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5% off WOOLWORTHS BWS BIG W MASTERS E-Gift Card Via Groupon


Similar to this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/167648 deal on Woolworths petrol cards, now its Woolworths BWS MASTERS and BIG W e-gift cards

The Deal:

  • $9.50 for a $10 Woolworths eGift Card
  • $19 for a $20 Woolworths eGift Card
  • $47.50 for a $50 Woolworths eGift Card
  • $95 for a $100 Woolworths eGift Card
  • $190 for a $200 Woolworths eGift Card
  • $475 for a $500 Woolworths eGift Card

For those wanting to use cashrewards, there is a special term that cashback is not payable on Caltex Woolworths egift cards. But no mention of Woolworths, BWS, MASTERS, or BIG W gift cards.

  • Purchase up to 10 Woolworths eGift Cards for each denomination
  • Groupon reserves the right to not honour suspicious fraudulent transactions
  • No refunds for change of mind
  • Not reloadable or redeemable for cash
  • Woolworths Limited is the issuer of the Woolworths eGift Card but is not the promoter of the offer and is therefore not responsible for the prizes, products or services under the offer or the fulfillment of the offer terms
  • Woolworths Limited is responsible for the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the Woolworths eGift Card
  • Go to everydaygiftcards.com.au to check the list of participating stores
  • Woolworths eGift Card terms and conditions apply: http://goo.gl/dK6QfN

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    5% off is available everyday through most Motor Associations (RAA, RACQ etc).

    • +1

      And your point is? Not everyone is a member of motoring body, nor do they cover all the brands Ive mentioned in this groupon deal. Im sure this post will be of use to some people. And the cash back if available from start here or cash rewards is an added bonus.

      • +9

        no reason to neg, he's simply pointing out more options, I can't see anything critical or negative in his post

      • Please note that egift cards can't be used at Dick Smith

    • +1

      Since I am not a member of these associations this is the way for me, cheers.

    • Thanks for telling, will check it out

    • Then you'll enjoy an additional route for saving .. pretty good. Sweet deal for others, while you could be thankful.

  • +4

    Thanks for the post MelbBargainChaser77.

    I will have to mention that the Gift cards i receive( Motoring Body) are imprinted with these stores for use.

    1. Woolworths
    2. Caltex/Woolworths
    3. Dick Smith
    4. BWS
    5. Big W
    6. Dan Murphys
    7. Masters
    8. Thomas Dux
    • i noticed that the most recent cards from RACV no longer contain the dick smith logo

      • The card I recently got from the entertainment book still had dick's logo on it.
        I was wondering when they were gonna get rid of it

        • Even when they don't have the logo, WISH cards still work online at Dick Smiths, in my experience.

        • @oak:

          Also the Woolworths gift cards in Dick Smith stores work at all the WOW group.

          (off topic i know ;))

  • Think I'll donate the money I save to this:


  • Is cash back available with starthere?

    • +1

      From Starthere

      "Please note that cashback will NOT be honoured on Groupon gift cards."

      • But it's not a Groupon gift card.
        It's a Woolworths gift card.

    • It was withdrawn during the last offer of petrol gift cards.


  • i'm pretty sure i used my caltex egift card at woolies

    • Yeah, also work on woolworths online.

  • Thanks OP.

    From the terms - All egifts "issued by Woolworths Limited". Cashback's exclusion of "Woolworth Caltex Gift Cards" likely to cover them all. :(

  • Anyone know why no cash back for giftcards? What the reasoning is behind this exclusion?

    • I want to know as well. Someone confirm please?

    • +1

      giftcards has a lower margin, lower than 12% I believe. this means Groupon will lose money paying the commissions and the creditcard/paypal fees.
      if you've been in retail, you'll know all about it. Bargain means someone is losing profit.

      • +2

        Losing profit doesn't mean losing money.
        Bargain may reduce the profit margin but increase the sales quantity.
        As a result, you could end up with earning more.

    • Probably due to the fact that they sell 28-100 in other categories and their recent Fuel card offer got 6940 buys

    • I doubt Groupon have organized to get these giftcards from woolworths at a better rate then say 6% discount. If they are passing on 5% to their customers then there is only 1% left for costs and profit. Groupon therefore cannot afford to pay CashRewards a further 5% cashback and subsequently for CashRewards to pass on 4.5% to you.

      The rates may vary but you get the idea. There have been discussions in the past on OzB as to the low profit margins for third parties selling giftcards.

  • This is a bit off topic but does anyone know where is the cheapest place I could buy $1500 worth of dick smith gift cards. I was hoping for around 10% discount so I'm willing to spend $1350

    • Coles were selling them not long ago with 10% bonus. DS have occasional discounted gift cards.

  • Thanks OP. What is the cheapest way to be able to buy these woolworths egift cards ongoing? Entertainment book?

  • Does Groupon charge credit cards from Australia or do we get hit with overseas transaction fees like happens with some similar sites even when charged in AUD?

    • +1

      No fee for the (debit) NAB. Have full 5%. Run into any issue, ref.
      please contact our Customer Care team with a screenshot of the fees that you were charged, and they will attend to the problem.

      • I used a few different CC with them, CBA one has no charge, but got that international fee with Myer or Coles Source card in the past. Not sure what's the criteria. It's a percentage basis though, so the bigger the amount, the more you'll be charged (if it does charge)

    • Use paypal.

    • This is Groupon AU and they're Aussie site. I used my Amex directly without any surcharge. Statement shows "GROUPONAU SYDNEY".

  • does anyone know what is the turnaround time between placing the order and receiving the e-gift card?

    • I read its between 2-4 business days. Ill update as soon as I get mine delivered in my email.

      • mine was emailed to me at 2.40AM Friday 14 Nov. So within the 2-4 business days they stated (2 to be exact)

  • +1

    Saw this T&C in CashReward

    Cashback is currently not payable on Any Woolworths Group Gift Cards purchased through Groupon.

    Woolworths group stores include but are not limited to BIG W, Dan Murphy's, Masters, BWS, Thomas Dux, Cellarmasters and Caltex Woolworths, Woolworths Online and Woolworths Supermarkets.

    • +1

      Ha - must have had lots of questions.

      Got a reply from Customer Service: "Unfortunately Groupon has recently restricted cashback on any Woolworths Group Gift Cards."

      'recently' seems to be 'today'! End of story for additional cashback here.

      • +1

        I purchased mine at about 3am, and the special conditions only stated the Caltex Woolworths card was excluded from cashback from cashrewards. But now it shows that all of them are excluded

        • Cash Rewards appear to be a very honest company. My cash rewards has tracked for this purchase. I did make the purchase prior to them changing the special terms to exclude these cards though.

  • Has anybody found a new way to get Coles 5% discounted cards with no credit card fee and no postage costs? The Entertainment Book used to be good, but no more Coles there, only Woolworths…

    • -1

      Ambassador card (postage payable).

  • So can I use this card for Caltex Petrol as well?

    • +1

      Yes, the entire Woolworths group.

  • Is it OK to use several gift card in one transaction? Thanks.

  • And another question, the receipt still show GST if I use the egiftcard, right? For TRS … THanks.

  • Bought a $500 voucher on my ING Orange Everyday card and just noticed a subsequent International Purchase fee of $11.88 in my account. Following appears in the transaction details:

    Foreign Currency Amount: 0.00
    In ZURICH Date 11/11/2014

    This is just a heads up for others who may have got the same. Have contacted customer service as suggested above.

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