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Avancer Geminus Thermo Double Walled Glasses $11 Set of 4. Save $7.50. Shipping $0 to $15 @ Avancer


With Christmas right around the corner now is the best time to stock up on some Double Walled Glasses!

Special ends midnight Wednesday or while stocks last.

Shipping costs from $7.20 for Victoria and $9 everywhere else - Save on combined shipping with a $15 shipping cap.
If you buy your Glassware with any Appliance you'll get Free Shipping.

We also have Express Post available for only a few dollars more so if you need your item quickly that is the way to go.

1) Geminus Double Walled Cafe Latte Glasses 250ml - Pack of 4
Now $10 from $15.50

2) Geminus Double Walled Espresso Glasses 100ml - Pack of 4
Now $8 from $11.50

3) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 300ml - Pack of 4
Now $11 from $16.50

4) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 370ml - Pack of 4
Now $11.50 from $17.50

5) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 450ml - Pack of 4
Now $11 from $18.50

6) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 650ml - Pack of 4
Now $14.50 from $22.50

7) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle 220ml - Pack of 4
Now $12 from $17

8) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle 400ml - Pack of 4
Now $13 from $20

9) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle and Saucer 250ml - Pack of 4
Now $15 from $22.50

10) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Saucer 80ml - Pack of 4
Now $10 from $17

11) Geminus Double Walled Jug - 1300ml
Now $16 from $26

12) Geminus Double Walled Jug - 800ml
Now $13 from $22

We've also got some handmade Glass Vases from Bali - Only $59 with Free Shipping. Retail price is normally $299!

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  • +2 votes

    Those vases look like high school projects (I kinda like some of them though). I can't imagine you'd have sold too many of them at $300.


    What's the quality like on these, if anyone has some?


      Kinda average for the price. Bought 8 a year ago, two of them had water leaked inside, the rest are going strong - so far.


    I bought some avancer glasses when i was looking for something different for my coffee (350ml versions i think), the 'interior' bottom fell out/shattered on the third shot I made, so i turfed the lot. (broke like light bulbs when they went in the bin)

    Maybe they aren't cut out for coffee? yet the description says "for serving hot or cold drinks" "The ideal glassware for serving cappuccinos, lattes or serving cold drinks"


      these guys are trying to be a hipster kogan

      same shite quality with different branding

    • +2 votes

      I bought 4 last time … i have 1 left
      all hand washed carefully and treated very gently but ALL CRACKED THE INNER GLASS
      the last one sits at the back of the cupboard as a reminder to me DONT BUY THESE AGAIN!!


    Bought these when they had a sale last time on OzBargain, very decent quality for what you pay, don't waste 3x-5x more on the more expensive brands.


      I do like a lip bevel at the rim of the glass. I can't be sure if these have that? The price is good, but I do suspect the Pyrex ones I have, are stronger.


    Hey rep I forgot to add a discount voucher to my Air fryer order, when I emailed you about it 5 minutes after you totally ignored me

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