed from 2.3GHz to 2.5GHz YESTERDAY, now priced at 15% OFF from DickSmith, Apple has it for $2999 (this replaces the $3199 with 2.3GHz before yesterday) http://www.dicksmith.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/17741/s/...
HURRY before DickSmith realises and change the price or put it to Temp Out of Stock!!!

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    Mac Mini's excluded

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    and damn, every time they just Temp Out Of Stock with iMac 27" :(((((((

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      dodgy as

      • The base model 1.3ghz iMac is out of stock too. Pity you can't use the iMac as an external display for xbox, it would be amazing then.

        • @deano: I think that only works from thunderbolt to thunderbolt (i.e. from Mac with thunderbolt display out into the iMac)

        • Target display mode has existed in two forms since 2009.

          From 2009-2011, you could use it with another Mac, mini-Displayport outputting devices, or HDMI devices (@720p) with an adapter installed.

          In 2011 Apple moved from mini Displayport to Thunderbolt, and now this feature is effectively computer-only, as there is no compatible adapter/signal converter.

          More details here, especially at point #6.

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    good deal

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        yeah, true ozbargainers use linux. /sarcasm

  • anyone has tried the 100149 sty code on iOS app again for saving another $10 off every $100 spend? can't remember the code ~_~

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    http://www.dicksmith.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/17741/s/... HURRY to grab this one guys before DickSmith takes it away, this is the newest model just released YESTERDAY 30/7/2014 for $2999 in Australia!!!

  • previous price $1439, new price $1299. Something tells me that's not 15% off.

    • for example. from $2999 to $2549.15 for the top range 15" Retina, it is exactly 15% OFF, hope this helps you

  • what is the real difference between the models? … clock speed for previous gen is 2.4 ghz and now it's 2.6 ghz. Haswell processor?? Worth saving some $$ and getting older gen or newer gen?

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      for the top range of 15" Retina model, it used to be $3199 with 2.3GHz, now is $2999 with 2.5GHz and was just released yesterday, so, not much different with this model but price, very good price for newest model lol

      • Does this come with 512GB or 256GB SSD?

        • The $2999 model comes with a 512GB as stated on the Specs page.

        • The older lol MBPro 15" top model with the 2.3 Ghz. also comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, 16GB Ram and 512 GB SSD, so at $2499 your only saving $50 for an 8 to 10% performance reduction. Hm,….

    • All 13" models now come with 8gb ram standard and all 15" models come with 16gb ram standard. The clock speed will make a very minimal difference but the upgrade in ram for the base 13" and 15" is worth it as the prices have not changed.

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    Scotty uploaded a good table with the updated specs for all the models too with the $RRP.


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    Heh, just bought a 13" Air on Monday when it was still 10% off. Guess I'll call them and ask for the difference back. Does anyone have any experience with price protection from DSE?

    • They won't let you I bet…

      • On the phone now, they've got no idea what I'm talking about. Yet on their website's price matching page, it says this about price matching with others: "Dick Smith will match a competitor's advertised price within 7 days of purchase if it complies with the conditions set out in the Price Matching Advertised Prices Policy."

        Not that hard, I would have thought.

        • Just take it back to the store and say your circumstances have changed and you don't need it… They used to have a 14 day return policy….

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          @knick007: Bought it from their website, so with this being online only I didn't think I'd have an issue. They wanted nothing to do with it. Only $60 but the fact that they dismiss price protection for their own prices but not competitors is a joke.

  • I bet they will start canceling orders for some bullshit reason…. Those who have ordered keep refreshing your email and of course once the order has been canceled, you need to get through to the idiots at the call center then the product you want will be out of stock….

    • If they are good enough to send us stuff for free and make a loss, not sure why they would bother canceling order that they will most definitely making a profit on.

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    The big differation between Macs is the specs, which for some reason Dick decides to hide on a second tab. Whereas these features should be front and center.

    There is a huge price difference between the 13 inch models, and that is hidden.

    • Good point. That is if the exact specs for the model your looking at are listed at all. With the Mac Book Airs they just list a broad range of specs, and only really tell you the screen size, clock speed of CPU and size of SSD. A bit vague of both Dick Smith and also the way Apple likes and promotes their range of computers.

  • Do Apple Stores price match?

    • Sometimes, they do. I've heard people successfully do it at the Sydney Store.

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      In my experience only if the discount is 10% or less than the price they have listed. Have tried when it's been more and they've said no!

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      No, physical stores won't go lower than 10% off(at least the Doncaster Apple Store won't). I've never had any luck with getting 15% off. According to the live chat person you can order by phone and they will price match most things. Individual stores are up to the manager of that store. Phone number is 133-622 if you want to try. They usually do these 15% off deals on the weekend so I've never bothered to call them because they won't be there but would be worth a try…

  • Damn, 13" Retina 2.8GHz out of stock! :( And online only, I have gift vouchers to use

    • keep refreshing they sometimes come back…

    • Ive never once had an issue using the dicksmith gift vouchers online - even the printed ones they state arent valid for online purchases.

      • really? I haven't been able to find a way to enter in the card details during checkout… or maybe vouchers are different from cards? I meant I have a gift card, not a voucher.

        • I've just paid with gift cards.

          Just check "I would like to use a Gift Card(see example)" at Checkout Page -> Payment Information.

          PS it was not available in their mobile (android) app a couple of weeks ago.

        • Thanks, I've never noticed that before, now I know what to look for!

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    Is the Apple TrashCan included in the sale?

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      you mean world's most expensive TrashCan lol ;)

    • you mean iTrash ;)

      • I dont think DSE sells the iTrash.

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          just trash

  • hopefully its worthwhile!

  • Sigh…why do I get a feeling the iMac retina are coming later this fall. Don't know if I should go for the 21'' 2.7ghz for $1350 or possible $1300 if I negotiate elsewhere.

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      "Later this fall…?"

      • I mean't just later this fall as in very soon from now. Thanks for noticing.

    • Wait, the update is most likely with Yosimite

      • Yeah reckon it's in October or early 2015.

  • are these the current models?

    • few of them are, especially the 15" retina, iMacs etc. except the 13" retina I think

  • Anyone could kindly help to confirm if these 2 are the latest models (April 2014?)?



    I've not been following the price recently, do the 2 above look good in price?


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    Thank you! Ordered two!

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    Hi All,
    If I buy Mac Air from dicksmith store in David Jones. Is it consider as DJ sales? Since it's last day of the Amex DJ deal, $50 credit on >$200 spend.

    Also if I can use DJ gift card?

    • it's DickSmith online only

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      Get a gift card!

  • Bugger 15.4in out of stock.

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    OP really needs to add underscores to his nick, before he's arrested for online sex crimes.

  • nickname says Web Therapist, how would it link to sex crimes?

    • Suppose he's alluding to the fact that you can read it as Web the rapist

      • I leave it for imagination :)

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    I got the 2.6/128/8 13.3 MBPr for $1359. Went to the Apple store in Adelaide and would've paid $1440 for it, but they wouldn't price match after telling me over the phone they would. Screw them, if DS is willing to put up prices like these and honour them, they can have my business.

    I even told the Apple store staff that I would also be purchasing a Time Capsule and Applecare, they could not give a shit and told me to pay retail or go home empty handed.

    • +1

      Same story at Apple store Booragoon, WA, so I grabbed the 'new' mid 13" rMBP from DickSmith online.

  • Do I need to order a MacBook Pro (retina display) through DS despite it's out of stock, and will they honour 15%?

  • The top of the line, 15.4" rMBP is back in stock, but the other 15.4" is out.

    • Does it come with 16gb ram as standard? I know the one that is out of stock.

      • it was back in stock for a very brief time when I post the comment….and it's out of stock again…

  • Expired?

    • only the 13" Retina models still have 15% OFF

      • 13 inch retina old model. Clearance

    • I wonder the same thing as well.

  • #Excludes end-of-life Macbook Air, new Macbook Pro range, iPad and CTO machines.

    It seems the New Retina Macbooks have disappeared from the site with it been updated to full retail pricing, I am now waiting for the Price Error Email.

    I am pretty sure, those who purchased new models will not receive them (it undercuts the retail price too greatly…)


  • I ordered a new entry level 13" macbook pro yesterday morning. - I received a txt this morning saying my order will be delivered by close of business today.
    The PS4 I order from the ebay 20% sale also arrived pretty quickly.

    My experience lately has been positive.

  • yep got mine today - ordered yesterday. Pretty happy with the service.

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      What did you buy? I bought the top-end 15" mbp yesterday morning and still haven't receive yet and they provided the wrong tracking number, won't know whether it will be deliver today!

    • I see you ordered the mid 13" rMBP. Check your screen for image retention. My base model 13" passed (A018 screen), but the mid model 13" failed (A020 screen). Both were ordered at the same time, and are the new model.

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