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Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Modem Prepaid $59 @Coles


Saw this instore. Previously $79 with 3gb (30 days expiry).

I got this on a previous deal. Was easy to unlock online.

Hope this is not a dupe. (Searched but didnt find it at $59) probable clearance. No longer on telstra site

With a micro usb adaptor it can double as an external power pack.

Model: E5372T
edit: $79 at officeworks

Just saw the Wed 19th Catalogue. You get bonus 1000 flybuy pts (~$5)

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    the $9 voda 3Gb usb stick is a standout

    seems to be an ongoing thing

  • Can I put my bigpond sim into the telstra pocket wifi? I have one of those old usb dongle which plugs into my laptop and only my laptop can get online. I like to get a pocket wifi so other devices can connect, rang bigpond and they like $200 for a pocket wifi?!! WT.. anyways, just wondering if it can be done..

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      yep ya can and you get 4Gb speed upgrade for nothing!

      i have a pile of Telstra things for work and they all go into the 4Gb device as it is the fastest and I like how it works

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      No you can't.

      Bigsnot SIM is matched to IMEI

      • Can it be unlocked with D.C. unlocker?

  • Bought this a couple of days ago, its awesome little thing.

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    Yes, Telstra is clearing them out as the new Netgear model supporting LTE 700MHz has arrived. This new 700MHz band B28 - known as 4GX - goes live on 1 Jan 2015 for all you techos out there. Can't believe Telstra didn't name it 5G for marketing purposes, lol. Although this Huawei device is definitely a nice little hotspot, it is unfortunately missing the new 4GX frequency…..for you early adopter types!

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      B28 is going to make a massive difference to the range and in building coverage of the Telstra network.

      If you buy one of these you will definitely be missing out on this.

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    You get bonus 1000 flybuy pts (~$10)

    Might want to correct that to $5 worth of points. Still a handy bonus.

    Still a few $49 4G Telstra MF91 modems with 5GB at a few Australia Post (eg Sunshine Coast, QLD). I posted how to unlock those free.

    • I can't see how the MF91 can be unlocked for free. dc-unlocker requires 7 credits/euros.

  • I got the code from http://www.oneunlock.com @ USD$4.9 for instant unlock code

    • What details do you put in to get an unlock code?

      Can't find any listings for a Huawei E5372T on that website

  • These are great if you don't have a cellular tablet/iPad. I've got a 3G one. Might look into this 4G.

  • I had a 3G wifi modem years ago, but now the wifi hotspot on the phone works just as well. Less hassle, less expense.
    Any advantage to a standalone modem these days?

  • So, can you delay activation of this…say until January 2015 ? Or do you have to activate sooner ? Need one for a trip in j\January.

  • $49 at Kmart

  • The Telstra 4G WiFi's battery can be a little iffy at times. We had to replace our first one after just a couple of weeks as it wouldn't hold a charge. The one we have now isn't usually too bad, but I have noticed that 'at times' it can drain quite rapidly!

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    Free unlock code here, just put your IMEI number.


    NOTE: You need to use google plus to LOGIN and LIKE the page, i use my fake gmail account for it
    and it looks like restricted to 5 unlock code.

    Use them yesterday and works like a charm.

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