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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 20CD00CUAU on Sale $1998 + Shipping @ Notebooks R Us


As per "Notebooks r us"

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga brings together a robust business executive Ultrabook and a tablet without the compromise on processing power.

I's perfect laptop for those who wish to combine all their devices into one - power of a desktop, size of a laptop, functionality of a tablet.

Key Features: Wacom Stylus, Intel i7 Processor, 8GB of Ram, 256GB Solid State Drive, Full High Definition 12.5" Screen, 1 Year Warranty.

RRP: $2439.00
Lenovo Direct Web Price after eCoupon: $2,200.42
Notebooks R Us Special reduction: $1998.00

While stocks last or until 5pm Wednesday the 12th of November

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    I bought a laptop from you guys about 5 years ago with additional warranty, when the time came to use the warranty the warranty company informed me that the model i bought was gray import and isnt covered.

    Yous are happy to take the money but not happy to provide support?

    long story short you wouldnt fix my laptop!

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    i'm not entirely sure why anyone might buy this model now that the yoga 3 will be out at an RRP of $2099 for a comparable model and only 2299 for a 512gb version…

    • I thought must have been the Y3, Nice try NRU

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      This is actually the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, it has a pen and digitizer, 8 cell battery and is vastly superior to the retail Yoga series, the new Thinkpad Yoga will be out in January.

      It still doesn't seem like a great deal, but this isn't like the retail Yoga 2 at all.

      • wait when did they post news about a new ThinkPad Yoga refresh? Couldn't find anything (unless you mean the ThinkPad Yoga 14?)

    • I'd still buy a 2 pro over the 3. It's better on all aspects except size, weight and 1 less usb port. They sacrificed too much rigidity on the screen to make it thin… that rippling effect on the panel isn't very convincing in the long term.

      • they're different markets imo (ThinkPad Yoga vs Retail Yoga lines). not as crazy resolution, not as thin, has a digitizer and the classic tough thinkpad traits.

        although im not really a fan of the "watchband" hinge on the 3 Pro

        • Was talking about the yoga 2 pro vs yoga 3 pro. But yes, they are different markets, as with all of the thinkpad lines.

        • @krisspy: ah yeh realised after I posted, my mistake. never really got the whole resolution bump though on the Pro series, sacrifices a lot of battery life and I've seen some scaling issues in the past (not sure if it's still the case).

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    Actually the Yoga 3 is out. And you can get it for 1999 around black Friday.

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      $2094 at JB for the Yoga 3 (before any haggling)

      • $1299 usd before tax on Lenovo us site , Australia too expensive

    • +1

      as mentioned above, that is a different range, this is the thinkpad business range of Yoga (I think Heix is also the Thinkpad range). You are comparing it to the consumer Yoga. the new business model is early next year.

      still a lot a cash though

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    Lenovo seems to have a deal on atm if you want some different models.

    e.g. i7-4500U, 128GB SSD, FHD for $1699