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Stainless Steel Multi-Function Saber Card USD $0.01 Delivered @ GearBest


Deal number 1000 for me!

It's said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so when EC posted this deal with his very own coupon code, it got my mind ticking… this guy thinks outside the square - he wasn't named OzBargainer of the year last year for nothing - I need to match or better him. So thank you EC, I'm not ashamed to say I copied the best.

I asked a few reps if they could help with a fantastic deal for my 1000th. GearBest responded immediately and were keen to help out. History & issues aside, they're doing everything imaginable to gain everyone's confidence again, as is evidenced by the numerous responses in threads from their reps. They claim each of these orders (including postage) will be a USD $0.60 loss for them. Kudos to GB for trying to win you guys back.

Now back to the deal at hand. This is a no-brainer. USD $0.01 delivered for an item that'll come in handy almost anywhere, is a steal. Keep it in your wallet, or attach it to your keys. There's a stack of things you can do with this multi-function tool, including:

  • Can Opener: bottom hook used with upper edge, open tin cans easily.
  • Wrench: hollow groove strip, squeeze items with flat turnbuckle.
  • Sawtooth: cut branches & remove fish scales.
  • Keyhole: card can be hung on a key ring.
  • Hexagon Wrenches: 4 different types of wrench.
  • Direction Indicator: 16 accurate scales in different directions.
  • Ruler: metric scale, minimum scale to mm.
  • Bottle Screwdriver: for beverage bottle cap opening.
  • Screwdriver: on the corner of the card.
  • Lateral Knife: sharp blade, used to cut rope & other things.

Simply log in to Gearbest (or create a new account), add the item to your cart, then apply the coupon tightarse1000 at checkout.

Please note that Gearbest will have 10,000 units in stock by Oct 5th, but cannot ship them before Oct 8th due to Chinese National Day holidays between Oct 1st & Oct 7th. Have full confidence you will indeed receive your order. These are housed in a protective plastic wallet, and will pass customs inspection before being delivered to your address. Purchased one myself from a previous post by MM and received it within a month.

Limit of 1 discount per account. Expires 23:59 Oct 4th. Will have 10,000 units in stock by Oct 5th, ready for delivery on the 8th.

Cheers :) TA

If you receive an expiry or promotional code error when applying coupon code, more than likely you're trying from a mobile device, or you're not logged into GB. Either select Full Site or switch to a desktop browser. If it still shows code expired, you've likely used your one allocation for that account. Good luck.

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  • +1

    Thanks TA, top guy.

  • Thanks - got 12. Will make nice presents for all my nieces and nephews.

  • +1

    thanks TA. placed an order.

  • +2

    It looks useless for me but I'm a ozbargainer! I've ordered lol

    • You'll figure out a use for it!

  • We used to make these back in design and tech classes at school, they were free.

  • Thank you for all your deals posted TA.
    I am sure most peoples desk drawer has some useless crap floating around in it thanks to you!

  • Congratulations mate!

  • You're the man, man! Thanks TA.

  • +1

    Ordered 3, even if only 1 of them was at 1c. 3 for $2 is not a bad deal either. Thanks

  • +1

    Fun trivia:

    At checkout, in the State/County/Province drop-box we have our states and territories, plus another at the very bottom…


    bogan land?

    • Austrian state….

      • hehe yeah.
        Don't you love how Uncle Rupert pulls old assets out of retirement to push his crappy websites?

  • +1

    code didnt take them to .01 but .97 got 5 anyway

    • +1

      Hi Grippa,

      Please follow these simple steps:
      1. Create or log into your gearbest account (email verification required)
      2. Add the item to your cart
      3. Enter COUPON as your coupon code on right hand side of page and hit APPLY
      If it's a new account, enter your address delivery details here and select PLACE YOUR ORDER
      5. Select PLACE YOUR ORDER and PAY by whatever method suits

      Note: Limit of 1 coupon per account applies.
      If you receive an expiry or promotional code error when applying coupon code, more than likely you're trying from a mobile device, or you're not logged into GB. Either select Full Site or switch to a desktop browser. If it still shows code expired, you've likely used your one allocation for that account.

  • Got 1 of these a long time ago … don't know what use I have for it but I once played with it and shed some blood as a price.

  • +1

    Thanks TA (Congrats) and Gearbest! Code worked just fine.

  • +1

    Thanks TA!!!

  • Can anyone explain what the screw wrench does? Or how it does it?

  • +1

    Couldn't help myself and had to get one

  • Just got one….deal is still active…and I paid with my 28Deg card USD 0.01, wonder how GE will do the transaction.

  • +1

    Congrats TA, keep up the good work!

  • Cheers TA! Ordered one - looks pretty damn useful.

  • +1

    That's 1c from my US$5 Paypal balance.

  • +2

    I hope that you get 1,000 +'s TA. Well done!!

  • 96 off 1000+ votes!

    • It's had 11,000 clicks!!

  • does that mean 1000 clicks missed out as only 10,000 units. Worked ok for me on mobile using desktop mode and yes 2c for me with the conversion :)Visa still processed it no questions asked.

  • Just received shipping confirmation, they shipped it out to Australia today.

  • -3

    One of the 12 I got shipped today. Haven't heard about the other 11. Still, even if only one arrives it's gotta be the best 24c I ever spent.

  • Anyone got theirs yet?

    • Nope.

    • I have, came in the mail today (Sydney)

    • +1

      Haven't received mine yet.

  • Still not arrived yet….

  • Nothing for me yet.

  • +2

    Dear OZB members,

    We are sorry to hear that you still have not received your order and for all the inconvenience may have caused. As you know, Flat Rate Shipping is the slowest shipping method that is available, and the standard delivery is usually around 15-25 business days(Monday to Friday) after dispatch. We hope you can appreciate that shipping time is dependent on the respective shipping company and is regrettably outside our control. Once again, please accept our apologies for not meeting your expectation.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

    Sorry again,

  • Received mine today.

  • +1

    Hi guys
    This was on the federal police facebook page today… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=938069189667018&...

    I know it isn't the same thing but those who have purchased one of these cards make sure you take it out of your wallet before going on a plane: I'd say they aren't gonna be lenient given the terror risk.

  • I got mine the other day, pretty quick considering all the whining. Thanks again TA.

  • Just got mine!

  • +2

    Heard on the radio at work today:
    "Customs are on alert following a large influx of imported credit card knives, anyone found importing credit card knives could be facing police action or jailtime"
    With almost 1000 upvotes on this deal, did ozbargain just trigger a customs security response?
    Still hasn't arrived yet… getting nervous ahah.

    • It wouldn't surprise me… But I think it is probably more referring to actual knifes in those cards. See my post above… Haven't got mine yet either.

  • +2

    Anyone received theirs in the last few days?? I am starting to suspect that the customs alert could've been them… Gearbest rep can you please follow this up??

  • Nothing yet

    • +1

      Arrived, just in time too as a tree branch had just fallen over the driveway blocking us in.

  • Probably confiscated?

  • still nothin

  • Nothing for me… Can't even log into the website anymore… At least I only paid $0.01

  • Received mine

  • doubt i'm getting mine

  • -1

    Man, I bet some Customs guy has a pile of these at his house. Still haven't received mine.

  • didnt get

  • Still waiting

  • Same here, still haven't received mine.

  • TA what is the ETA on my Stainless Steel Multi-Function Saber Card?

  • came today

  • mine came today along with my torch.

    With this steel tool can anyone find an English version of the Diagram? Some of the things i don't know what they are for lol

  • +1

    Received mine today. Looked up on youtube if there were any tutorials as the diagram given is in Chinese.


    • Skip to 2:19 for the list of names.

      Turns out 9 is a compass using a drop of water and metal shavings. The video DOESN'T show how it works.

  • +1

    Got mine today!

    Be careful when opening it - I almost cut my finger on the saw… DON'T take this to a airport. It looks pretty dodgy and might be hard to explain what exactly it is…

    I'll upload a translated list of the diagram to show what each of the functions do

  • +1

    Still waiting.

    • me too!

      • UPDATE: Mine has arrived this morning (Sydney)! time to put it through its paces! Thanks TA an Gearbest!

  • Got mine Yay

  • Mine have arrived!

  • Received today! Sydney.

  • Haha completely forgot I ordered this. Not as bad as the time with that New Balance shirt though. Good ozb times.

    Cheers TA for sharing and GearBest! Never had issues with you guys in the past or now, keep up the good work guys!

  • Received mine today.

  • I also received mine today.

  • Yes! 2 of mine arrived yesterday :)
    They're lots smaller than I expected, I thought they'd be credit card sized but they seem a bit smaller. That's OK though - size is key!

  • Mine arrived yay!

  • Still waiting for mine…
    I tried looking up the tracking number online, but it doesn't seem to work. Is it supposed to work?

    • Received today :) Thanks.

  • Got mine today!

  • got mine yesterday

  • Mine just came

  • Got mine today. Had totally forgotten about it!

    Also got a bit concerned when I saw the story from customs about these…

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