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LastPass Premium Free for One Year - Save $12 @ App Sumo


Says it works for new and existing users of LastPass, emailed coupon needs to be redeemed by December 31st 2014.

As far as I know premium allows you to share out access to specific passwords to user groups you create and also lets you use the mobile app versions.

LastPass allows you to securely store the passwords you use for accessing various websites, and also helps to create secure passwords in the first place.

Combine it with free 2 factor authentication for a little added security on your LastPass account itself.

Update: Seems they have now changed the rules as the original offer page now says:
** Due to overwhelming demand, this deal is now only available to NEW LastPass customers **

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  • great timing in view of upcoming iOS 8. I prefers to use inbuilt keychain on iOS and OSX but will give it a try. thanks for the post OP

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    Website is down at the moment?
    I previously subscribed to lastpass, but i ended up not re-subscribing, I really disliked the app on android. I don't like having 2 apps act as my browser. I wish they would just make it like a password repository.

    • It's slow. It worked for me eventually

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      It can be set to just password repository.

      Now it can also fill in details in apps and chrome, but that sucks a bit of battery

      • It's only from 4.3 onwards for Chrome. After moving to a new phone with 4.4 I stopped using Dolphin + plugin, however I'm tempted to move back to that as it worked better for browsing and Chrome isn't all that fast.

      • Oh really?!!? How did I miss this?? Im a big lastpass fan.. But I found their app more annoying than useful last year. Will have to resubscribe I guess… I couldn't get in on free subscription in time

  • Thanks for this. Order took ages to go through as the site seems to be getting crushed, but I finally got the email and it worked on my existing account.

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    Keepass + keefox + dropbox on desktop.

    Keepassdroid + dropsync on Android.

    I've tried Lastpass but I prefer this combo, not to mention it's also free.

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      Thanks for the tip will give this a try (While I wait for the site to go back online)

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      Free for life. Also, I don't trust LastPass as it could potentially passes all your info to NSA.

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        But you do trust Dropbox?

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          As far as I'm aware, no-one in history - not even the NSA - has cracked AES 256 encryption. So someone getting their hands on your password blob from Dropbox is irrelevant.

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          My point is that the same could be said for LastPass since all they get is an encrypted blob on their server too..

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          No cracking required if you have the keys to the backdoor.

    • That is the same setup I use.
      I am happy with KeePass too :)

    • That is the same setup I use.
      I am happy with KeePass too :)

    • Keepass + keefox + dropbox on desktop.

      Can this setup work on Linux or Mac?

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    Sigh I bought premium 2 hours ago…

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      And now you have two years for the price of one?

      Isn't ozBargain great :)

      • I just assumed it wouldn't work if the account was already premium…awesome! :)

        • Doesn't work for me.. :-(
          Says it's only for new accounts.

  • Getting an error:

    AppSumo is Busy Eating Right Now
    We should be back online shortly. F5, F5, F5!

    Get notified of our next deal!

    • Their website probably getting slammed.

      Edit: It takes a while, but just leave the website open in the background and it will eventually refresh and let you access the deal. You have to wait at each stage of the process, but it ends up going through.

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    It's only 12 bucks for such a strong product… well worth it without deal IMO

    • The interface could use a lot of work… But aside from that, two factor and ease of use do make this a strong product.

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    Last Pass is AWESOME, Get it while you can guys, Stop storing passwords in email and using the same password over and over.

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    Well the site seems to be killed at the moment, I get 502 Bad Gateway error… offer should be on for a few days at least so just give it some time…

    Seems they were not quite ready for the traffic :)

  • Thankyou, loving the mobile app version :D

  • My membership fees rolled over today actually, funny coincidence. Wasn't expecting it, since I had the deal from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/152613, so I was all paid up until Feb 2016 - and now with this deal, Feb 2017 :D

    Will be interesting to see if they try and take out another years membership this time next year though and tack it on the top again.

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      Thanks that was quick and easy - another year for free. I am now paid up until December 2016

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      looks like that link works for everyone. cheers!

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      So much easier than waiting for appsumo to load. Two thumbs up!

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      Great. Thanks djEthen.

    • Thanks, worked for me!

    • Awesome thanks! Still works

    • So easy, thanks
      Valid up to January 2016

    • sweet!! Premium till Jan 2016!

    • "Sorry, this promotion is for new LastPass users, your account was created 4 years ago, send it to a friend! Thanks for using LastPass!"

  • If these offers keep coming out no one will ever have to pay for a sub. It's turning into WhatsApp.

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    If you want to find out how long your sub goes for..


  • Awesome. I was just considering purchasing Lastpass after my 14 day trial ended. Couldn't have come at a better time.

  • Nice, now out to Feb 17. Big fan of LastPass, been using it for a couple of years.

  • thanks, extra year of premium

  • did not work, said offer redeem last time for 6 months. not extended for some reason ?

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    OP - might want to add this link (from previous deal). Do this as well to get another 6 months free (18 in total) : https://lastpass.com/hbpromo.php?h=5dd24d69aa15ff0dc6d3f3aae...

    • Legend! Thanks!

      I already had a 3 year subscription, just added 18 months to it!

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      "Sorry, this campaign has expired."

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    Note working for me, says my Lastpass account was created 4 years ago (which it was) and that it's only for new accounts. Maybe it's only for accounts created within X number of months or something.

    Wording on the landing page must have been changed to reflect that:

    "LastPass has partnered with AppSumo to offer you a free 1 year Premium upgrade for your newly created LastPass account."

    Bummer, once again a company does a big FU to loyal customers and gives every other Johnny come lately a reward for being a blow in.

    • Same. Says mine was created 8 months ago.

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      The rules have been changed… the original page now states:

      ** Due to overwhelming demand, this deal is now only available to NEW LastPass customers **


      • If you don't care about your login email, just export your passwords to csv, create a new account and then import from that csv.

  • I got the "NEW LastPass customers" error as well using OPs link. But I'm pretty sure I got it to work using: https://www.appsumo.com/lastpass-deal/buy/

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      That was the original link, it got changed to the direct one overnight… but neither should be working for existing accounts anymore… says so on the sales page:

      ** Hey all, I'm really sorry.
      Due to overwhelming demand, this deal is now only available to NEW LastPass customers.
      I know this sucks but I'll do my best to make it up to you. Love y'all. **


      • Bah. Yep, I stand corrected. The email sent leads me to the same link in this post. Boooo.

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    I couldn't live without lastpass, and the premium version is well worth the $12 a year to have it on my mobiles.
    great deal.

  • Tried last night and the appsumo site crashed. LOL

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    Damn. This only works for new customers.
    Still a great service. Have added my referral code to the pool.

  • Great Success! Thanks OP!

  • Signed up. Redeemed. Works. thanks OP :)

  • Offer now showing as expired on the website

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