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Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards 5% off with Groupon + StartHere Cashback. Up to $500 X 10


Selected stores only accept these gift cards. Check the list.

Use StartHere/CashRewards to get cash back. Buy up to 10 egift vouchers for Caltex for 5% off.

CashRewards has been confirmed to be valid with this offer (thanks ahc99).

UPDATE 4/11 - New Special Terms Added For Cash Rewards:

Cashback is currently not payable on Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards purchased through Groupon


  • Hurry! Limited time offer. Limited quantities available.
  • Purchase up to 10 CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Cards for each denomination
  • Buy for family, friends and yourself
  • Save cash on the things you need most, during the season you need cash the most
  • Keep the wheels turning with your choice of fuel
  • Stock up on groceries, snacks, magazines and automotive supplies
  • Ideal gift for those always on the move

Fine Print:

  • Groupon reserves the right to not honour suspicious fraudulent transactions
  • No refunds for change of mind
  • Not reloadable or redeemable for cash
  • Woolworths Limited is the issuer of the CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card but is not the promoter of the offer and is therefore not responsible for the prizes, products or services under the offer or the fulfillment of the offer terms
  • Woolworths Limited is responsible for the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card
  • Please note that this CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card is not redeemable in all CALTEX WOOLWORTHS stores; go to to check the list of participating stores
  • CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card terms and conditions apply:

How to Redeem:

1) Buy your CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card on Groupon
2) Ensure you enter correct address at checkout on Groupon website
3) CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card will be emailed to you in approx. 2-4 business days from the domain
4) You will not be sent a Groupon voucher via email, only use the CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card for redemption
5) Use the CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card in-store by following the instructions on the eGift Card

CALTEX WOOLWORTHS eGift Card is valid for 12 months from the issue date

Referral Links

Referral: random (1334)

Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • Thanks OP. Do you know whether this can be used across the entire Woolworths group of stores?

    If they can, just note the Woolworths egift cards don't work at Dick Smith.

  • further 4.5% discount via cash rewards. Great find OP

  • seems to work at this list

    Can we use this in conjunction with woolworths shopping vouchers?

  • Purchase 10 x $500 gift cards for $4750. A $250 saving.
    4.5% rebate from Cash Rewards would equal $213.75
    Total savings $463.75 or 9.275%.

    Who needs Affinity Alliance

    its in an excel file

    Any idea when they expire?
    edit:12 months after issue

  • Awesome thanks op!

  • How do you use an eGift Card? This is not your normal plastic Wish Gift Card. Any experiences?

    • You have to type in a card number and then type in a pin code. So you are manually entering card number since you can't swipe .

      • Very easy for someone to steal your card number and pin if you have to keep pulling out an A4 sheet with the details.

    • It'll be emailed to you as a paper docket.
      From previous experience, there is a bar code on it and a number.

      The cashier can scan the barcode and enter the pin (or as mentioned by Memo14, type in the card number).

      I would strongly suggest purchasing denominations you can use completely rather than larger amounts which will require you to keep on using the voucher over a number of visits.
      A$50 seems a good amount.

      • I prefer larger denominations
        I hate it when fuel is like .. $63.25 , i would have to use a 2x $50 and try to manage the remaining on the card.. then again when i use the next $50 .

        I prefer to buy $500 … then only have to manage the balance right at the end .

  • 9.5% savings in total is pretty good.

    • I'm terrible at math, but it's 9.25% in savings. Who's going to quibble over the difference?

  • thanks op. just got 200 for the missus.

  • I thought there was a $10off deal from groupon, expired?

  • +3 votes

    Have anyone tried and get the reward yet? Cause in Cashrewards website, there is a condition:

    "Cashback may not be payable if you pay by gift card or if you purchase a gift card."

    • geez…what happened ? will they refuse to pay reward ?

      • Very likely imo. This isn't like Amex credit back which is paid by Amex itself, who does not know what you bought or just doesn't care, even though they still claim the giftcard exclusion in T&C. Cashrewards has to wait for the merchant to verify each transaction and give them commission, then split a share to us (in my own understanding), and obviously groupon knows what exactly we purchased, and I would said there is very little margin for selling giftcards, comparing with normal goods. So very unlikely they will agree to pay cashrewards another 5%+ on these transactions.

    • i wonder how they know if you're purchasing a giftcard

      • Stores need to keep track of gift cards (& phone credit, other money-like items) because they typically don't have GST charged on them, and I think some credit card networks keep an eye out too because they consider these things to be a cash advance.

  • awesome..leads to huge savings after stacking a couple of recent offers..

  • Where can I find the list of the participating stores?

  • Cashback may not be payable if you pay by gift card or if you purchase a gift card."

    This stuffs things! for the 9.5% saving.

    Can you have multiple print outs of the same coupon and have 3 people use it as it is numbers/barcode that is in the system?

  • Just something to think about for those thinking of buying your giftcard to last you for the rest of the year via cashrewards:

    If you buy $5000 upfront, thats also $5000 that isn't sitting in your home loan offseting interest at around 5%. It sort of balances out the credit you receive from cashrewards (without offseting the risk of not getting paid by cashrewards as per above!) .

    yes you will still be ahead using this deal , but the savings is not as great as it initially seems from cashrewards.

    Assumptions :
    - You have another way to obtain the 5% discount outside of groupon - eg. entertainment book (if you don't - this is more worthwhile)
    - You have a homeloan with interest around the 5% mark (most ppl are prob slightly less, but it still similar to the cashrewards 4.75 discount!)

    • use amex to pay for it and get the points

      • I'll be another devil's advocate here. Assumptions below:

        X - Peoples driving habits are tied largely to the cost of fuel and having $5000 worth of gift cards (assuming you think you will save 9.5%) will no doubt make you subconsciously drive more.
        X - As SmiTTy mentioned, the chances of the stars aligning and getting the 9.5% AND you not using at least 5% more fuel/driving will be next to NIL.
        X - This deal is best suited ONLY to those with cash not needed or doing anything (gaining interest) AND with inelastic driving requirements.

  • +2 votes

    Cash rewards has been too hit and miss for me. I got eBay rewards ok but orders with iconic and my hotel bookings have failed. Same setup at my end. If you still have 5% paywave, you're better off using that and keeping your money.

  • This is a good offer in theory but if the cashback fails I guess it's just the same as the entertainment book 5% off.

  • Hmm under "General Cashback Guidelines" on cashrewards it says:

    Cashback may not be payable if you pay by gift card or if you purchase a gift card

  • Thanks OP. Got $300 worth to save on the Petroleum.

  • can you buy a gift card (say: wish gift cards) in caltex using this gift card?

  • bought $200. It worked last time, but only in woolworths patrol station.(not work in starmart)

  • So given what a couple of people have pointed out (CashRewards not paying cashback on gift card purchases), we'd be better off using StartHere then?

  • Nice offer, but most places have PayWave/PayPass now so it's possible to get 5% cash back with ING or ME Bank if you're a new customer. That's better than having money tied up in a gift card that can only be spent at one place, and the money doesn't earn interest while you're waiting to spend it.

  • You can use them at woolies

  • You can use them at woollies at their terminal systems, they arnt updated to the newest unlike Myers as the eftpos terminals will detect it. just make you you don't tell the staff that you are using this gift card.

    I have been transferring Caltex Woolworths gift cards to wish cards for years.

    Edit: this is for the physical card that I have done before, the e card should work the same.

  • +15 votes

    Andrew here from Cash Rewards, the exclusion re gift cards is a general exclusion related to some retailers that don't pay cashback on their gift card purchases i.e The Iconic do not pay cashback on gift cards.

    I can confirm all Groupon purchases are eligible for cashrewards providing members are logged in to cashrewards, have their cookies enabled and click through to Groupon from cashrewards directly and do not visit any other websites before completing their purchase.

    Any other queries let me know.

  • CashRewards just came through for me:


    This is a tracking receipt for your recent purchase through Cash Rewards.
    Date of Sale: 31/10/2014
    Sale Value: AUD 190.00
    Expected Cashback: AUD 8.55

  • Hi Andrew, i still havent receive mine from cashrewards. Anyhow you can help? Thanks!

    • Dont worry, we need to do some manual processing with Groupon transactions and this can be a little delayed over the weekend. If you haven't received anything before Monday let me know.

      • HI Andrew,

        I have processed 4 transactions so far, first two on the 31st of October on computer A with 5 mins gap, third on the 1st of November and forth on the 2nd of November both on computer B.

        However, so far I only receive the reward for my 1st and 3rd transactions………

        Should I wait a little longer or?

        • good for u. I have transactions on 31 Ooc and 1 Nov respectively,

          only received reward for the first one, nothing for the second one.

          I think we need to wait a little longer.

        • @bzha515:

          Have you received anything yet? I ordered 1/11 16:50 and haven't received the reward yet.

        • @jh1000:

          both of my egift cards arrived this morning from everydaygiftcard.

          unfortunately no rewards email from cash rewards

          just noticed a special term on cash rewards :

          Cashback is currently not payable on Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards purchased through Groupon

          better ask Andrew to confirm.

      • hi i also have bought vouchers few days ago and have not received yet email from cash rewards. What i should do ?
        does anyone know?

  • The deal is still on. I just bought 2 x $200 gift cards. Jump on it.

  • You can combine this deal with the 10% off deal at big w for further savings.

    • however big w ends toda; wouldn't this e-groupon take till Tue?
      /alternatively, know if this caltex card be available from big w?

      deal is attractive for me now since ING card has hit rebate 2%

      • Yeah only useful if you got your card/s already. Fortunately I received one, but I wish I ordered more now.

  • Used my at Big W and woolies as well. THanks OP

  • the previous 1/2 price deal on Groupon is better
    for 5%, I rather use the ING/ME card…..

  • very disappointed
    paid by visa debit ING direct

    Groupon made this transaction as Zurich Germany
    was charged 9.50 AUD international transaction fee

  • Still have not got the card. Anyone else?

  • Hi Andrew, there is a message in Cash Rewards website

    Special Terms


    Cashback is currently not payable on Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards purchased through Groupon.

    Please help verify. Thank you

  • Bought $500 + $200 in 2 transactions but only got cash reward for the first one. Errrr…..not sure where this is going.

  • Still no email for the egift card. A bit worried.