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Avancer Diecast Aluminium Stand Mixer 1000W Black. $159. Free Shipping. RRP $249


We've got a special on our Diecast Aluminium Stand Mixer - exclusive to Ozbargain.

Special Price of $159 with Free Shipping Australia wide. That's a saving of $90 from RRP

Make sure you use the coupon code OZBARGAIN to get your discount

While stocks last or until midnight August 13th.

* Planetary Action Mixer
* Intelligent Control System, Stepless Speed Settings with One Pulse Control
* Includes Whisk, Kneading Hook and Stirrer
* Non-Slip Feet
* Stylish Die-Cast Aluminium Housing
* Full Metal Gear System
* 4.5L Stainless Steel Bowl with 1.6kg Mixture Preperation
* 38 Degree Swiveling Mixer Arm
* Powerful 1000W Motor
* Easy to Operate and Clean
* Metal Beaters - Aluminium Alloy
* Transparent Bowl Cover
* Weight of Mixer: 6kg
* Dimensions: 38.8cm W x 22cm D x 34.2cm H
* Height (raised arm): 43cm

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    How would you rate this compared to a sunbeam mixer? https://www.sunbeam.com.au/Food-Preparation/Mixers/MX9200-Ca...

    I have the sunbeam one, paid around $380 for it so got a good deal tho, but seeing unit's like this with similar spec is there much difference?

    Great discount never the less + Free shipping makes it an awesome deal !


    Cashback makes even better price


    Bought one, hope it does the job!!!!

    Only time will tell


    Does it comes with a 5 years warranty like the one from ALDI?


    How does it compare to the way more expensive Kitchen Aid? I am constantly reminded by my 2nd half that we should get a KA but if this is similar then worth considering since its a lot cheaper in price.


      KitchenAid moved their manufacturing to China and switched to a cheaper plastic gearing a while back. Haven't been as good as their old reputation since.

      I'd go with a good Kenwood these days over a KA. It sure ain't as purdy, but do you want appliance porn or do you want a mixer?

      That said, at this price, if I were in the market, I'd be tempted to give this a go for most uses. I wouldn't knead in it though.

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        I use an old 80s Australian made Kenwood, it still works as it used to. It never needed any servicing. I use it to make choux pastry, and pizza dough.