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Stainless Steel Multi-Function Saber Card USD $0.01 Delivered @ GearBest


Deal number 1000 for me!

It's said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so when EC posted this deal with his very own coupon code, it got my mind ticking… this guy thinks outside the square - he wasn't named OzBargainer of the year last year for nothing - I need to match or better him. So thank you EC, I'm not ashamed to say I copied the best.

I asked a few reps if they could help with a fantastic deal for my 1000th. GearBest responded immediately and were keen to help out. History & issues aside, they're doing everything imaginable to gain everyone's confidence again, as is evidenced by the numerous responses in threads from their reps. They claim each of these orders (including postage) will be a USD $0.60 loss for them. Kudos to GB for trying to win you guys back.

Now back to the deal at hand. This is a no-brainer. USD $0.01 delivered for an item that'll come in handy almost anywhere, is a steal. Keep it in your wallet, or attach it to your keys. There's a stack of things you can do with this multi-function tool, including:

  • Can Opener: bottom hook used with upper edge, open tin cans easily.
  • Wrench: hollow groove strip, squeeze items with flat turnbuckle.
  • Sawtooth: cut branches & remove fish scales.
  • Keyhole: card can be hung on a key ring.
  • Hexagon Wrenches: 4 different types of wrench.
  • Direction Indicator: 16 accurate scales in different directions.
  • Ruler: metric scale, minimum scale to mm.
  • Bottle Screwdriver: for beverage bottle cap opening.
  • Screwdriver: on the corner of the card.
  • Lateral Knife: sharp blade, used to cut rope & other things.

Simply log in to Gearbest (or create a new account), add the item to your cart, then apply the coupon tightarse1000 at checkout.

Please note that Gearbest will have 10,000 units in stock by Oct 5th, but cannot ship them before Oct 8th due to Chinese National Day holidays between Oct 1st & Oct 7th. Have full confidence you will indeed receive your order. These are housed in a protective plastic wallet, and will pass customs inspection before being delivered to your address. Purchased one myself from a previous post by MM and received it within a month.

Limit of 1 discount per account. Expires 23:59 Oct 4th. Will have 10,000 units in stock by Oct 5th, ready for delivery on the 8th.

Cheers :) TA

If you receive an expiry or promotional code error when applying coupon code, more than likely you're trying from a mobile device, or you're not logged into GB. Either select Full Site or switch to a desktop browser. If it still shows code expired, you've likely used your one allocation for that account. Good luck.

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  • +71

    Congrats on your 1000th post TA!!- keep up the great work :-)

    • +5

      +1. Cheers TA!!

    • +21

      Congratulations TA on your 1000th Post. Love the way you put together your Posts, always waiting for those $0 udemy and $0 kindle post.

      continue the shower of tight price Posts.

      Thanks for the effort you put on your posts. You are one of the big asset of ozbargain community.

      Hopefully soon we will see your post no. 2000

    • +5

      Good work TA. Ozbargain king 2014!

    • Can we get 1000 Likes for TA for his 1000th Post ??

  • +12

    Congrats TA !!

    Keep up the good work

  • +5

    Does anyone wonder how it pays of for such companies to sell something for one cent shipped?
    I am sure they can just make a loss with this. Are they just collecting data or what is the point of that?

    • +8

      They do it to make amends after such poor delivery experiences they got banned.

      • I'll buy 2 if I can pay cash.

      • +1

        Considering they took my 0.44c for the headphone plug thing for smartphones, and never delivered the item, they should be giving this out free (along with more). Bastards.

    • +6

      every 1 cent item you buy

      somewhere a child labourer gets born

    • +1

      They get your email address and can send you advertising and sell you more cheap stuff.

      • I would have hoped you had a spare ozbargain email address for this kind of thing…

    • +7


      At GearBest.com, we never sold any of our users' email addresses, and we never sent out any SPAM emails. Many people suspect us on that, because they can't believe we sell products at such low prices.They always asked how we make money. The answer is, we are not here to make short term money, but to build up our brand and grow.
      Gearbest is fully committed to serving the needs of each and every customer. We’re always available to provide you with the very best support.


      • Bullshit. I bought your smartphone headphone plug thing for 44 cents last time you posted a deal here, never got it, never received any communication etc etc. You guys are no good and cannot be trusted. You treat your customers like idiots, and ask them to log a complaint after 45 days which is the same amount of time PayPal give you to lodge a complaint/refund. You guys are SCUM.

        • +4

          you seem totally butthurt over 44c there mate

  • Congratulations man.

  • +2

    i got one from previous ozbargain deal..

    these aren't that useful,
    since it just makes your wallet thicker

    It would had been better if it was something like a keychain multi tool

    but for 1 cent

    why not…

    • +1

      So this is intended to be kept in a wallet just incase you need it - has anyone ever had any problems boarding a flight with one of these scanning up in the x-ray?

      • +2

        Haha, I guess that would be a huge concern. Cheers mate.

      • +5

        I got pulled up at the airport when I forgot I had one of these things in my wallet. Got confiscated so I'm pretty happy this deal came up.

        • +6

          You might want to not take it right now with all of the AFP on high terror alert. Know of a mate who got pulled aside with one of these (it had a small knife thing though) and now has to face court.

        • +3

          @fryandlaurie: OzBargain meetup then?

        • +1


          Sure! We'll need to find a bargain solicitor though :-)

        • +6

          I'm calling bullshit on this.
          No one goes to court for this reason.

        • +1

          @luke73: You can actually face court if you travel with one of these or any other prohibited good. What will happen if at an international airport is you'll be subject to customs/federal jurisdiction and you could also be charged with filling out an outgoing or incoming passenger card with false information (i.e. recklessly declaring the information).

          People do stupid things like try to bring back laser pointers or tasers from Bali and the like, and get it confiscated as well as a record (assuming you won't get a s19B application successful for a no conviction under the Crimes Act).

          Some of the customs people just don't believe you when you do it by accident, I know many people stung for forgetting to declare items.

        • @Joxer:

          I sincerely hope he is able to convince the magistrate that this was a mistake and be let off with a warning/fine. Last thing I want is my buddy to get a criminal record. Admittedly, I wish he had never gotten the cursed thing in the first place. Novelty-smovelty.

        • @luke73: It might have been how he reacted at the time of confiscation rather than just having the item ;-) Nonetheless don't travel on a plane with these or similar items - they aren't sharp enough to cut through those bread rolls they give you anyway ;-)

      • +1

        My cousin unbelievably got through domestic with a Swisscard. Didn't realise until we were at the hotel.


        • I got through with a cut throat razor once. Doesn't say too much about Sydney airport security.

      • It's definitely going to show up. My recent airport visit - forgot I had a Swiss card in my wallet. It was noticed of course. They just get you to either hand it over for disposal or in my case I went down to the post office and sent it home. It cost too much to just throw out. Had the same at a courthouse when I was a juror - they just held it for me.

        • Exactly @jetcave.. Unless the security officer is a complete dick or something.

          @fryandlaurie: Is there more to this story? If they had something like a swisscard they aren't going to go to court. If they brought through a kitchen knife or something crazy like that maybe…

        • @knick007:

          I am afraid it was a credit card knife like this:


          Bought from ebay for "shits and giggles" for $5 apparently.

          Maybe they took this as an act of concealment and chose to face charges rather than just confiscate? Oh man, I am just hoping he doesn't get a criminal record. It was so freaking stupid.

        • @fryandlaurie: he really shouldn't… He should get off with a warning…. I'm not a lawyer so I can't guarantee…. One factor could've been is that is just a knife and something like a swisscard has other utensils…

        • Methinks you haven't had the misfortune of dealing with government much. Lucky you. Keep it that way.

      • Yep, had one, reasonably useful. Got confiscated at customs when I forgot I had it in my wallet. Good thing I only paid a buck for it. Will buy 100 so I won't have to worry about forgetting to take it out before I fly :P

        Though I've only been using it as a bottle opener, hadn't even been doing that since I've discovered practically ANY door strike plate doubles as a bottle opener!

    • Fits in my wallet fine, in an inner pocket. Don't even know it's there. Has mostly come in handy for a bottle opener but I am glad to carry it around just in case.

  • Nope still getting error… 1c price only shows if you deselect the item in cart

    • +7

      Tested 2 second ago… so quick to neg :(


    • I just bought successfully. Are you logged in?

      • Logged in, showing error for code and 97 cents price

    • +2

      It doesn't work on mobile for some odd reason. Try going on a computer. And you must login before entering code.

      • +1

        On mobile site, click on full site, from menu at top. Code then works.

  • Congratulations TA - keep up the great work:)

  • i still haven't received my last order from Gearbest, hmm, to buy or not to buy…

    • +1

      I've bought a few things from them (always less than a dollar) and the postage is a joke. It literally is a slow boat from China arrangement.

      I've received all of them, eventually. It's almost like Christmas; just when you hit the 6 week mark and BOOM! Cheap junk in your letterbox. Love it.

    • -1

      Hi morpheu,

      Could you please send PM to me your order number, we will check it for you ASAP.

  • +5

    Congrats Tightarse. Should change it to Loosearse now!

  • +2

    Well done on the 1000 deals TA and Thx

  • -3

    expired … fml

    • Expires after 10,000 units sold, or 23:59 Oct 4th. Whichever comes first.

      • thanks for the post :) - but still comes up as expired: "The code you entered is expired." - guess 10k units must have sold?

        • Just bought got one now, thanks TA…

        • Just bought one so still working!

        • worked for me just then

  • +2

    Honestly I don't need this. But +1 for the effort. Congrats TA. You shine in this OzB community. !!

  • +2

    Ta TA!!


  • +1

    good work TA :)

  • -3

    OzBargain should be about quality not quantity of deals. Many deals of late seem to be forced, or rushed as opposed to members stumbling on great finds. I have the feeling people on centrelink who don't work all day are hoping to earn some extra $$$ from the comps. If not gratz on the supreme bargain finding skills as I would never be do that even with some extra free time.

    • +1

      I disagree, TA in particular may not post deals you find useful, but I can't recall anyone that's puts as much effort and care into his posts and comments as he does. Truly, he deserves his rewards for his posts…

  • +4

    Haha, +1 for the coupon code alone, good work TA!

  • +1

    Placed an order, thank you!

  • +2

    Congrats TA :)

  • +3

    Thanks OP!
    But how on earth they make money from this deal?! even postage feel is not covered in the buy price…

    • +2

      Please read the post. They're claiming a $0.60 loss on each item.

    • +3

      It's called details harvesting/farming. Easily worth 60 cents + PR after a few mishaps which caused to them be seen negatively. They can easily make $6000 back.

    • +1

      They want to send u promo emails, etc..
      and have all your contact details..

      they might even sell it to other marketers…

      so 60 cent is not much for that…

    • they probably pay a special postage rate but at 70c for one stamp, I would even consider $1 to be reasonable for small items posted.

      • It comes from China, they pay waaaaaaaaay less than 70c for postage and due to the reciprocal postage agreement between Auspost and China Post our posties drop it in our letterboxes at no additional cost.

  • +1

    The deal is gone? Code expired it said.
    Good deal anyway, upvote!

    EDITED: Wierd, paypal transaction doesnt goes through said transaction invalid, but I got order confirmation email from GearBest with order number.
    EDITED 2: Just found out you can pay the order by login into your account and select pay on order details page. The email they sent you doesnt mean you paid already.

  • +2

    CONGRATS TA!!! :)

  • +1

    I have this in my wallet everyday. I use it when opening boxed parcels (which I bought from ozb) and also opening non-twist beers. I will get another one definitely.

  • +3

    Cost me $0.02 AUD :( (due to 0.01 USD)
    Well done TA!

    • +1

      Damn I forgot to use my Citibank card.

  • +5

    $0.01USD in the title please, what is this, your first post? It costs 100% more! What a gip…

    PS. do you have a PO box we can all send them to so you can individually number them? These would have to be a collectors item.

    • +3


    • I have my PayPal set to charge the exact currency to my card, I only get charged 1c with ING direct

  • +1

    Well done. Fantastic deal!

  • +1

    Got one of these last time they were on sale. Honestly, these are immensely useful. Cuttting mail, quick measuring, opening botttle, even screwing/prying stuff open. Perhaps I'm just lucky enough to be one of those people who needs these features regularly, but this beats the hell out of carrying a pocket knife with me at all times.

    Get one if you can, just in case!

  • +1

    Would you get in trouble for having a "blade" in your wallet if searched?

    • +2

      Ahem… #HeyASIO, do you mind us carrying 10,000 blades in our pockets?

    • "Concealed knife in a public place" is against the law, but police would need to suspect you of carrying a prohibited item in the first place in order to search you.

      So, to answer your question accurately- depends on why you are being searched in the first place.

      Going through an airport with one of these things would be crazy, but walking down the street with it shouldnt cause you any issues… unless you do something that would warrant a police officer to enact their search powers on you.

      The fact that this item has other functions doesnt preclude it from also being used as a knife (just like one of those Swiss Army Knife thingys.

      • Thanks for the in depth explanation! Yeah was just worried I'll forget it being in my wallet…

  • +1

    You legend.

  • +2

    Nice work TA

  • Need to mark as expired it's been ozbargained now:)

  • +1

    Christmas is sorted!

    • +1

      Won't arrive in time.

      • +1

        What are you talking about? We've got almost 15 months to go… should be here by then.

  • So yeah, as others have said, it doesn't appear to work on a mobile site. If the code is giving you an error, try a desktop browser. Worked for me :)


  • +2

    Congrats TA.

  • Can I pay cash?

  • +1

    Not really worth $0.01 to give another random company my name, email, phone number, address etc

    • +2

      The only real detail you need provide is your postal address….

  • +1

    Bought one a few seconds ago. Code still working!

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