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50% off Skype Credit with Free Delivery @ The Microsoft Store


Available in $10, $25 and $50 denominations. Free Shipping. One day only

Purchase a yearly unlimited premium subscription for $99.99 https://secure.skype.com/catalog/buy/premium/ui ($50 using discounted Skype Credit)

Receive 4 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for every $1 spent. Thanks to donga100

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2014

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  • You just beat me to it

  • +1

    Any of the cashback sites offer any further kickbacks?

    • +1

      Does it fall under any of these categories? https://www.cashrewards.com.au/microsoft

      • +3

        Doesn't seem to but it looks like you can claim Velocity Frequent Flyer points instead.

        • Yes good one, thanks!

      • +5

        Andrew from Cash Rewards, it will be a minimum of 3% cashback, quite possibly. We've put a clarification in to Microsoft and will advise asap

        • +2

          Thanks for following up Andrew. I love proactive reps.

        • Sorry typo, I meant to say quite possibly more than the 3% minimum cashback

        • @ahc99: Even better.

  • +1

    Already have $150 worth but. so. tempting.

  • Got myself a Surface Ethernet Adapter for 43AUD while I was getting my Skype credits. Thanks.

    Not sure whether I got my Velocity Points bonus or not. It didnt seem to confirm that anywhere even though I entered the site via Virgin.

  • -1

    What's the connection fee per call? Says to see skype.com on the page which is useless.

  • Awesome, missed out on the Coles and Woolies offer last time. Thanks OP!

  • Tried in Firefox and Chrome, the "Place Order" button on the last "Review and place order" doesn't seem to work no matter what i do, giving up now.

    • Worked fine for me, but it would be good if they had a guest checkout.

    • I tried to buy it with paypal and it did the same thing (red rotating thingy) then came back to the same page.

      I spoke to customer service they said they have known issues with paypal (weird I know)

      I added Credit card made purchase got everything, now have removed the credit card.

  • do we have to login to buy?

    all my random hotmail addresses incl my beloved first email address (recovered and re-hacked) have been hacked to death with some anti-phishing lock and I am quite adamant to make another one.

    I never understood why M$ with all that money don't bother with a 2 step authenticator.

    My main Gmail got hacked as part of that 5 million passwords theft in Sept and nothing happened thanks to authenticator. Just logged in and changed password, back to normal (thanks to Amazon for warning me)

    • Hotmail/Outlook accounts do have 2 factor authentication - just have a look under the Security tab in your account.
      Granted, it is not as flexible as Googles, where you can set different app passwords, but it's a start.
      Combined with Authenticator app on your phone, you'll be laughing.

  • Great deal and just in time. However I just noticed that the subscription prices have gone up quite significantly, for e.g. last year one year subscription was $116 and this year it is $209.99. Still can't beat 50% off. once again, great deal thanks for the post.

    • Isn't it $99.99 for a yearly subscription? https://secure.skype.com/catalog/buy/premium/ui

      • yeah but only to 50 countries destination, no Australian mobiles. have to upgrade to 75 destination which include Australian mobiles

        • +1

          Well that sucks. Where is the option to upgrade?

      • I thought so at first, but if you check destination, you will only be able to make calls to australian landlines. mobiles not included in that plan.

        Having said that, if l lookup my renewal information, it displays the renewal date and renewal amount (same as I paid last year). Perhaps its not applicable for existing customers?

  • Anyone having issues making payments using paypal in the microsoft store?

  • Thanks

  • 4 - 6 hours to process but money left my CC immediately on payment. 2+ hours and still processing

  • such an annoying checkout…doesn't let me use paypal & froze out on credit card too.

  • +1

    Annoying as hell, took 30 mins to get through the checkout. Froze with paypal, blocked my hotmail account (because my backup email was terminated, changed to mobile which blocked my acc for 30 days), had to make a new account just to check out and had to use my CC. And still haven't gotten my confirmation email.

  • Should have check this thread first because I just wasted 20 minutes of my life hoping the live chat could fix this payment issue with paypal…
    The guy was really helpful however keep insisting me on using Internet Explorer :)

    Later successfully paid with credit card… lets see how long it take to get the skype credit

  • +1

    Placed order and paid by credit card. All in about 3 minutes.
    Received another email 20 minutes later with Skype voucher inside (Product Key).

  • I'm using Firefox by the way :D

  • No issue for me
    logged in added to cart
    clicked pay now on cc
    20 seconds later transaction complete with code on the completed transaction screen

  • Does anyone know, if these could be saved for later use. My premium services isn't expiring till May next year, so if I buy it now, would I be able to but credits again next year and renew my premium service? Any take on this?

    • The only relevant bit that I could find in the fine print is where Microsoft says "Once redeemed, credit does not expire", which surprised me.

      That seems very definite, but who knows - there may be other ifs, buts and "offer excludes/further terms and conditions apply …"

  • Had no problems other than being forced to create a Microsoft Live account - it wouldn't accept my Skype account.

    After that, everything went smoothly. Received an email immediately with the key, entered it, restarted Skype and the new credits showed up straight away.

    Still have in reserve a month of free unlimited calls from the ACER offer which was on OzBargain recently.

    Thanks, OP !

  • does MS sell digital skype cards?

  • Worked OK for me. Received an email immediately with the key, entered it, restarted Skype and the new credits showed up straight away.

    Still have in reserve a month of free unlimited calls from the ACER offer which was on OzBargain recently.

    Thanks OP :-)

  • Can these be be used with Skype Manager for business accounts?

  • This would be awesome if Skype had their act together, and didn't keep declining payment.

    So frustrating!

  • Awesome, got $50 credit for free with a $25 voucher I had from Tech Ed :)

    • Also if anyone is trying something similar. The Paypal payment method doesn't work for $0.00 transactions. Had to use credit card.

  • So you have to buy TWO $50 skype credits first, then apply that to buy the $99.99 Unlimited annual premium account?

    and do I have to register with MS to do this? — PITA!

  • Went to get another from my earlier $25 and now showing out of stock

  • The site is buggy. Couldn't find the connection fees for calling the USA.

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