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Kogan Free Shipping (Extended to a 2nd Day)


Received email offer. Offer ends at 3AM AEDT on 29th October unless otherwise extended.

Now extended to 30th October 2AM AEDT

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    • +7

      Samsung S4 @ $359
      Tripod @ $19
      S-Tab 8.4 Pro T320 @ $289

      not bad prices…

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      Oh Jv you bummed cause you didn't get to post this first?

  • +1

    The ATH-M50 is a reasonable deal at $139 new with free shipping


    • I wanted to M50xbl however I remember it being cheaper a few days ago….. $179 + postage…. so did they increase some prices to offset free postage?

  • I purchased a nikon flash yesterday and paid $23 shipping. Is there anyway I can get this free shipping offer.

    • +3

      Ring Kogan customer service and they might give you store credit.
      Last year, I had similar purchase where free shipping was announced after 2 days. The customer service team happily gave me store credit(they were reluctant to refund the balance).
      It is worth a try.

      • +2

        do this. i emailed kogan and this was the reply:

        Hi Vietbargain,

        Thank you for purchasing with Kogan.com.

        As you are yet to receive your order, we are happy to offer $22.99 store credit, which is the value of the price drop.

        A unique code will be generated and sent to you shortly, which can be entered when placing an order on our website.

        Thank you for your patience, and please don't hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

  • Dammit .. I just bought a new phone last week :(

  • +5

    Been watching this Sony MDR1R MK2 for a while
    It was $299 plus shipping. Now free shipping, but price up to $319.

    • +1

      Seems to be the trend…. so much for "free" shipping.

      They are raising the price to include shipping.

    • +4

      $279 on the website…..have a look.

  • Anyone try the Qi Wireless charging? $19, keen to get it for my Nexus 5

    • yes, they are good.

    • It's better than the eBay/DX ones but worse than the Google one.

    • I've been using the Kogan Qi charger since March. Can't complain. Charges through cases.

  • +2

    Who'd ever think of upping the price to lure customers into free shipping Gee I hope big time Ebay sellers don't find out about this imagine what they could do with the 20% off promos

  • kogan air fryer - 89, most paid 99?

  • I've been looking at this (http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/drift-ghost-s-action-camera/) for a while now, its been $359 but was out of stock, actually lucky it was marked out of stock this morning when I checked because now its got free shipping. This is the cheapest I can find, even cheaper than many of the online US retailers (factoring in shipping).

    Its one of the better alternatives to the GoPros, you can also get a GoPro adapter and use their accessories. Watch some Youtube clips to get a good gauge.

    Edit: Found a website explaining why a Drift is better than a GoPro :) I think its written before the GoPro 4s were released.

  • +4

    Everything from lowest to highest price:

  • +6

    For those that are not aware you can earn "velocityfrequentflyer" points when buying on Kogan. For ever $1 spent you get 2 velocity points. Must have an account at http://www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/ and use their portal to jump to kogan and other sites.

  • RE: mobile phone opinions.

    I have a flaky Huwaei I decided to hold on to until I could replace it with something a bit more dependable.

    JBhifi has the Samsung S3 for $348 right now. Still good ratings, but a bit older. Smaller, rounder shape.

    Then here at Kogan, they have the S4 for $359— was there was an upgrade from S3 worth paying for?

    Still, I really like the specs/review for the HTC E8 but premium price @ $499.

    Would appreciate thoughts on these models—> even a 1,2,3 list iyho?

    Are these standard sale prices right now?


  • +2

    LG G3 looks good.

  • +5

    Ruslan Kogan just doesn't sound (from interviews) like a likeable character. Not the sort of person i want to give my money to.

    • +2

      Exactly, he's an arrogant piece of ****

      • +2

        Yeah, he's no Gerry Harvey…

  • I'm also looking for some advice on a mobile phone. I'm tossing up between the Motorola Moto G 4G LTE XT1039, Asus Zenfone 5 and Lenovo Vibe X S960. Any comments on which model is best? Thanks!

    • FYI, a lot of reviews I just read today say poor battery a sluggish performance on the Zenfone 5…sigh.

      I don't have millions of bucks to keep tossing at mobiles that turn out to be horrible in actual use.

      I always end up purchasing 1-2 gens behind, but prices have gone down a bit. I also require unlocked, as I'm in a total "black-hole" & must use Boost.

      So, looking at the $300- 500 list, do any of them truly "stand-out"?

      In other words, not just the pro reviews, but also in actual use that you all know of?


  • +3

    i bought an iPhone 5c off kogan a couple of months ago in an ebay group buy deal. The screen began to separate so i took it into the apple store for repair.

    They ran the serial numbers and then told me they wouldn't repair it because it is half counterfeit. The serial number was for a blue phone, but i had received a white phone. They also recognised that the screen was a 3rd party screen.

    Its taken weeks of back and forth with kogan, sent them the document from apple verifying the problems, they seemed hardly concerned about it and best they offered was a replacement. They made me send mine off first and then when they receive it and verify it, they will send me a new one, estimated time until i receive a new phone, approximately 1 month….

    annoyed for several reasons, especially because they didn't think it was as big a deal as i did and only mentioned the issue of the screen separation always avoiding the fact that it was counterfeit. They kept saying yes i can see why that might concern you, we will get our senior technician to look at it.

    They kept requesting different pictures and the last time i spoke to their service with a concern questioning the integrity of the replacement i would receive the conversation ended with a rude, hopefully we won't have to deal with you again.

    • +6

      just got a phone call from them expressing sincere apologies, saying they are embarrassed at how this could even happen and sent me out a replacement right away without having received mine yet. Best case scenario i guess, i would have been very impressed if that happened from the beginning rather than possibly being related to this public post, but oh well. i guess theyll look after you.

      • +3

        So you got a response back as soon as you post your experience here in OZB?!
        Good to know Kogan is keeping an eye on OZB

        PS: Kogan rep or to whom it may concern
        Can you please bring back the $390 IPAD Air deal that was previously offered in your eBay store?

        • People do good by posting about such experiences online, it gives a heads up to us customers so that we can avoid such sellers, a downgraded iphone 5c with half contrrfit parts.. Sounds dodgy as sh!t

      • +1

        Good, they are sending you the replacement. I hope they send you the genuine replacement this time. But, Its more concerning to me that they do sell "half counterfeit" products as confirmed by the Apple store.

        • +1

          i bought one and my friend bought one. other one is fine, im sure its just a problem with supplier doing something dodgy. glad its all getting sorted. the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    • +1

      The first mistake you made was buying a 5c.

      • 400 bucks

  • Thanks! Been looking to buy the zmodo 4 channel security system but with $31.00 for shipping, I was waiting for one of these events!

  • From what I understand of Kogan’s sales model is that they have a range of suppliers for each of their products.

    Suppliers essentially tender the supply/fulfil orders at the lowest available rate on the day – lowest price wins the supply order for that batch.

    Ie, putting the middle man back into drop shipping.

    Same goes for their shipping.

    Hence why it usually takes 1-2 weeks shipping and prices often fluctuate.

    Source: some quanta’s inflight mag I read the other day – interview with kogan and about his business model.

  • also a good time to buy iPhone 6?

    • +1

      It's still $23.50 cheaper to buy an AU iPhone 6 from Big W using the 5% discounted gift cards.

  • -1

    no promo codes found to be stacked ontop with this deal??
    Ozbargain i am dissapoint

  • anyone have any experience buying tv's from kogan?

    • yes but I only got up to the checkout screen and bought it from jb instead

  • is the lg g3 a good deal? is it worth getting the 32gb with 3gb ram for 50 extra dollars?

    • -2

      you read my mind

      • you mean about the g3?

        • @felixco: but s5 has better camera…umm… which one should i get?

        • @felixco: G3 is better.

  • +1

    Too bad it doesn't work with preorders

  • Anyone tried their fully automatic coffee machine. On sale for $349. Save $150 with free shipping. Can't seem to find a single review on it.


  • http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/ovela-non-stick-hard-anodised-co...

    Any know anything about the ovela cookware? Was $149 now $72 - with free shipping, but cant find any reviews. Seems 'ovela' is only sold by kogan.

    • Ovela=Kogan

    • I bought it last night, will let you know in product review site or here if this free shipping offer still stands until I got the item.

  • Do the Kogan iPhone 6 phones come with Australian plugs, or do they supply an adaptor?

    • workmate just had a s5 delivered with multi adaptor - so im guessing adaptor

  • Sony RX100 for $369 shipped is pretty good (I've never seen it cheaper). Probably still the best point-and-shoot camera available for under $500.

  • Anyone with experience with one of these steam/microwave/convection/grill ovens? https://m.kogan.com/au/buy/toshiba-multifunction-microwave/

  • thanks, bought

  • +1

    Still haven't received my USB cable…

  • Free shipping has been extended by another 23 hours, now ends 30th October 2AM AEDT (unless extended further).

  • Lg g3 or xperia z2? Both 499

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