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TP-LINK ArcherD7 AC1750 Wireless Modem Router $145 + Shipping/In-Store from CentreCom


TP-LINK ArcherD7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band GIGABIT ADSL2+ Modem Router

Seems like a good modem/router for the price.

Wish it had USB3 ports and VoIP but can't complain for the price. I might buy one of these soon as it seems like the best option for under $200.

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  • how is this vs 7800nxl for 128 bucks ? (ac aside)

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      (ac aside) , that is a pretty major feature you are not counting.

      • Currently using 7800N but it maybe on the fritz so to say so looking around for a modem/router which will handle around 12 wireless devices (phones+tablets+laptop). None of us use ac adapters at this point . Im looking at viable options be it Archer D7 (it would be 145 + 7.20 for me… local shop walk to is $170 plus i get local support if there are issues instead of sending to centrecom etc), or something else…. especially since i was told most router/modems seem to come with only 1 year warranty these days.

      • (ac aside) , that is a pretty major feature you are not counting.

        Unless you're streaming enormous amounts to multiple devices simultaneously or belong to the 0.01% of Australians who have something like 100Mbp/s downstream, there's no need for it.

        A 7800NXL is also a Broadcom-based, very reliable modem.

  • I have a tp link router and regret it. nothing but problems. bad wireless signal, slower than advertised speeds, dropouts amd hopeless tech support that dont speak proper english

    • What one did you buy?
      I have had 6 TP Link modem routers and they have all been great……but this one is the best by far. Works great with N clients as well

      BTW, their support is great, I got one that was a defect and they just exchanged it for a new one, no trouble at all.

    • I have had a D7 for 3 months , fantastic device. No problems what so ever. And higher ADSL speeds than my old router could manage.

    • can't speak for a modem+router, but got one tp router wdr4300 and it works great for the price. good value.
      can't say about their support because never need to deal with them.

  • The best modem router I have ever had, a steal at this price and you get a free T4U, go get em.
    Craps on the billion NX.

  • Just spent the last two hours researching modems, and unless you're looking around the $300+ mark, this is definitely the one to go for.

    Yes, there are some good modems for a little less money, but this guy performs like a much more expensive modem/router.

    Chipset is Broadcom too, good for people with bad lines or far from exchange (I live in country Victoria, far from the exchange, and where all forms of telecoms are crappy).

  • Whirlpool boys will tell you this is a good modem/router - bang for buck!!

  • This modem is great, I have been using it since I bought 2 months ago and absolutely love it. It never disconnect and wireless signal is very strong for my need. My previous Billion modem however was not the most stable modem.

  • Cool Bought one $7.20 shipping

  • I have the asus n55u and absolutely hate it. Works great for about 3 days then the WiFi does. has anyone used this for a while with over 15 devices on the network?

    • Our D7 is connected to 2 tablets, 3 phones, 3 laptops, ps3, Foxtel box. Wifi has never dropped out as far as I can tell (I haven't noticed a dropout and no-one in the family has mentioned it either)

    • It could be a common issue with asus ones where the log fills up, i think this has been fixed in newer firmwares. See if Merlin WRT is supported also, as that is based on Asus firmware and is 500% better!

      I have a RT-AC66U running Merlin WRT and it is awesome, haven't rebooted it for over half year lol.

      Problem I find with TP Link is a apparent bug in their DNS passthrough, it isn't always compatible with every computer. For example, sometimes you will come out of standby and it would fail to find any pages as DNS requests are ignored by the router, if you go to an address using the IP address it works perfectly. Only way to usually fix this is to reboot the router.

      Also in multiple router formations, DNS on TP-Links usually fail, read online for this common issue with TP-Link.

      Before you say it is my PC / Laptop, it isn't as it doesn't have this issue with Netgear, D-Link or Asus.

      Luckily TP-Link RMA Process is quite good, if it breaks, call in, get a RMA code and go to the shop for replacement or refund. However, nowadays this is quite standard for most networking companies.

  • +1 vote

    great modem and good price. I paid $179 so this is a deal.
    Never had any problems with the modem and it is much better than my old one (linksys). Controls are great, can turn wifi on/off at certain times, parental controls for individual Mac addresses etc.

    The free dongle on the other hand, I have never got it to work and my old Vista Laptop (only lappy I would want it on). Software looks like all is fine , it seems to connect, asks for a password and no matter what password I use it says Invalid pass. Cant figure it out (and I am not that stupid I thought)

    • Authentication type incompatible with vista?

    • Try WPS button on the router.

      • tried that, tried everything I could think of. I would rather not have a dongle hanging off the laptop so I have tried again to get is working .

    • How long did it take for you to get the free dongle after filling the online form?

      • Cant remember, it was something like 3-4 weeks. They did say that they were going to send them out after the promotion expiry date but it seems they posted a bunch out early (got a free pen as well)

        Reply to the email you get when you register for the free adaptor and they will reply back and let you know.

  • I'm currently using the Fritz!box 7390 for my modem router but it's lack of features in the name of simplicity is very frustrating. Does the TP-Link here allow SNR tweaks?

    • @ Agret,
      Even though the D7 uses a Broadcom chipset they haven't enable SNR tweaking in the GUI like Billion have.

  • I have had the Archer D7 for nearly a month and it's been rock solid ever since. Very stable ADSL and wireless is pretty good although it might be little bit on the weaker side on the 2.4G band. It's a common issue as mentioned in Whirlpool forum but can be easily rectified by replacing stock antennas by these - http://tinyurl.com/nnwaqyn.

  • Was about to spit out my cornflakes, thinking I'd bought this modem last week.

    Then remembered I switched at the last minute, lashed out and bought the ASUS AC68U..

    AH netflix without constant buffering :-)

    Nice find OP!

  • Just incase anyone is interested I caught TP link customer support selling my personal information to spammers. I use a unique email address for almost everything and these guys are one of the only ones I've caught selling my information (including my name).

    • how do you know it was Sold. I thought part of the promotion was they passed info to 3rd parties.

      • I used the details for customer support. There were no tick boxes to sign up for promotions. What moativation would they have to pass on all my info to spammers other than financial gain?

  • I just bought one of these the other day from Umart ($165)

    Its been alright so far

  • I bought this in July for $179 and it has been great. No problem so far but I haven't received the dongle yet. 6 weeks since I registered for it.

  • Ordered one to replace my aging Billion NL. Cheers, OP.

    • Thats for a C7 whats the difference?

      • I think the C7 is router only

        • I would recomemnd router only though and get a seperate modem.
          Modems die quicker than routers. What I find is a modem deteriates faster than a router, the modem over time will start to have more drop outs then eventually you will switch it over with a new one.

          Also other way of thought is that a modem stays the same over time, ADSL doesn't change, however wireless and LAN technologies change faster, so instead of buying a modem every time, you only replace the router and you get all the up to date features.

          I used to be a modem / router user, however got tired of wasting time on a new modem every time!

        • @lplau:

          For a $6 difference, well worth it to get the D7 over the D7. Actually, with the bonus T4U for the D7 which is worth $50, a lot cheaper.

        • Over the C7, I mean.

  • soldout

  • I've had this router for a few months, been awesome so far.
    Fast, not one dropout or hiccup of any kind. Extremely happy, solid device.

    Was having ongoing issues with older router.. can't recommend highly enough.

    Another bonus is that my youtube streaming in house is so much better now compared to my older router. Minimal buffering. I used to think it was my crappy connection… what a difference.

  • Looks like a dalek

  • STOCK is still available in-store. Picked up mine from Sunshine.
    Promotion is for online and in-store. Online has sold out.
    Just don't go to bundoora store, they are notorious for not honoring online price/promotion, still asked for $168 on the phone.

  • Available for $145 also at CPL. Plenty of stock.