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Casio Edifice EFR-520D-7AV. Only $99 @ Star Jewels w/Free Shipping


Part of the Casio stable of brands, the Edifice EFR-520D-7AV features a full stainless steel band with a metallic colour dial, Tachymeter, Chronograph and is 100m Water resistant.

This watch is part of our 3 day Really BIG Watch sale featuring 12 watches each in 5 different price points of $99, $149, $199, $249 and $299. See the full range of watches on sale at http://www.starjewels.com.au/specials-1/really-big-watch-sal...

ALL Edifice watches supplied by Star Jewels are shipped FREE with Australia Post eParcel service. Tracking details will follow as soon as the parcels are picked up for delivery by Australia Post. ALL Edifice watches are shipped in Original packaging with instructions and the FULL 2 year Manufacturers warranty

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    View all the watches on the 3 day Really BIG Watch sale at http://www.starjewels.com.au/specials-1/really-big-watch-sal...

  • What's the case diameter and thickness of the Edifice?

  • Looks nice, for $99 i reckon it's worth it. (I don't know the RRP on this lol)

    Too bad I'm more of an automatic/solar person.

    RRP online seems to be around 192 onwards… so pretty cheap for $99

  • Hello Rep, Can you do big sale on G shock MTG as well please

    • +2 votes

      I wish we could get stock of the MTG series. We are completely sold out of the Black & Steel versions. G-Shock have promised us more stock by the end of November……..BUT, its never certain. We will try to lower these for OzBargainers only as they are a very quick selling watch.

  • +2 votes

    Rep, do you mean the sale is really big, or it is a sale of really big watches? The wording makes it impossible to determine!

    • Hi Russ. it is a bit confusing. Its a big 3 day sale on ladies and mens watches of various sizes. Thanks

  • Rep - do you post overseas? And is the 2yr warranty an international or Australian warranty only?

    • We do post overseas. The 2 year is an Australian warranty. The international warranty is 1 year. Thanks

  • Helo Rep

    Do you have similar model with black band / Black stainless Steel wrist.
    Or if you can do a deal on the one with black band please


    • +1 vote

      Unfortunately we only purchased this model. Edifice is a new brand for us so we are still finding our feet with what sort of models sell. Nothing in a similar model but we will build our range up shortly so please keep an eye out. Thanks

  • Hello Rep,

    Those are some excellent prices! I'm tempted to grab the BM8475-00X, but any chance you guys could do the black face BM8475-34E at the same price?


    • +1 vote

      We have got a small quantity promised to us by Citizen but not till towards the begining of December. Please wait for that one as we will be getting some stock in for you. At the moment we dont have any in stock at that price. Thanks

  • Check out the limited edition red bull version of this watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fuyWulw7x4

  • +1 for REP - such a breath of fresh air to have a helpful, positive & knowledgeable REP on OzB.
    Good luck in your dealings.

  • Hi Rep just bought one, how long the delivery since I will go overseas next week?

  • thank you
    it's look good.
    does after battery change still has water resistance?

  • I'm half relieved to see that my new Citizen watch isn't for sale here, otherwise I'd probably find it cheaper than I got it for duty free!
    I am incredibly tempted by that G-Shock though…. must resist. Can't start collecting watches.

  • A suggestion: to be able to filter by gender and brand would make browsing so much more convenient.

    • Thanks. We will be doing a full update at the begining of new year as a pure watch website. That will make the search functionality a lot easier.

  • hi Rep,
    Does this watch comes with leather band as well or can i buy leather band separately

    • Hello. Not as far as I am aware. I'll have a look and if it does will post a link to it. No issue with getting an aftermarket band from a watchmaker or jeweller.

      • As far as i know some of the watches are only designed for steel band ,i was wondering will this watch fit with leather band

  • Thanks Rep, perfect timing, having been looking for a watch for a while. Just purchased the Edifice.

  • Thanks! Bought to add to watch collection :)

  • A very nice watch at a very nice price.

  • Nice thanks.

  • Sold out while doing the checkout. :(

  • is this made in Japan?

    • The movement is Japanese (meaning the quartz crystal oscillator/motor for the hands); but it'll be cased in Thailand/China.

  • Really didn't need another watch Lol. Thanks :D

  • Hi rep, any more stock or is that all she wrote?

  • Any more?

    • +6 votes

      Sorry everyone but thats all 100+ gone! We are unable to get any more stock of this model. Please keep an eye out and we will try to get some more Edifice at this price point.

  • Is it possible to get such pricing at your store in person?
    Interested in the Citizen Dress Watch

    • You are welcome to come over to our office to have a look but we dont have any stock out on display. We stock the best sellers here and ship from our warehouse. Thanks

  • Hi rep, would it be possible to get the Casio Edifice EQS-A500DB-1AV model?

    • +1 vote

      Just checked and this model was not an Australian release. I cant give you any details at the moment but we are expecting to receive a similar looking watch next month. With black dial and red accents.

  • Hi rep, does this have a sweep motion for the seconds hand? If not, is there any other model that does?

    • Hello. this model certainly does not. I could be corrected here but the sweeping hand is more a function of an automatic watch. In saying that, some Bulovas (quartz models) also have a sweeping hand.

  • out of stock now

  • Damn missed out. Hope you come back with some more deals rep :)

  • awesome xmas present, very tempted but holding out for the resin strapped EQW-A1000B-1AJF or one of its variants.


  • Out of stock

  • Made in Japan?

  • Any deals on Grand Seiko watches? WANT/NEED! :-)

    • +2 votes

      We are not authorised stockists for Grand Seiko unfortunately as we discount…a lot and Seiko would prefer the stock to be sold at RRP. Also I think B/M retailers would not be too happy with Seiko.

      • Thanks for the heads up

        Seiko only started to export Grand Seiko a few years ago, kept them all in JAPAN for local consumption for decades.

        Not happy with the local selling situation, but I noticed that Japanese sellers deep discount them, just I want to try one on before I buy a $5k watch

        So I need to take a trip to Japan, eat whale, buy a GS watch, visit Ginza etc etc

        So many buckets on the list to do……

  • Any sneaky OzB deals for the Precisionist range? In particular the 96B182. At this stage it's still significantly cheaper from Amazon, which is unfortunate coz I'd much rather support Aus businesses.

    • Bulovas are near impossible to locally as we only have a distributor locally who never carry enough stock that they need to call us when they need to sell inventory. On Bulova, its just not possible to compete with US websites. Great choice on the 96B182 :)

  • Ahh missed out on this one!

    Any chance of more stock or now finished?

  • Hi Rep
    Any chance of this watch being re stocked at $99 ?

  • This ->

    Hi Rep
    Any chance of this watch being re stocked at $99 ?

    I wouldn't mind 1 two

    • +2 votes

      Hello. We are chasing a customer up who has bought 15 of the above. By the looks of things, he appears to be an EBay merchant. We have not as yet heard back from him but please check back on our website on Tuesday and if we are able to get any unallocated stock, we will be sure to leave it on at $99 on Tuesday morning. Thank you.

      • Thank you. I appreciate your effort.

        Sorry for seeing "red" over what seemed a genuine offer, that evaporated too fast, and looked suspicious.
        Your offer was genuine and in good faith, but those other people were greedy.

        It is unfair to the other customers, when charlatans "shark" a limited offer like this, only to sell it on through eBay.

        I would not be surprised if they have struck before.

        • Absolutely nothing to be sorry for. Its completely understandable. We will be reviewing our sale procedures on Monday morning to avoid Ebay and other merchants buying stock at the expense of our customers. Thanks

        • I also really want one, I think i missed out by about 20 minutes, so I will just keep checking the ozbargain page every 15 mins on Monday like I do normally anyway? Or will you need a bit longer to find out if you have any left over to sell?

        • Yeah Star Jewels is a great contributor to Ozbargain. I missed out on this deal but I bought from one of their previous deals and they are really decent.

  • I would like to get 1 too…. Can't wait for Tuesday morning.

    • +1 vote

      Unfortunately we will have to ship all 'legitimate' orders first and then work out how many are left in stock. We would prefer to be on the safe side and ensure we are not selling something we dont have in stock. Thanks

  • :( limit 1 per customer. Better to get your name out there cos more people would buy

    Edit: preorders?? :D

    • Thanks. Definitely for items like this. Re pre-orders, as a policy we never sell what is not in stock. There is inevitably going to be a scenario when stock runs out or supplier cannot supply the quantity promised. Slow & Steady, thats us :)

  • Hey rep can we buy the edifice at this price and wait until it comes back in stock? Even if its 2 months, Im a patient person.

  • Hi Rep,

    What is the ETA for these to arrive? I'm in Melbourne CBD

  • Any word on additional stock tomorrow morning? What time should we check?

  • Hi Rep
    Any updates on the stock ? Any good news for the members here ?

    • +9 votes

      Hi guys. At the expense of some bad reviews on Yelp, we have managed to get an additional 18 watches from EBay merchants who had bought some stock from us. Please note that the warehouse has not been able to ship all the orders from the weekend so we expect to ship these out from tomorrow at the earliest. We have just released these for sale now. http://www.starjewels.com.au/watches-1/casio-edifice-watches...

      • Fantastic!! Got one. You rock

      • A-W-E-S-O-M-E
        Got one …Thanks !!!!!!!!!
        One happy Ozbargain-er :)

      • Thanks - just grabbed one. Glad I checked here again!

      • Brilliant, just picked one up too!

        Edit: Rep, I wanted to grab one before they sold out so did the Paypal quick checkout without making an account.
        I've now made an account, are you able to possibly link my purchase so it shows up in the My Orders page if I pm you the details?

        • Hello. Unfortunately the security systems are set to high so we are unable to alter anything in your account setting.

        • @Star Jewels: No problems, it was worth a shot.
          Thanks again for the awesome deal! My account will be ready for the next one at least ;)

      • Dammm missed out twice

  • That is amazing. I can't believe you went so far out of your way to look after your customers. I'm glad I have ordered from Star Jewels in the past and will continue to do so. Thumbs up!