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Free $10 Voucher with $40 Min Spend (including Woolworths) at MacArthur Central, Brisbane CBD


Was just going to Woolies yesterday and saw this deal. Have used it twice and can confirm it works.

Spend $40 at any store in MacArthur Central, Brisbane CBD (including Woolworths, Big W, BWS, JB Hifi, food court etc.) and receive a free $10 voucher valid for use at a number of stores (Priceline, Boost Juice, OPSM, KFC, Sumo Salad, Nextra, Tasty Table, Hanaichi, Fantasia, Wallace Bishop, Shingle Inn, Flight Centre, Oroton, Ciao Bella, Massage Indulgence, Brazilian Beauty).

Vouchers can be picked up near the front of Woolworths until Oct 26 and only one voucher can be claimed per person per day.

Vouchers valid until November 9. No min spend. No change given and not redeemable for cash. One per person per transaction. Enjoy!

Thanks Bappy , a GoCard top up at Nextra is a good idea!

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    Hi OP
    Thanks for sharing this… Just to confirm, need to spend $40 in one transaction and then show the receipt to obtain the $10 voucher?

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      Correct. And they'll stamp the receipt to make sure you don't reuse it. Also, not sure until what time in the evening they are giving away vouchers.

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        Checked http://www.macarthurcentral.com.au but no info about this offer yet.

        You haven't included Nextra in your first list where we need to spend $40… do you know if Nextra is also included in the first list?

        In that case could have top up go-card and claim the bonus $10 (I'm wearing my OZB hat right now)

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          Nextra is on my list. Good thinking! Just to clarify the $40 can be spent at any store in the shopping centre (I've just included a few of the more popular stores).

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          Thanks for confirmation.
          I hope Nextra has PayPass so I can get another 5% cashback :D

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          Or you could even use the voucher to top-up your GoCard!

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          Like your thinking ;-)
          Need a Translink topup. Usually use PayPass at 7-11 to get the ING 5% rebate, but $10 voucher is better.

        • Yeah Bruce, same here :)

          BTW Did you come to city to get the 2nd lot of RediATM card?

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          Slept in. I was too well know to the organisers, so probably wouldn't have had a chance ;-)

          About to OzBargain Japan for 6 weeks. Just arranged a room in apartment above a cafe in central Tokyo at $160 for a week!

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          @Bappy: My friends and i didn't get noticed the 2nd time ;) Though this time you were forced to get a photo take and then get your card.

        • @happychild100:
          Well they certainly wouldn't have given me one. Glad I didn't bother.

  • Just walked past this sign an hour ago and wondered if it included woolworths or not, thanks. Shame you can't use it there.

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    The stand is manned from 10-4pm. I came out of woolies with $40 groceries and the guy had packed up and gone.

  • Easy $10. Bought a new GoCard for $40 (less $2 rebate with ING PayWave), showed the receipt at desk, stamped, redeemed $10 as top up onto other GoCard back at Nextra.

    A spare GoCard is handy. Register it, keep it tucked away, and if one is lost, transfer it's credit to the other card. I need a GoCard to/from Gold Coast Airport for flight to Japan. Will be carrying it for 6 weeks, so could go missing. If that happens, can transfer credit online & buy new GoCard at airport.


    Gift Cards are not allowed…
    I wanted to try something different, so bought a Wish Giftcard
    Unfortunately the guy did not accept it (he was advised not to accept Gift Cards any more)… ohh well, at least I used ING when bought the GC… so its not too bad :)

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