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Coke Rewards - More Items Added (Eg Ice Tray - 50 Tokens)


Headphone organiser - 50 tokens
Plastic ice tray - 50 tokens
Key Ring bottle opener - 50 tokens

Just a few random things people might want, stocking stuffers etc :)

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Coke Rewards
Coke Rewards

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    these aren't new items, they were added along side the yo-yo which had a deal posted here.

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    When will the Hoyts tickets come back?

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      Yep, also hanging out for the hoyts tickets. Best value reward by far, and my local cinema is a hoyts. and I'm almost out of tickets!

    • i'm waiting for more coles myer or woolies wish cards. i keep checking every day :)

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    I have heaps of coke labels but am restricted to adding 10 a week. Hopefully when I finally get to 4000 points they'll have some other gift card options - such as JB hi-fi.

    • Feel free to share the labels with us :)

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      Just open another account under a family member's name(or 2). This way you can add 2x10codes/week and claim your 2x2000 points JB cards 2x quicker. there is no real benefit waiting for a bigger value jb hifi card as the value/point ratio remains the same, plus having 2 cards instead of a "big" one are more flexible IMHO.

  • I have not received the yoyo and ice tray from previous posting….