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FREE Micro USB to USB Cable or Lightning to USB Cable from Kogan


Sup Ozbargain,
You can stop slapping your face..this is not a dream… YOU ARE NOT IN HEAVEN.

YEP!!! FREE Micro USB to USB Cable or Lightning to USB Cable from Kogan… 1 per household and no purchase required…

Your FREE Micro USB to USB Cable or Lightning to USB Cable will be shipped in 4-5 weeks.

Please do not broden this deal so they may honour it and actually supply it :)

Happy charging,

edit: wow…100 clicks in less then 1 minute! this will end quickly :)
edit 2: I'm over the moon!!! My first post to reach this high!!!

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  • +3

    The real link! Not just a link to a picture like from earlier today.

    • +4

      this is the real link

      • +7

        The real link!

        I meant that "It's the real link!" not you didn't post the link.

  • +6

    Interesting to note that while obviously you're signing up to their mailing list, they don't specifically state that anywhere I could see.

    • +5

      I'm already on their mailing list.

      Their mailling list isn't so bad and may be actually worth subscribing to, Kogan does offer some genuine deals from time to time.

      As for the USB cable I will probably not even bother using it, it'll just end up in my collection of $1 crappy cables from eBay which don't work properly and is used for… tying up stuff.

      • +1

        I've actually bought USB cables from Kogan before and they work fine.

        eBay on the other hand, is a bit of hit and miss.

    • +2

      you don't have to provide your real email.

      • +1

        But you have to provide your real address!!! coz that's so much better!

        • +5

          Yeah, Ruslan could turn up on your doorstep with a bunch of pamphlets any day now.

        • @Merlict: HAHAHA

  • +2

    "Removed - unintelligible deal" lol first time I've seen that on here.

  • Yay!!!

    • -4


    • +27

      Come back in 4-5 weeks and I'll give you a +1 too

    • Heh. just gave this a +1, but only got the despatch notice - haven't seen it yet.

    • Received lightning cable in the mail today. As promised here is my +1.

      • Not really, it's been more than 4-5 weeks :P

        • That's true. I had lost track of time. It took 8 weeks, not 4-5 weeks. Therefore I have revoked my +1.

        • @Orpheus:

          ungrateful much?

  • +2

    I'm not a fan of kogan's Lightning Cables, but who can resist free. Thanks OP

    • Agree. They appear to be a little thicker and require a little bit more force to insert/eject the cable.

      • +11

        mmm, I like that in a cable.

      • +3

        The thicker the better

      • +1

        At least it's not like throwing a sausage down a hallway.

    • +3

      Free PLUS the bonus 0.75% Cashback too

  • +1

    Good find. At the rate the clicks are going Kogan are gonna be sorry.

    • It does state while stocks last so there was probably already a limited number they were giving away.

  • Was just about to buy one thanks!

  • +2

    YESS Thank you, needed lightening cable for customers at my family business. Customers politely ask if I have an Iphone charging cable..

    • +3

      And they can wait 4 weeks?

  • +1

    Thanks op.

  • Thanks kogan and OP.

    Shipping time is crazy long but it is totally ok considering it is free!

  • +6

    Mass data collection? Is this a preemptive of a spam campaign?

    The cynical side of me. Lol

    • +5

      Yep. I wouldn't trust ANYTHING from them. There is always a price to pay when dealing with Kogan.
      and no, I didn't order the cable. ;)

      • +2

        Not if u put a fake email address in.

        • +47

          Pro tip: Use a fake street address too.

        • +1

          Genius. You go girl! ;-)

  • Yeah buddy

  • slapped myself so hard

  • There was a problem with your submission.

    Errors have been highlighted below.

    anyone get this error?

    • no i did not. try again?

    • maybe you don't have enough credit

  • +17

    Good deal op, I'm not going to take up the offer as I know others need it more than me :)

    • +3

      what is this i don't even

      lol seriously good on ya mate… but you're not living up to your name :P

  • Been needing one for a while. Anyone had experience with the micro USB variant?

    • +2

      If the cable is the same as this $1 micro USB cable


      then it's not worth the hassle. The wire's thin, entire thing very flimsy, and felt like they charged my LG G2 slower. I didn't bother testing for longer I just threw it out - waste of a dollar. Gonna see how the Lightning cables hold up, though.

      • +2

        Good to have as a backup cable. Those apple lightning cables are so easy to break and rather expensive to replace.

      • Cheers! That's a shame :(

      • It took 20 seconds to fill out info. I had nothing better to use that for anyway.

      • +3

        The MicroUSB one does charge slower. My S4 gets something like 800mA from it, while it gets 1200mA from a good cable on the same (OEM) charger. Similar to what this guy found.

        I've been lucky enough to find 2m cables off eBay in the past that will charge at the higher speed. The Tikbro ones are supposed to be decent too, but shitty build (apparently the connector becomes wobbly after a bit).

        tl;dr: it works, but you'll only charge at 2/3 max speed on a modern flagship phone.

        • Thanks for the insight!
          I guess I'll use it as a spare.

        • +2

          Nothing quite beats manufacturer bundled cables/or others like the ones you've mentioned. I've read that the 24 gauge cables are good too.


          But free is free, I suppose they'll come in handy in a fix.

        • how to do u measure the amp it is charging at?

        • +1


          Depends on your phone, really. Only the newer ones can do it. It might even be limited to Samsung, as far as I know.

          I'm currently using an older version of the Battery app (by MacroPinch). The newer version is a bit buggy with the current display, but they might fix that soon. See the advanced page on that app.

          GSAM Battery Monitor will also display the charging current. Open the app and see the text overlaid on the battery icon on the top left.

          On Samsung phones, you can try dialling *#0228#. You might not want to hit the "Quick Start" button there, though… it's recalibration or something.

          If your phone doesn't measure current, you can get a physical device that sits between the phone and USB cable. I'm not sure how accurate they are, and whether they affect the charging current.

          You could also try cutting a cable open and sticking a multimeter in there. Don't do this unless you know what you're doing.

        • +1
        • +5

          @elusive: I bought one of these from an earlier deal, and it turned out to be FANTASTIC for diagnosing USB charging issues, so now I have three of them:


          After using this device to measure the voltage and current draw of different charger/cable/device combinations, it's amazing the difference a cable can make when it comes to Micro-USB cables. I used to use a hacked-together USB extension cable with a multimeter to test them, but it couldn't test voltage and current at the same time. But this little <$2 gadget does.

          I don't know why there's such variation, but after testing every charger and cable I could get my hands on with this USB Charger Doctor device, I even found that some genuine Samsung cables with genuine Samsung chargers would simply not pass enough power to charge my wife's S3 properly, but the same charger with a crappy brand cable sometimes would. But the crappy cable wouldn't work at all with a different charger, and the original cable that worked with her S3 only allowed 800mA when charging her tablet, but allowed more with her phone. Yet her tablet charger, which puts out a measured 1.5 Amps when charging her tablet, won't feed more than 800mA into her mobile.

          It could be that some cables have the data lines shorted out internally, to allow fast-charge, but some chargers have the lines shorted out internally, but many don't. However this doesn't seem to be the only issue, as some data cables I tested (which can't be shorted out, as they pass data) charge at high power with some devices but not others, even with the same charger!

          It's particularly frustrating because we have about four cables with Samsung written on them, all genuine from mobile phones, but only ONE charges her S3. Two of them charge her tablet at full charge. Because there's NOTHING written on them, it's completely impossible to know which is which! Manufacturers say 'only use the cable and charger that came with the device' but that's tricky when there are no identifying marks on the charger or cable. Unless you stick a label onto the cable and charger when you open the box, if you have a bunch of five or six chargers and cables on the floor under the desk, after a few days nobody will remember what went where.

          USB chargers are also very tedious to diagnose. Just because something is brand-name and puts out huge amounts of power doesn't mean it'll charge another device properly. Some chargers I have here put out up to 2.1 amps, but refuse to charge some devices at more than 300mA. Some put out 4.6v, some put out 5.5v, a big difference, but still within USB spec. Some high-power chargers REFUSE to charge lower power devices, as they only work with higher loads.

          I call it USB Roulette. So much for USB 'standards' - they're great because there are so many to choose from!

        • +1


          The main issue isn't USB itself, which was designed for data and not charging. It's the multitude of non-standard charging protocols. Apple uses some measured resistance between data lines to determine what kind of charger it's connected to. Samsung (at least the S4, according to the xda-dev post I linked to above) apparently requires that that connector shields are correctly grounded. The actual USB charging spec (which is also relatively new and not implemented everywhere) requires the data lines to be shorted.

          On the plus side, a good cable should be interchangeable (though often aren't, as you've discovered). Problem is, this means that it's impossible for a charger to charge more than one brand of phone - if it has the Apple-signalling, it's not gonna work properly for a phone that expects shorting, etc., etc.. The charging hardware itself can put out the power, but the phone will only draw it if it detects a suitable charger (you can view voltage as "pushed" from the charger, and current as "pulled" by the device).

          In theory, a charger that puts out 5.5 V can better account for a drop in the cable. Actually, the i2 charger from the recent Dick Smith deal does that, and my S4 charges at 1200 mA, no problem. Anything that puts out 4.6 V is just shit.

          I'll have to look into those "charger doctor"s. Saw the deal earlier, but the reviews on Amazon were… not encouraging.

        • +1

          @elusive: this is why I'm buying the anker 40w 5-port charger - it has 'smart technology' (they call it powerIQ) which detects what device is connected and charges it at the maximum speed. This means it will be interchangeable with majority of devices (apple and android, both phones and tablets) whilst still maintaining the maximum current output for each device.

        • +1


          I'm wondering how that's supposed to work.. AFAIK the devices shouldn't be identifiable through the USB port (without opening a full data connection, anyway). It would make more sense if there was a manual switch.

          Or maybe they cycle through them until it detects the highest current draw?

          Hm. This is interesting.

        • +1

          @elusive: I'd never even considered whether the shielding was grounded or not makes a difference! Thanks so much for the pointer. This probably explains why three of my genuine Samsung cables DON'T work with the S3, but one does. And why the working cable doesn't work with some chargers that work with everything else.

          Fascinating! I bought some SMD sockets of all the common USB sockets recently, so I might solder up a break-out board to test everything more thoroughly, with LEDs to show which wires are connected to which pins, which are shorted out (and thanks to you I will now include the shield too) and a set of headers to easily measure resistance between pins. I'd have to test the cables and the device, but at least it would increase my chances of winning USB Roulette.

        • +1


          Please post the results somewhere when you're done (and maybe drop me a PM? :D). I'd love to see them.

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • Kewl deal OP - Cheers!

  • Thanks OP

  • While stocks last!

    • Stocks will not last for very long!

  • -4

    Got an apple cable, even though I don't have an iPhone lol

    • -3

      That's the true OzBargain spirit.

      • +11

        That's greedy spirit

        • +1


          isn't isn't OZbargain =~ greed

    • -1

      I'd rather have the cable than the iPhone tbh :P

      Android FTW!!

  • Excellent Op

  • Thanks OP, good find

  • Thanks op :-)

  • Pretty sure you can unsubscribe email, but noone knows if they will start sending you junk mail and what they will do with your address

    Btw don't think work address would work lol

  • Thanks bloke!

  • Nice, great deal. Thanks for the post OP.

  • Was going to buy a spare lightning cable from ebay to charge that ipad mini from Kogan's sunday deal a couple of months ago! Woot Woot bargain, just saved $1.80 AWESOME!

  • Anyone got confirmation email from them after filled out the form?

  • Thanks OP
    Thanks Mr Kogan

  • Its free
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    hooray for a free POS microusb cable!

  • Thx OP!

    Signed up for 1.

  • Am I stupid? No matter what I do it comes up as $1.

    • Try it on a computer. I found that the form did not appear on my phone. It's actually on the link as posted in this deal on the left side.

  • +1

    Hopefully these will be better built than the generic Chinese ones.
    But I know they won't be if they're giving them away!

  • will they provide warranty if it blows up your device?

    considering ppl are saying these are the cheap giveaways

  • Here's the rule for bargains: ''Do other men, for they would do you.'' That's the true business precept ~ Charles Dickens

    Professionals do your duty !

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Believe it or not their micro SD cables are pretty darn good, better than the wonky head overrated Tikbro garbage. Use it for MemoPad and GS3 fast charging.

  • +1

    thanks OP! Will use it for my car charger

    • +1

      Exactly! Now time to look for a dual USB car charger…

      • Yeah I saw one at Woolworths for $6.95 but not sure about the quality

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